29. og 30. desember 2007

29. and 30.  December 2007
My oldest male, Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher, called Anders, 7 years old ( soon to be 8 ) ,
and I, were on a show in Letohallen, Norway, these days.
This little guy just LOVES the ring, and I promised him to show him now as a veteran.
When he understood it was his turn to follow to a show today, he became so happy :)
It all went well, and of two veterans he became first with CK ( cc-quality ) the first day + BOB Veteran,
and prize of honour the second day !! The judge commented all his 42 teeth :)
The critique from Saturday is in norwegian, and can be viewed  here

BOB Veteran
Photo: Else Westlie

11. november 2007

11. November 2007
To day, my silver dwarf male, Lilleba's Silverboots became Norwegian Champion !! I am so happy about this :)
We had almost 1000 kilometres to drive 2 days, over mountains in Norway, with snow, wind and rain ....
It all went well, and we got safe home about 9 hours from the show place to day.
I have the critique in Swedish  here  Pedigree  here

More pictures to come here:
From the ferry:  "Terje's" Rosettes from today

Else came with flowers !

Flowers to "Terje" from Else, thank you :)

19. oktober 2007

19. October 2007
To days local newspaper brought this content:

12. til 14 oktober 2007

12 to 14. October 2007
Handler training this weekend in my homeplace Gjøvik, Norway,  with Kjetil Flathagen  and Frode Jevne.
This is the second training I join with them, and my dog and I "GROW" a lot within these days !!
This was the poodle I joined with this time:  Lilleba's Silverbeam
She got great confidence through this weekend, Thanks a lot, both of you :)

Flowers from Kristin & Ottar, Else & Villy, pictured, and from Magnhild, :D after 5.& 5. Oktober...

5. og 6. oktober 2007

5 & 6. October 2007
Went to Sundsvall, Sweden with Sam ( Romar's Alliance ), 11 hours to drive, one way !
Kilometres and kilometres with roads without traffic,
and  almost no houses along the road.

6.october - 2007
SKK show with judge: Tiina Taulos, Finland.
Sam got his last CACIB, and got himself a new title, International Champion  !! What a day ! Thank you, Tiina Taulos.
"Sam"  Photo: Bertil Samuelsson
His titles are now: Int.Nord.Ch. N.Ch. Dk.Ch. Fin.Ch. NV-2005  His page here
When we came home, friends had sent flowers  :)
Roses from Kristin and Ottar, and a group from Else and Villy, and beautiful roses from Magnhild ! THANKS a LOT !!
A spesial THANK YOU to Else who looks after my poodles while I am away ! Without her, I had not been able to show my dogs....
Also thank you to all who sent me mobile messages and mails with congratulations !
And a special hug to his breeder, Michelle !

25. og 26. august 2007

25 & 26. August 2007
Two days in Støren. Trondheim hundefestival. Lilleba's Silverboots was shown with CK both days,
3.th best male the first day, 2.nd best male the next day, of a class with 6 males.
This is the 4.th time we were number 2 after the CC winner !! I am sure he will catch the last CC :)
The weather was VERY bad, but we survived...
Photo: Signy Elvesveen

19. august 2007

19. August 2007
To day in Norrtälje in Sweden, almost 600 kilometres one way. I was showing my Ch Romar's Alliance
for Hans Lethinen, Finland. 5 dogs in Ch. Class.
He became nr. 4 without CK, and because of that without CACIB. I just have to keep going until he gets it,
because he needs only one single CACIB to become an Int. Ch.

11. august 2007

11. August 2007
To day we were at NKK's show at Bjerke, Oslo, with Lilleba's Siverboots ( Terje),
he became second in his class of three, without nothing more..
It was raining cats and dogs !  And the whole field had 20 centimetres of water to walk in !! Horrible it was.
Dangerous to walk there, you sank in to your knees some places :(
It has been raining every day all July, and every day until now in August, and also the latest days of June.
What a dreadful summer ....

28. juli 2007

28. July 2007
Lilleba's Silverboots in Moss, he got CK and became 3.rd best male out of 7.  The first one, a Champion.

1. juli 2007

01. July 2007
Romar's Alliance was beaten by his son Lilleba's Silverboots in Borås, Sweden.
The son got the CACIB, and the father res.CACIB. 
Photo: Anne Helleberg

23. juni 2007

23. June 2007
We were in Trondheim, not much success, but 1.st in quality and 2.nd in the next class, for Pirjo Altonen, Finland. 
"Terje" was shown ( Lilleba's Silverboots ).

16. juni 2007

16. June 2007
Lilleba's Silverboots shown in Romerike, 2 days, he got CK, and became 2. best male the second day.

3. juni 2007

03. June 2007
Romar's Alliance got his Nord. Championship confirmated by NKK. The diploma arrived in post a couple of days later.

03. juni 2007

03. June 2007
Lilleba's Silverboots got his second CC  and CACIB yesterday in Drammen,   Critique available..will come

19. mai 2007

19. May 2007
Romar's Alliance in show in Aptus Kv, 4.th best male

29. april 2007

29. April 2007
Romar's Alliance in show in Lahti, 4.th best male

24. mars 2007

24. March 2007
Romar's Alliance in show in Helsinki, 4.th best male.

25. og 26. mars 2007

24. and 25 March 2007
Lilleba's Silverboots in Bergen,   critique will come

17. og 18. mars 2007

17. March 2007
Lilleba's Silverboots in show, Letohallen, Norway. critique will be attatched..

25. februar 2007

25. February 2007
Sam got his Fin. Ch. Title, and became Nord. Ch.:   Romar's Alliance, M  Norway.
Thank you, Kirsti, for having him, and Thank you to Johanna Kauranen for handling him so well.

30. januar 2007

30. January 2007
"Sam", Ch. Romar's Alliance goes to Finland to stay with Kirsti Valtonen, Apolet Kennel, for a while.