2009 - 2010

29. november 2010

29. November 2010
We attended a show yesterday, nothing much happened, but a red ribbon.
Pictures can be seen  HERE

11. september 2010

11. September 2010
Congratulations to Finland !
To all the success for my Sam's offsprings !!
Alfred (April Fool 's Capo Cupido) was in Liminka show BOS and got his second CC ! One more and he is Finnish Champion !
Alfred´s litter sister Willa (April Fool´s Cruella DeWilla) got her last CC and became a
Finnish Champion at that same show ! :)

Sam´s grandson Wilson (April Fool´s Good Mood) is now official moved to a medium size poodle and how his show
career was started !!! Age of 10 months at his first official show: BOB and CAC !!! You can see their pictures here:
Here is Alfred and Wilson's page: http://www.silverboys.vuodatus.net/
And here is April Fool's Kennel page: http://www.aprilfoolskennel.com/

16. august 2010

16. August 2010
NKK Int.show in Oslo to day.
Silver Joker Roy Rocky got his third CC (CAC), and second best male out of eight, only beaten of a
Ch. white toy from Smash Poodles ! He also got res.CACIB,
Judge was Ingela Nilsson from Sweden.
You can read more news  HERE

24. juli 2010

24. July 2010
In Norwegian HERE
Show day in Åsnes hundeklubb, judge was Mery Chantal, France
To day was "Terje's" Lilleba's Silverboots turn in championclass.
He has not been out since 2008, and it was fun to show him again.
He bet another champion, and got exellent and third best male. We are very satisfied.
Here a videotape taken to day.
and his critique:
"Rocky", Silver Joker Roy Rocky was there too, but not shown, as he need to have one NKK CC to become a champion.
There is a video of them as well in the Norwegian site.

13. juli 2010

13. July 2010
Martine ( Dt.VDH Ch Lilleba's Guardian Silverangel ), died from me yesterday, 12. of July, 12 years old.
She always were a very sweet companion, and I will miss her a lot...  Pedigree  HERE
And also a couple of more photos on the blog  HERE

20. juni 2010

20. June 2010
Congratulations to Evelyn and Terje Grønås with their Lilleba's Silver Shadow, "Mikke", taking his third CC today
in Bodø, Norway. Norsk Belgisk Fårehundklubb, gr. Nordland. Judge: Zafra Sirik, Israel. He is also sired by my Sam,
Int.Nord.Ch. N.Winner 2005 Romar's Alliance
Puppy Picture of Mikke

19. juni 2010

19. June 2010
Congratulations to Marja-Leena Jarkko, Finland, with your FIN Ch Apolet Silver Geisha, last weekend,
an other new Champion from my Sam.

14. juni 2010

14. June 2010
Røros Hundeklubb, dommer: Svein Bjarne Helgesen,
Rocky, Silver Joker Roy Rocky, got his second CAC and BOB !!! 
When we came home, I got a message from Finland.
Sam's daughter has become FIN.Ch, her name is Apolet Silver Geisha, Congratulations to
Marja-Leena Jarkko, Finland !

5. juni 2010

05. June 2010
NPK in Solberghallen, Drammen
Rocky got CK, judge: Melanie Harwood, England
More  HERE

30. mai 2010

30. Mai 2010
Congratulations to Evelyn and Terje Grønås, med CERT ( CC ) and BIM (BOS) on
Lilleba's Silver Shadows in Mo i Rana, 30. May 2010, judge: Zorica Salijevic

24. og 25. april 2010

24. and 25. April 2010
It has been a show weekend, and my silver toy male, Silver Joker Roy Rocky got his first CC, judge:
Britta Roos-börjeson, Sweden.
Read more news and watch the video HER

27. mars 2010

27. March 2010
To day we got "Terje's" diploma from FCI !
Read  HERE

24. mars 2010

24. March 2010
To day I got confirmed "Terje's" Int Ch title, and a few days earlier his Dk Ch title, GREAT !

17. januar 2010

17. January 2010
Second day in Letohallen, and judge was: Kerstin Nilsson from Sweden.
Very good critique, and Rocky became 3. Best Male with CK ( cc-quality).
The weather was bad this day too, sugar-snow and rain, minus 3 degrees and salted main roads !

16. januar 2010

16. January 2010
Show weekend in Letohallen, one and a half hour to drive one way. Saturday, and judge: Sylvie Desserne.
Rocky was shown ( Silver Joker Roy Rocky ), he got prize of honour  (HP) and a nice critique.
Minus 6 degrees Celcius and rain ! Not the best January weather to drive in..

7. og 8. oktober 2009

07. and 08. November 2009
Show weekend in  Letohallen by Oslo airport, Gardermoen. Silver Joker Roy Rocky ( Rocky ) was there.
First day, Judge: Rita Reyniers.
Second day, Judge: Maria Dekaristou, and she was a very nice judge to our poodles..
She did not favourize any colours, but picked what she wanted, very good !
Rocky got CK, and second best male, and I am satisfied as he is still so young.
You can read his critique  HERE

4. oktober 2009

04. October 2009
Rocky has been on his very first official show today, NKK's Int. Show in Hamar, and he got prize of honour.
You can read more  HERE.

7. september 2009

07. September 2009
Så var det Mikke sin tur :) GRATULERER !! til hele familien Grønås !
Mikke heter Lillebas Silver Shadow på papiret, og er bror til min Terje ( Lilleba's Silverboots ).
Mikke fikk sitt første CERT og ble BIM på utstillinga til Rana trekk og brukshundklubb i Mosjøen23.august. Dommer Leif Lehmann Jørgensen, Danmark.
foto: Terje Grønås

29. august 2009

29. August 2009
Rocky and I have been on show, Rocky's first one, and what a day !
He got BOB, BIG and 4. BIS !!
You can read more on the blog  HERE

19. juli 2009

19. July 2009
2 days ago I arrived home from Budapest with a Silver Joker :)
Welcome to Norway Silver Joker Roy Rocky, and he is a silver toy male from  Silver Joker Kennel
I have also blogged a page of him, you will find it  HERE
And more from my trip to Hungary you can read  HERE
photo: Kennel Silver Joker

5. mai 2009

05. May 2009
Yesterday my oldest dog had to leave me..
Christina became 15 years old. She got suddenly ill, and I took her to my vet.
He found that she had severe cancer in colon.
Since she was so old, he did not advice an operation. I had to let her go, as she would suffer from this.
It is so sad. She has been a follower since she was born....
Christina the last day, up left. Christina 3 weeks ago, up right.
She is number two from left, and number one from left, taken April 2009

26. april 2009

26. April 2009
Stangehallen, Norway  Lilleba's Silver Destiny,  " John" 6-9 mnts, Judge: Sarah Mathews,
1/1, 1BHK, BOS puppy.

21. februar 2009

21. February 2009
I lost my poodle "Line" to day,  Lilleba's Line Eriksdatter. She became 15 years old, and has been healthy until a couple of days ago.
It is sad every time some of my companions have to go...

15. februar 2009

15. February 2009
Show in Letohallen, Dal, Norway, Judge: Marit Sunde, and the boys did well this time too..
Anders (  Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher ), and his son, John (  Lilleba's Silver Destiny ) were shown,
the father became BOB veteran, and the son BOB puppy.

10. og 11. januar 2009

10. & 11. January 2009
Show in Letohallen, Dal, Norway, Change of judges both days, and the boys did well.
Anders ( Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher ), and his son, John ( Lilleba's Silver Destiny ) were shown both days, the father became BOB veteran both days, and the son, John, got BOB the first day, and BOS to day.
Video of Anders taken, thanks to Anne Karin Helleberg !