Lilleba's Silver Destiny (John)

30. desember 2008

30. December 2008
Show in Letohallen, Dal, Norway, Judge: Bente Tallaksen Bjerkaas. Anders ( Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher ),
and his son, John ( Lilleba's Silver Destiny ) were with me today.
John got BOB puppy, and his father, Anders BOB veteran.
John on the photo

27. desember 2008

27. December 2008
Things goes up and down.. Ten days ago, I lost my Sam... 17. December 2008.
He had been ill since 1. of July, and all signs pointed to brain tumor.
The medicine, however, kept the sympthoms down for a while, but he had to give up at last..
The maximium dose of medicine did not help anymore...
You can read all about his illness from day one, at his blog  HERE

11.November 2008

11. November 2008
A second trip to Denmark , Herning, last weekend ( my second show this year !!! ).
"Terje" was with me ( Ch Lilleba's Silverboots ), He got his last CACIB, and became Int.Ch. :)
He was BOS and got his NORDIC WINNER 2008 title ! Foto HERE.
Photo above: Johanna Kauranen FIN.

26. august 2008

26. August 2008
3 Newborn puppies to night. 1 boy, 2 girls. All well with mother and children. Little Sarah's babies.. This will be the absolute last litter from me, sorry to say, but everything has its end......

18. august 2008

18. August 2008
I got great news today, from owner and breeder of one of Sam's offsprings.
Congratulations to Jytte Pfänner, Denmark, and her dog Dk.N.Ch. Crecendo's Glendalough with his Norwegian Championship
You find his pedigree here:  http://www.poodleinfo.no/crecendos_glendalough.html
My silver male, Terje ( Lilleba's Silverboots ), is on the front cover of Showdogs.dk !!
Thank you, Jytte for telling me :) He is front dog just a few days...

28. juli 2008

28. Juli 2008
We have been in Denmark, Terje and I, and Terje received his Danish Championship + BOB Saturday 26. July 2008 !!
Judge: Luis Aizcorbe, USA
The next day in the Championclass, he also became BOB, for Maria Aizcorbe, and this day there was a man taking photos for the club.
He was kind to let me use the BOB picture.
More details in Norwegian here, and pictures:  http://mawyou418.blogspot.com/2008/07/terje-dansk-champion-i-dag.html
I am completely depending of other people to take a picture, and sometimes they do.:)

Aina used my mobile camera, and shot this picture, thank you, Aina !
Photo right: Aina Tonerud
More news :
Sam's blog..  http://mysam2008.blogspot.com/

If you want to see Sam's son, Terje, ( Silverboots) in Denmark, you can go here:
Choose "Bedst in Show" ( we are the last ones.. )

BOB picture from 26. July 2008
Above Photo: John Hansen
About the judges:  http://www.pudelklubben.dk/udstilling/dommer/Aizcorbe.htm


13. juli 2008

13. July 2008
Sam seems to be better, fortunally, and to day I got an email from him, this touched me deeply,
thank you, Michelle ! ( Michelle du Plessis, UK )

10. juli 2008

10. July 2008
My beloved dog, Sam, has been seriously ill since 1. of July. He suffers from encephalitis, and I was afraid to loose him.
We got veterinary treatment from the very start of symptoms, and now, 10 days later, he seems to get better, you
can read his blog here.

28. June 2008
This week I got a mail from Kirsti in Finland
Sam's daughter, "Sinna" has got her second CC, wonderful news !

21. mai 2008

21. May 2008
Congratulations to Sam's son, DKCH, NCH Crecendo's Glendalough, Lucky, with his Danish Championship !!
His pedigree  HERE.

21. febryar 2008

21. February  2008
"Mikke" in show last weekend, Congratulations Terje and Elisabeth !
Saturday: 1 kval 1 konk CK 2BHK   Judge, Ligita Zake  Latvia
Sunday:1 kval 1 konk  Judge: Nils Molin