PRCD-A poodles

Updated 19. September 2019 ,  1955 poodles , 2 new

If you have a prcd-PRA- A (normal) tested poodle and want to join, it is free,  please mail me:
I need the poodles name, colour, size, sex, year born, (the parent's name) and the owners mail or phone. 
Please try to write the results to me in the same pattern as shown in the resultpage. It saves me a lot of rewriting :)   
Do you want to read about the test ? Go to:

Lately some are tested from Laboklin
Dogs tested here will have laboklin reference number.
To get copy of Certificate of the prcd test, please contact owner.
Following  are prcd PRA-tested, result A, or have A-parents..listed as: (A-parents)

PRCD-A Poodles

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A `Russian Dream, brn.dw.male, born Jan 26-02 ( 05-197) Carmen Köhler, Germany
A  Magicstar Only For You, black, Toy, male, born 15/12/2006(A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,
A Star Is Born Only For You, black, Toy, male, born 15/12/2006 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Absolute Poppets Amber Lee, FIN29482/04 A, apr.dw.male, born 10.4.2004 (A-parents), Juha Rinta-Luopa, Finland
Absolute Poppets Amber Lei, FIN29483/04 A, apr.toy.female, born 10.4.2004 (A-parents), Laura Rinta-Luopa, Finland
Absolute Poppets Blue Pearl, FIN18904/05 A, apr.dw.female, born 4.3.2005 (A-parents), Laura Rinta-Luopa, Finland
Absolute Poppets Blue Moon, FIN18902/05 A, apr.dw.male, born 4.3.2005 (A-parents), Reija Salmela, Finland
Absolute Poppets Blue Ocean, FIN18903/05 A, apr.dw.male, born 4.3.2005 (A-parents), Sara Aalto, Finland
Absolute Poppets Blue Wee, FIN18905/05 A, apr.dw.female, born 4.3.2005 (A-parents), Juha Rinta-Luopa, Finland
Absolute Poppets Cabernet FIN18062/07 apr.toy.male, born 13.2.2007 (A-parents), Pirkko & Laura Rinta-Luopa and Mari Hannula Finland
Absolute Poppets Champagne, FIN18064/07 apr.toy.female, born 13.2.2007 (A-parents), Noora Lahtinen Finland
Absolute Poppets Chardonnay, FIN18063/07 apr.toy.female, born 13.2.2007 (A-perents), Nora Sandberg, Finland
Absolute Poppets Dundelion Doris, FIN14596/07 apr.dw.female, born 23.1.2007 (A-parents), Pirkko Rinta-Luopa, Finland

Aceton's Alley, Am.Ch. PP529064/01, crm.min.female,born 1997, Philip Gratton & Susan L. Jones, USA.
Aceton's Angela PR088114/01 si.min.female, born June,4,2002 (A-parents) Philip Gratton, Susan Jones, Mildred Bartlett,
Aconite Golden Bambo, apr.toy.male, born 5 Sept 2003 ( tested 5 March 2007), Nancy Jelle Danmark

Aconite Golden Dion Toy, apr.toy.female, born 28.04.2004 , Nancy Jelle, Denmark
Aconite Golden Grace Kelly, apr.toy.female, born 22.04.06 (A-parents) Bente Rosener, Denmark
Aconite Golden Giovanni, apr.toy.male, born 22.04.06 (A-parents) Sisse Bro Toft, Denmark
Aconite Golden Glow og Rose Apr. Toy female born 22.04.06 (A-parents)  Malene Fransson, Denmark
Aconite Golden Grenadine Apr. Toy female born 22.04.06 (A-parents) Nancy Jelle, Denmark
Aconite Golden Isidor, apr.dw.male, born 2 Aug 2007 ( A-parents ), Birthe Sinnerup, Denmark
Aconite Golden Ivanhou, apr.dw.m, born 2 Aug 2007 ( A-parents), Anne Pedersen, Denmark
Aconite Golden Jacques, apr.toy.male, born 5 Aug 2007 ( A-parents ), Sanna Knudsen, Denmark
Aconite Golden Jeffrey, apr.toy.male, born 5 Aug 2007 ( A-parents ), Herborg Sloan, Færøerne

Aconite Golden Scarlet O`Hara, apr.toy.female born 26/10 1999, Nancy Jelle, Denmark
Addison's Silver Beasley, Am.Ch. si. toy male, born 1995, Ann Addison,
Aedan Double Dealer PP608932/01, ?.toy.male, born March 28, 1998,02-2791,  A.Kennedy & K.Kennedy & J. Mills & F. Mills
Aedan Party Girl, blk.toy.female, born May 26. 2006 (A-parents) Anita Schwaller
Aery's Aphrodite, Am.Can.Ch.PP595557/01, si.min.female, born: 1999, Richard Bohannon and Keith Jacobson., (Richard K. Bohannon)
Aery's Arrogance. Am.Ch. blue.min.male, born 2001, Richard Bohannon, (Richard K. Bohannon)
Aery's Get Yo Freak On, Am.Ch. blue.min.female, born 2001, Richard Bohannon, (Richard K. Bohannon)
Aery Kaos A Simple Wish, Am.Ch. PP622634/02, blk.min.female, born 2000, Richard Bohannon and Keith Jacobson., (Richard K. Bohannon)
Agidream's Chai, FIN17691/03 M, blk. toy.female, born May 03, 2003, (04-2689) Yael Ovitz, Finland,
Ain'Uljas Samurai FIN32652/97, si.min.male, born 6.4.1997   Aino Uljas, Finland  tel./fax +358-9-898 961
Airi Arabeska Geyser Chic, FIN44385/03, wh.min.male, born 2003, owners: Willman Anne & Hukka Teija, Finland
Airi Arabeska Lancelot, RKF 1593030, wh.min.male, born March 31-2004 (04-4438), Monica Olsson, Sweden
Airi Arabeska Yanko FIN32534/03, wh.toy.male, born 19.12.2002, Sari Wahlström, Finland,
Alamoana Iceman, wh.toy.male,born: 2002 Nola Westren, Australia
Alamoana If by Chance, red.toy.female, born 2003 (A-parents) Nola Westren, Australia
Alamoana Justa Gigalo, Aust.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 2000 Nola Westren, Australia
Alamoana Take a Chance, Aust.Ch. red.toy.male, born 2001  Nola Westren, Australia
Alex Golden Magdalensis (Imp Czech Republic) red.toy.male, born 2001, Elle Franklin, Australia
Alyndee Sumthin Ta Talk About,Am.Ch. UD, MX, MXJ,PP507823/01, blk.min.male, born1997, (04-3449) John and Gayle York
Amarula Kimbia Lola, Can Ch, blk.min.female,born 13/09/2000,Owner: Luda Yurin,  ,phone:1(416)890-18-72
Amazing Grace Only For You, black, dwarf, female, born 15/12/2006 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Amonibe's Airy Jasmine,S20619/2006, wh.dw.female, born 09.02.2006,(A parents),Laila Godager, Norge,
A'monibes Give Me Love S58124/2002, blk.min.female, born Oct 12, 2002, 04-1826, Monica Olsson, Sweden
A'monibe's on a Stormy Day, S12496/02, apr.dw.female, born Jan 1, 2002, ( 04-3375) Yvonne & Göran Andersson, Sweden,
A'monibe's O'Toole, Nord. Ch. S41217/2000, blk.min.female, born Jun 19, 2000, (04-3956) Monica Olsson, Sweden
A'monibe's Silvercurl, si.toy.female, born May 13-02 ( 06-4450), Carina Nilsson, Sweden
A'monibe's Snowman, S24186/2001, ?.min.male, born March 27, 2001 (04-637), Lena K Jonsson, Sweden
A'monibe's White Frost S38901/2004 wh.dw.male, born 040506 (A-parents) Maria Rylander, Sweden
A'monibe's White Ice S38900/2004 wh.dw.male, born040506 (A-parents) Monica Olsson, Sweden
AngelBells Mystic Hail Storm,blk.toy.female, born 18 Sept 2004 (A-parents) Angela Eubank
AngelBells Mystic Rain Storm,cafe au lait,toy.female, born 18 Sept 2004 (A-parents) Angela Eubank
AngelBells Stormy Skye, blue.toy.female, born 24 Feb 2006 (A-parents) Angela Eubank
AngelBells Mystic Storm, blk.toy.female,born 29 Mar 2002, Angela Eubank
AngelBells To Be A Tough Guy, si-be.toy.male, born Jan 24,2004, Angela Eubank,
Angells'Ina Success The Beautiful Grey of Marysa, Ch. si.dw.female, born 05.Jan 2005, Marie Moine, France

Anjutiny Glazki Iz Doliny Grez, red.toy.female, born 2002-09-17, A. Popova, Ukraine,

Anna Maria Dorunda Prinses Amalia, 2478558, ?.min.female, born Oct 24, 2003 (05-9019), Ria & Cor
Anne Marie der Schwarze Quirl,brn.dw.female, born June 20-04 (06-820 VHL9062) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Antique's Agape Reign, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1997, (A-parents), Mildred
Apolet Grey Fitz , si.min.male, born  14/06/2006, Johanna and Liisa-Inkeri Kauranen, Finland

Apprezzato's Bella Notte FIN361 72/04, black dwarf female, born May 31. 2004, (A-parents) Leena Kokko, Finland,
Apprezzato's  Differente FIN36170/04, black dwarf male,  born May 31. 2004, (A-parents) Tiia Lammi & Tatu Olkkonen, Finland,
Apprezzato's The Executive FIN36171/04, black dwarf male, born May 31. 2004, (A-parents) Jonna Kari & Pia Sandberg, Finland,
Apriglos All Jazzed Up, red.min.female,born ?, Linda J Karr,
Apriglos Cream Brulee, Am.Ch. red.min.female, born ?, Linda J Karr,
Apriglos Golden Girl, apr.min.female, born ?, Linda J Karr,
Apriglos Hot Shot, red/apr.male, born ?, Linda J Karr,
April Fool´s Nurin Kurin FIN 28529/01, si.dw.male, born 5.5.2001, Kirsi Lindström, Finland
Aprilyn Sophistication, apr.toy.?, born 2002, Ms Maquade, U.K.
Arcadian's Partymood at Carlos, S30507/2002, blk.dw.male, born April 04, 2002 (04-1860), Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Arcadian's Simply Alice,S56346/02, blk.toy, born Jun2, 2002, (04-3377) Yvonne & Göran Andersson, Sweden
Argenta Maxed Out Visa, Am.Ch. si. toy male, born 2000, Ann Addison,
Arja's Deuces are Wild, Am. Ch., PP514612/02,wh.toy.male, born 2/26/97, Janet Makar, 214-361-1178,
Arja's Sand Pebble, PP616500/02, si-beige.toy.female,born 2/20/00,  Janet Makar, 214-361-1178
Arja's Shadow Dancer, Am. Ch. PP453310/02, blue.toy.female, 7/21/95, Janet Makar, 214-361-1178
Arja's Sheer Delight, PP002903/01, si.toy.female, born 12/17/01, Janet Makar, 214-361-1178
Arja's Tidings of Joy, Am.Can.Ch. PP436149/01,wh.toy.female, born 1/27/95, Janet Makar, 214-361-1178
Arlrich Destiny's Child, Am.Ch. PP652300/05 wh.toy.female, born May 20, 2001, Arlene Scardo,
Arlrich Halcyon Days. Am.Ch. wh.toy.female, born 1988, Arlene Scardo,
Arlrich Manhattan Magic, Am.Ch. PP567902/02.  wh.toy.female, born 10/1/98   Arlene Scardo,
Arrowflight Rigaletto, blk.min.male, born 30.5.98 (imp UK)  Jenny Sculac, Australia,
Artmann Black Inspiration`s, DKCH, blk.min.male, born 10. Febr 2004, Sonja Artmann, Denmark

Ash's Mystical Mia, blue.min.female, born Apr 8. 2004, Cathy Carruthers,
Auz Evanz Desert Dove o'Edryn, si. beige.13" female, born Jan 4, 1997  Ralph E. Sweet
Auz Evanz in your Dreams, si.min.female, born 5-2000,   Betty Jean Roseum Harper & Marilyn P. Pauley.
Azlynn Back To Black, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 06/30/2001, (A-parents)
Azlynn Why Be Black, blk.min.female, born 06/30/2001, (A-parents)


Bachan Rave On, blue,toy,female,  born 16/03/1998, Fay Thomasen, Australia
Baladin Ombre Dela Lune, ?.toy.male, born Aug 22. 1999 (03-3319) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Bali-Hai C. Rocking Goodwill, DK08328/98, Dk.Ch. si.toy.female, born 21.04.1998 (04-4696), Kennel BALI-HAI, Denmark
Bali-Hai Silver Angel of Heaven,NUCH, si.toy.female, born 27.08.2000 (06-9968),Elisabeth Sørenssen, Norway

Bali-Hai Silver Fairytale, si.toy.female, born 28.June 2004,  Kennel BALI-HAI, Denmark
Bali-Hai Prince of Denmark, si.dw.male, born 30.Jan 2004, Natalia Mankova, Russia
Bali-Hai Princess Titania, DK0249/2004, si.dw.female, born Jan 30. 2004 (04-4523), Margrethe Toubro, Haganes, 5357 Fjell, Norway
Bali-Hai Silver Angel of Heaven,NUCH, si.toy.female, born 27.08.2000 (06-9968),Elisabeth Sørenssen, Norway

Bali-Hai Silver Limbodancer, DK15344/96,Dk.Int.Ch, si.dw.male,born 16.06.1996 (04-4698) Kennel BALI-HAI, Denmark
Bali-Hai Silver Sheila, ,si.dw.female, born 27.March 2002, Kennel BALI-HAI, Denmark
Baliwick Miss Behavin II,Ch. PR08119401. blk.toy.female, born . Mar 27, 2006 (08-8375). Jin & Kelly Wagoner 

Baliwick F Lee Bailey (Imp USA) Can Ch. blk.toy.male, born 2002, Fay Thomasen & Nola Westren, Australia
Balsons Albert, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden
Balsons Albertina, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06, Siv Engström, Sweden
Balsons Albin, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden
Balsons Alfons, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden
Balsons Alfred, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden
Balsons Algot, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden
Balsons Amalia, apr.min.male, born Mar 3-06,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden
Balsons Beata S28693/2004, blk.min.female, born 2004,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden,
Balsons Beatrice S28694/2004, apr.dw.female, born 2004,  Kennel Rusch, Sweden,( )
Balsons Elvira S15723/2003, blk.min.female, born 2003  Barbro Larsson, Sweden,
Balsons Martin S54208/96, apr.min.male, born 1996, Barbro Larsson, Sweden,
Balsons Phabella S31232/99, apr.min.female, born 1999,  Barbro Larsson, Sweden,
Balsons Vanessa S23430/2004, apr.min.female, born 2004, Barbro Larsson, Sweden,
Baltic Pearl Veronique Karaliaus Mylimasis,LTU, BY, LTU JCh, Ch si. toy.female, born June 23, 2002. Optigen A. Alla Forunina, Lithuania

Barclay Lyca Aftermath, cream miniature, born 1999, Camille Lashley & Barbara Burdick (Barclay/Lyca) barclays@comcast.net215 657 5673
Barclay Lyca All That Glitters, apr. min. female, 9/17/2000 (A-parents)C. Lashley, B. Burdick
Barclay Lyca Ashley Lashley, apr.min.female, born 9/28/98 C. Lashley, B. Burdick
Barcaly Lyca Capture Our Heart, Am.Ch.apr.min. female, 2/14/2000 (A-parents) C. Lashley, B. Burdick, Roger Moore,
Barclay Lyca Justa Illusion, blk.toy.female, born 2001, Camille Lashley &Barb Burdick 215-657 5673
Barclay Lyca Just So Story, cream mini, born 2001, B.Burdick & C. Lashley, (Barclay/Lyca)  215 657 5673
Barclay Lyca Long Stem Rose, Am.Ch.apr.min. female, 2/14/2000, (A-parents)C. Lashley, B. Burdick
Barclay Lyca Missing Piece, apricot miniature, born 1998, C. Lashley & Barbara Burdick, barclays@comcast.net215 657 5673
Barclay Lyca New Dimension, Am.Ch. crm.min. male, born 5/2/02  (A-parents), C. Lashley, B. Burdick
Barclay Lyca O! Heneri, Am.Ch. apr.min.male,born 1998,
Barclay Lyca Oh! Henrietta, apricot mini, F, 12/2/2001 (A parents) C. Lasheley & Barb. Burdick 215 657 5673
Barclay Lyca Short Story, PP450343/01, apr.min.female, born June 20, 1995, Barbara Burdick & Camille Lashley
Barclay Lyca Sierra Sunrise, Am.Ch. red. min.female, born 1997,
Barclay Lyca Silver N Gold, apr.min.female, born 2001,
Barclay Lyca Solve the Puzzle, Am.Ch. apr.min. born 1999,
Barclay Lyca Wild Attraction, apricot mini, female, 9/17/2000 (A parents) C. Lashley, B. Burdick, Gisela Mucke in Germany
Barclay Lyca Wild Connection, Am.Ch. crm.min.female, born 1997,
Baroque Romeo, blk.min.male, born1997, alt:
Bayerische Sommerbaeren  I am Medody, blk.toy.female, born 21.March 2005 (06-10339) Anita Schwaller, Germany
Bayerische-Sommerbären Nuri, blk.toy.female, born 21.o1.2007 ( o7/2567),  Anita Schwaller, Germany

Bayerische Sommerbaeren I´m Opera, blk.toy.female, born 21. Aug. 2005 Eppele I. and Schwaller A, Germany
Bayerische-Sommerbären Malaika, blk.dw.?, born 27.5.2006 (A-parents)  Anita Schwaller, Germany
Bayerische-Sommerbären Mali, blk.toy.?, born 27.5.2006  (A-parents)  Anita Schwaller, Germany
Bayerische-Sommerbären Malindi black dwarf 27.5.2006 (A-parents)  Anita Schwaller, Germany
Bayerische-Sommerbären Munich, blk.toy.?, born 27.5.2006 (A-parents)  Anita Schwaller, Germany
Bayerische Sommerbären Out of Africa, blk.toy.male, born 26.o7.07 (A-parents), Anita Schwaller Germany,
Bayerische Sommerbären Out of Rosenheim, blk.toy.male, born 26.o7.07 (A-parents), Anita Schwaller Germany,
Bayerische-Sommerbären Pommery blk. toymale dob 1o.1o.2007 A-testet Anita Schwaller, Germany

Bazaar's Just Pop Me Up, S61578/2002, ?.min.female, born 28.Sept 2002, Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Bazaar's Air Wolf, Am.Ch. PP615298/01, blk.min.male, born January 10, 2000, June Bierwas,
Bazaar's Easter Parade, N 07538/97, blk.min.male, born March 21, 1997 (06-6212), Gunilla Y. Bergstrand, Sweden
Bazaar's Hit Parade, S53753/2003, blk.min.female, born May 10, 2003 ( 04-1858) Christina Nilsson, Sweden
Bazaars Irish Rose, N.Ch. N02651/00, blk.min.female, born January 10, 2000,  Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Bazaars Just Shoot Me 21182/02, ?.min.male, born ? (A-parents), Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Bazaars Manifesto, N22588/97, brn.min.male, born October 20, 1997, (04-676), Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Bazaar's One to Watch, N10446/04, ?.min.female, born 1.May 2004 (A-parents),  Margrethe Toubro, Norway
Bazaars Serengeti, N09996/03, brn.min.female, born 5/5-03, (A-parents), Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Bazaars Tiger Lily, N03334/02, blk.min.female, born 24/01-02 (A-parents), Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Bazaar's Time Changes At Regadog, N-23683/00, blk.min.female, born Nov 07, 2000 (04-4976),  Laila Godager, Norway
Bazaar's Watch Me Fly,N.Ch.  N04165/99, blk.min.female, born February 11, 1999, (04-675), Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Bazaar's Zalmiaque, N09995/03, blk.min.female, born 5/5-03, (A-parents) Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway

Bazaar's Yes Me      NO 34393/19, brn min female, rcd-4 clear + prcd-A,  Anne Myhrbraaten, NO

Beaus N Belles Magic Carpet Ride, si.toy.male, born 2003   Nola Westren, Australia
Belleview Magicstar Thrill, wh.toy.male, born ?  Antoine Marchal,
Bellview's Thrill Seeker,Am.Ch. PP567306/01, crm.toy.?, born Aug 23, 1998, USA Wm. A. (Bill) Standard
Belstar 'N Baliwick Armani, Am.Ch. PP54069501, blk.toy.male, born?, Iante Bloomquist (now with Barbara Burdick )
Bernis Black Magic, Am/Aust. Ch. blue.toy.male, born 1995  Nola Westren, Australia
Betty Boop Only For You, black, dwarf, female, born 17/12/2006 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Bevanton Sweet Savanna, Am.Ch. PP384869/03, blk.min. born 1993, Barbara Furbush
Bibilott Bourbon, apr.dw.male, born 20.02.02, Irmeli Toikka, Finland
Birchcourt's true blue, Can.Ch, wh.min.male, born ?    Natasha Jakovac

Bkins Legend Smooth Operator, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 1996,
Black Basic Betty Boop, S32286/98, blk.min.female, born May 08, 1998 (04-1863) Laila Tuomaala, Sweden
Black Basic Call Me Cheeky, S35143/99, blk.min.female, born May 11, 1999 (04-1828), Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Black Basic Dazzling Denise, S36312/2000, blk.min.female, born ?, Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Black Basic Easygoing Emilé S16684/2001 blk.min. female, born 190101, (A-parents), Laila Tuomaala, Sweden
Black Basic Easygoing Emmy S16685/2001, blk.min.female, born 199191, (A-parents), Stefan Karlsson, Sweden
Black Basic Easygoing Enzo  S16687/2001, brn.min.male, born 190101, (A-parents), Pia Wingren, Sweden
Black Basic Easygoing Eros S16686/2001 blk.min.male, born 190101, (A-parents), Annsofi Ekstrand, Sweden
Black Basic Gamling Gibson S 59010/2001, ?.min.male, born Nov19, 2001 (06-3001), Carina Nilsson, Sweden,
Black Basic Irish Coffee S47478/2003, brn.min.male, born 020703, (A-parents), M Lestar, Sweden
Black Basic Irish Iceman S47480/2003, blk.min.male, born 020703, (A-parents), Ulf Ljung, Sweden
Black Basic Irish Illusion S47481/2003, blk.min.male, born 020702, (A-parents), Sturesson Annika, Sweden
Black Basic Irish Inferno S47482/2003, blk.min.male, born 020703, (A-parents), Carola Svensson, Sweden
Black Basic Irish Izor S47479/2003, blk.min.male, born 020703, (A-parents), Patricia Stahl, Sweden,
Black Basic Kiss Me Kate, S12893/2004, blk.dw.female, born 121203, (A-parents) Ulrika Nettermark, Sweden
Black Basic Kiss Me Later, S12895/2004, blk.dw.male, born 121203,(A-parents) Lindgren Birgitta,Sweden
Black Basic Kiss Me Now,S12894/2004 , blk.dw.male, born 121203, (A-parents) Christine Bye-Pedersen, Norway
Black Basic Kiss Me Soon,  S12896/2004, blk.dw.male. born 121203, (A-parents) Anette Eliasson, Sweden
Black Bertus van Klein-Nulland, blk.min.male, born 20-6-2006 (A-parents) Fam Wolters,  Netherlands
Black Blitz van Klein-Nulland blk.min.male, born 20-6-2006 (A-parents)  Fam Hendriks, Netherlands
Black Boy van klein-Nulland,  blk.min.male, born 20-6-2006 (A-parents)  Alice Mc Kenzie, USA
Black Isabella van klein-Nulland, ?.?.?,  born 20-6-2006 (A-parents)  Gerda Janssen, Netherlands
Black Olala von der Keltenschanze blk.toy.female,  black, born November 19. 2005 (07/5561),  Mrs. Helga Eckhardt Germany
Black Pasadena van Klein-Nulland, blk.min.male, born 20-6-2006 (A-parents)   Fam Kool,  Netherlands
Blue Jeans of Midnight, PP532614/02, ?,min.female, born 1997,Mildred Bartlett & Terry Tate,
Blue Ribbon Autumn Splendor  red toy female born 1998,  Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Bolero Only For You, black, dwarf, male, born 17/12/2006 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Bonheur All Dolled Up, red.min.female, born  1995 Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Cover Girl, red.min.female, born 2002,  Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Foreign Affair, red.min.female, born 2001,  Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Foreign Essence, red min.female, born 2001,  Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Foreign Exchange, red.min.male, born 2001, Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Legally Blonde, Ch. apr.min.female, born 7/05/03 (A-parents) Tom Sanew,
Bonheur Mark of Perfection, apr.min. female, born 1994 Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Making My Mark, red.min.female, born 1998  Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Nothing But The Best, Am.Ch.,red.min.male, born ?, Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Picture Perfect II, Am.Ch. apr.min.male, born ?, Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonheur Photo Copy, Am.Ch. apr.min.male, born?, Audrey L. Kelly,
Bonito Only For You black, dwarf, male, born 17/12/2006 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Bonny vom Laubenheimer Ried SRg 1030, harlekin.dw.female, born May 10, 2001 (04-4270) Angelika Jansen, Germany
Bonvivants Free Love, DK07113/2000, ?.toy.female, born: April 10, 2000 (03-3686) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Bonvivants Magic Canadien, ?.toy.male, born March 03, 2001 (03-3689) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Bonvivants Pascha du Jardin Deros, ?.toy.male, born Nov 28. 2002 (03-1642) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Bonvivants Paschal du Jardin d'Eros, ?.toy.male, born Febr 18. 2002 (03-3687) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Brei-Ca´s Check it Out, blk.min.female,  born 24th marts 2003, (A-parents)  Jes Breinholt Carlsen, Denmark
Brei-Ca´s Less Than Pure, brn.min.male, born June 2nd 2002 , (A-parents) Jes Breinholt Carlsen, Denmark
Brei-Ca's Love is All, brn.min.male, born 02 october 2003 (A-parents) Pearl Wanner (Poodles by Pearl, USA) & Jes Breinholt Carlsen
Brei-Ca´s Nickels And Dimes, brn.min.male, born 04 September 2001,(A-parents) Jes Breinholt Carlsen, Denmark
Brei-Ca's On Wallstreet, blk.min.female,  born June 30th 1997 Jes Breinholt Carlsen, Denmark
Brei-Ca's Seal With a Kiss, blk.min.male, born 02 october 2003 Sue Bowering (Subria Poodles, Canada)
Brei-Ca's Take on me, blk.min.female,  born 05 June 1998  Jes Breinholt Carlsen, Denmark
Brei-Ca's Three Times a Lady, blk.min.female, born 04 September 2001(A-parents)  Taulos Tiina, Finland
Brilliant Alexis van klein-Nulland, blk.toy.female, born Apr 06 (A-parents)  Mrs Goldbloum, Belgium
Brilliant Bono van Klein-Nulland, blk.dw.male, born Apr 06 (A-parents)  Sonja and Benny olsen, Denmark
Brilliant Lucky van klein-Nulland, blk.dw.male, born Apr 06 (A-parents) Mrs Debie,  Belgium
Brilliant Shakira van Klein-Nulland,  blk.dw.female, born Apr 06 (A-parents)  Gerda Janssen, Netherlands
Brilliant Tom van Klein-Nulland,  blk.dw.male, born Apr 06 (A-parents) Gerda Janssen,  Netherlands
Brisado Le Papillon VDH/ZDP 13833, blk.dw.female, born Sept 05, 2002 (04-2813) Angelika Jansen, Germany
Brittuvan's Gutten i Gåsagården, S17748/2002, blk.dw.male, born Sept 14, 2001( 04-1849), Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Brittuvan's Normann I Gåsagården, S54658/2001,brn.dw.male, born July 20, 2001 (04-1862), Carina Nilsson, Sweden

Brittuvan's Timmy, blk. dw. male, born  03 Aug 2016,  Azadeh Riazi Jahanfar, Norway

Broad Bay Hinamatsuri,Am.Ch. black, toy, female, born: 03/03/2001 (A parents)Beverly Rangel, Oklahoma City, OK; 405-943-9861;
Broad Bay Play It Again Sam, Am.Ch. PP444635/01 wh.toy.male, born 1995, Doris Bernsen, 1801 Broad Bay Circle,Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454, USA
Brown Aramis van Klein-Nulland, nhsb2529160, brn.toy.male, born Oct 11, 2004  (05-1719) Gerda Janssen, Netherland
Brown Orly von der Waldburg, VDH/ZDP 15856, brn.dw.male, born 17.Oct.2006  (07-6044), Angelika Jansen, Germany, 

Brown Sarah van Klein-Nulland, nhsb2118703, brn.min.female, born 20 March 1997 (05-290), Gerda G Janssen, Netherland
Bruce's Jonah N The Whale, PP54263304 wh.toy.male, born Jan 4-98, Darlene Crosby, Conway, SC (843)365-3751
Bruces's Little Becka, PP565394/02 wh.toy.female, born Sept.17- 98, Darlene Crosby, Conway, SC (843)365-3751
Bruncvik z Flemingova parku, CMKU/P/13739/04, ?.min.male, born Apr. 25. 2004 (06-6827), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Bujan Solnechni Luch Barin for Hannelhill FIN21617/98, Multi Ch. apr.min.male, born 1997, Henrik Hannelius, Finland,
Busholm Sylon Youngster Nyna, brn.toy.female, born 3/7/99 Russ Young
Børing Queen Quelle, DKK 08615/2001, brn.toy.female, born 27.04.2001, (04-4673), Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark

Updated 111209
Cabryn Above The Law, PP45854201, toy  (I don't have color or sex) email:phone:(908)852-3299
Cabryn Alice in the Lookin' Glass,Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 2000,   Cheryl Wyatt 864-338-9969
Cabryn American Princess Ines, si.min.female, born 1.Dec. 2003 (A-parents), A.M. Vuorikoski, T. Nieminen, Pia Ahlqvist-Kontunen Finland
Cabryn Blue Belle, blue.min.female, email:   phone:(908)852-3299
Cabryn Boomerang, Am Ch. Si.min.male, born  Nov 28, 99 Cooper/Simpson/Sweet
Cabryn Boomin' Carrie PP63850102, si.min.female,  phone:(908)852-3299
Cabryn Captain Crunch, Am.Can.Ch.brn.toy.male,  phone:(908)852-3299
CaBryn Gigi de Casa Strega, si.min.female, born?, (A-parents), Joy Cenicola, USA
Cabryn Legend In Her Own Time, Am.Can.Ch.blk.min.female, born 1999,  email:  phone:(908)852-3299
Cabryn Silver Angie, si.min.female, email:  phone:(908)852-3299
Cachas Putting On The Ritz S58861/2000v, wh.min.male, born Nov 04-2000 (04-4495), Grazyna Magnusson, Stenlidenvagen 16,Trollhattan,  46165, Sweden
Cachas Reply S56978/99, ?.dw.female, born 20/11/99, Gunilla Sandberg, Sweden
Calais Anna, PP648130/01, wh.toy.female, born 2001,  tested Optigen "A" Feb. 3, 2005,  Sharon Smith
Callimonts Evenin Star, blk.toy.male, born 1998, Janis Glick Zablocky,
Callimont's Great Protencial PP54358303, ?.toy.male, born December 21, 1997 (04-2236) Joy Cenicola, USA
Callimont TLC's-Rock Steady, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born 1998, T L Clark,
Castle Yard's Silver Clementine, VDH/DPZ 161898, si.min.female, born Dec 16, 2000 (04-4257) Georg Walther, Germany
Chamay Lavender Lass, si.toy.female, dob; 01/12/01   Mrs. Joan Nutt,  Autralia
Chandor von Elfenberg, ?.min. born 8. Aug 2006 (06-9739) Sonja & Benny Olsen & Gerda Pedersen, Denmark  

Candoran's Chudesnyi, Am.Ch. wh.min.male, born 18. Aug. 1993, Dorothy M. Cangson
Candygolds Zeta, blk.dw.female, born: 10. Sept. 2005, owner: Jenny Hedlund, Sweden, email:

Canmoy's Chic At Tirkane,Multi.Ch. FIN23708/95,blk.dwarf.female, born 13.2.1995, Tiina Taulos,Finland
Canmoy's Chic Brunette FIN-28473, ), ?.dw.female, born 25.4.2003,(A-parents) Tuija Kärki, Finland
Canmoy's Chic Petite FIN-28474/03, ?.toy.female, born 25.4.2003 (A-parents)Tiina Taulos,
Canmoy's Cosmos, brn.min.male, born 1999, Marina Palander and Marko Palander, Inkoo, Finland
Canmoy`s Doña Garbosa,FIN39830/07, ?, min,female,born June 10, 2007 (08-1554), Diane Nikolaisen
Canmoy's Finlandia s16165/2005 brn.min.female, born Dec 6, 2004 Sanna Arvidsson & Jane Persson Litzell. Sverige
Canmoy's Forbidden Love FIN-18848/03 ?.dw.female, born 8.March 2003, (A-parents) Riitta Tenhovuori, Finland,
Canmoy's Foreign Love FIN 14409/04 M, blk.dw.female, born January 09, 2004 (04-2793) Angelika Jansen, Germany
Canmoy´s Give Me A Hug, FIN55870/06, blk.dw.male, born October 15, 2006 (07-8309), Kirsi Lindström, Finland,
Canmoy's Happy Chic, FIN11575/06, ?dw.female, born ?, Olena Parubets, Finland
Canmoy's Hot Papers S13989/99 ?.min.male, born July 15, 1998 (04-1878) Dan Andersson, Sweden
Canmoy's Hugs 'N Kisses, FIN 10178/01, blk.min.female, born Sept 02, 2000 (08-2665), Kristiina Taulos, Finland
Canmoy's Hustler, blk.min.male, born June 6th 1999,  Jes Breinholt Carlsen
Canmoy's Kiss-Kiss, Multi.Ch. FIN41377/98,blk.dwarf.male, born 07.10.98, Tiina Taulos, Finland
Canmoy's Leading Light, FIN11777/03, blk.dwarf,female, born 11.12.2002. Heidi Salonen, Finland,
Canmoy's Legend S57218/2002. ?.min.male, born July 20, 2002 (04-1868) Dan Andersson, Sweden
Canmoy´s Less Is More FIN25035/01. ?.min.male, born 24. Febr 2001( 06-8678 ) Helga Theimer, Germany,
Canmoy's Oh La La, FIN34580/97,blk.dw.female, born 9.3.1997, Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,  +358 9 2235346
Canmoy's PS I Love You, FIN34598/01,blk.dwarf.female, born 17.7.2001,(A-parents) Tiina Taulos, Finland
Canmoy's Miss Miniwin, Int.Multi.Ch. FIN24802/97m, blk.dw.female,born 14.03.97,  Nina Björnström-Lehtonen, Finland
Canmoy's Ms President FIN 48326/04, ?.min.female, born Sept 02, 2004 (08-7461), Berit Waris & Tiina Taulos, Finland.
Canmoy's Real Luv FIN-18849/03, ?.toy.female, born 8.3.2003(A-parents) Tiina Taulos and Eija Halonen, Finland
Canmoy's Reflections, brn.min.female. born  October 4, 2002     Sandra Ulmer, USA
Canmoy's Scandalmonger FIN978/01, blk.min.male, born June 22, 2001 (05-7099) Mervi Jakkila & Jutta Jakkila, Finland
Canmoy's Senator,FIN48325/04, blk.min.male, born Sept 9, 2004, Maylis B Spiik, Finland
Canmoy's Starlight FIN-36734/02, ?.toy.female, born 17.6.2002,(A-parents) Lasse Wuori, Finland, ref:
Canmoy's Starmagic FIN-36735/02, ?.dw. ?, born 17.6.2002, (A-parents) Mari Nurmisto, Finland,
Canmoy´s Wild´N Free, ?.dwarf.male, born 22. Sept 2006 ( 07-10012 ) Gudrun Degerth, Finland, contact:
Canmoy's With Love FIN-18850/03, ?,dw.female, born 8.March 2003, (A-parents) Jaana Ruokolainen, Finland,
Cappuccino v. Klein-Nulland, NHSB 2256375, brn.dw.male, born July 15, 1999 (04-867) Gerda Janssen, Netherland
Caprice's Good Time Charlie, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born 2000,  Marion Usher & Lucille Perzan,
Caprice Good Time for Pandorans,  white.toy.male, born 2003 (A-parents), Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Caprice's Kick A Little Ash, PP650980/01, toy.male, born 2001,Lucille Perzan & Diana Gardner,
Caprice's Limited Edition, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born 1997, Diana Gardner and Lucille Perzan,
Caprice's Mr. Arrogance, PP53434101, toy.male, born 1997, Lucille Perzan & Sonya Jolicoeur,
Carann's Christmas Music, S13859/2006, wh.dw.male, born Dec 24, 2005 (07-520), Kristin Røhne, Norway
Careanuffs Casa Strega Pixie  PP6120601, ?.min.female, born July 28, 1999 (04-2233) Joy Cenicola, USA
Carmen`s Lover Girl zur Alpspitz, VDH/ADP 211255, blk & tan.toy.female, born Oct. 25. 2001 (06-6829) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Carnival's Frequent Music N13448/07, wh.dw.female, born May 01, 2007 ( 07-9676 ), Kristin Røhne, Norway

Carnival's Kiss Me Quick,N16439/05, wh.toy.male, born July 05, 2005 (06-21), Kristin Røhne, Norway
Casa Strega's Black Rosebud, blue.toy.female, (A-parents), Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega's Endless Love,blk.min.male,born?,   Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega's Happy Hattie, blk.min.female, born?, (A-parents), Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega's Mahogany Masquerade, apr.min.male, born?, (A-parents), Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega Precious Rosebud PP58913501, ?.toy..female, born  April 21, 1999 (04-2237) Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega's Sable Masquerade Masquerade, ?.min.male,born?, (A-parents), Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega's Sara, blk.min.female,born?, (A-parents), Joy Cenicola, USA
Casa Strega Sweet Gypsy Rose PP58913502, ?.min.female, born April 21, 2004, (04-2238) Joy Cenicola, USA
Cazzio´s Allie S525437/99, wh.dw.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Celine des Petits Brugeois, brn.dw.female, born 16 Oct 2003 (06-163), Nicole te Boekhorst,
Champagne D'or Omaira, red.min.female, born ?, german import-USA, Audrey L. Kelly,
Chanel des petites coquines noires,  LOS 659993 apr. dw.female, born 04.04.07 (A-parents), Ivana Gianinazzi Tel. 0041918572071 e-mail

Chanzonet Angel Kiss FIN32013/03, blk.dw.male, born 16.6.2003 (A-parents) Tanninen Maija, Finland
Chanzonet Hazelnut FIN33138/02,blk.dw.female, born 3.7.2002, (A-parents) Haukka Pirkko, Finland
Chanzonet Jack Pot FIN45067/02,blk.dw.male, born 9.11.2002, (A-parents) Kytölä Leena, Finland
Chanzonet Jet Set FIN45066/02, blk.dw.female, born 9.11.2002, (A-parents) Julkunen Nina, Finland
Chanzonet Juke Box FIN45068/02, blk.dw.male, born 9.11.2002, (A-parents) Perälä Mauno, Finland
Chanzonet Kiss me Angel FIN32012/03, blk.dw.male, born 16.6.2003, (A-parents) Pelkonen Tero, Finland
Chanzonet Life Is Magic FIN34345/03,blk.dw.female, born: 14.7.2003, Tuomainen Ritva, Finland
Chanzonet Nobleman FIN11520/04, blk.dw.male, born 28.12.2004, (A-parents) Lappi Vesa, Finland
Chanzonet Non Stop FIN11521/04,blk.dw.male, born 28.12.2004, (A-parents) Pellikka Mirja, Finland
Chanzonet Nostalgia FIN11522/04,blk.dw.female, born 28.12.2004, (A-parents) Tuomainen Ritva, Finland
Chanzonet Oliver Wist FIN31528/04, blk.dw. male, born 7.6.2004, (A-parents)Armi Torni, Finland
Chanzonet Orson Welles FIN31529/04, blk. dw. male, born 7.6.2004, (A-parents)Terttu Rissanen, Finland
Chanzonet Oscar Wilde FIN31530/04, brn.dw. male, born 7.6.2004, (A-parents) Maija Tanninen, Finland
Chanzonet Robbie Williams FIN49690/04, blk.dw.male, born 3.11.2004 (A-parents) Kytömäki Riitta, Finland
Chanzonet Ronan Keating FIN49691/04, blk.dw.male, born: 3.11.2004 (A-parents) Keso Kirsi, Finland
Chanzonet Show Team, FIN21376/05, blk.dw.female, born 18.3.2005,  Lea Utoslahti, Finland
Chanzonet Silk And Satin, FIN21375/05, blk.dw.female, born 18.3.2005, Minna Nousiainen, Finland
Chanzonet Smallville FIN21377/05, blk.dw.female, born 18.3.2005, Anne Peltola, Finland
Chanzonet Sunny Funny FIN21374/05, blk.dw.female, born 18.3.2005, Niina Kellberg, Finland
Chanzonet Zafira, brn.min.female, born Nov.8,2005 Marina Palander, Finland
Chanzonet Zinnia, brn.min.female, born Nov.8,2005, Heikki Kilpi,  Finland
Charades Coppertone, Am ch,PR017705/02,brn.toy.male, born Jan 5,2003, Brenda Cavaness and Janice Brady
Charade Draco Djimon AKCPR08463101, blk.toy.male, born Jan 31- 2006 (06-9176) , Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Charades Havana, AmCh, PP638798/02, brn.toy.female, born Dec 6,2000, Brenda Cavaness
Charade Protege, PP667823/01, blk.toy.male, born 04/24/2002, Brenda Cavaness and Janice Brady
Chase Explosive Honey FIN32389/97, blk.dw.female, born: 8.7.1997 Rinkinen Jaana & Peltola Marko, Finland
Chase First Fantasy, Fin.Ch. FIN26092/99, blk.dw.female, born 28.05.1999, Maarit Karlsson, Finland
Chase Garak FIN39365/00, blk.dw.male, born: 20.9.2000,  Karppinen Maiju, Finland
Chase Ghiana FIN39362/00, blk.dw.male, born: 20.9.2000 (A-parents) Viitanen Päivi, Finland
Chase G'Kar FIN39363/00, blk.dw.male, born: 20.9.2000 (A-parents) Andersson Kristina, Finland
Chase Gowron FIN39365/00, blk.dw.male, born: 20.9.2000 (A-parents) Aaltonen Ulla, Finland
Chase Honey Princess, FIN34043/01, blk.dw.female, born 20.7.2001, ( 04-3559)  Iris Heikkinen, Finland
Chase Ipanema FIN10344/03, blk.dw.female, born: 14.12.2002, Rinkinen Jaana & Peltola Marko, Finland
Chase Ja'Dar FIN36225/04, blk.dw.male, born 24.6.2004 (A-parents) Milla Miikkulainen, Finland
Chase Jareth FIN36226/04, blk.dw.male, born 24.6.2004 (A-parents) Eva-Stina & Ida Törnroos, Finland
Chase Jashira, FIN36229/04, blk.dw.female, born 24.6.2004 (A-parents) Sirkku Koponen, Finland
Chase Jewel Goddess, FIN36227/04, blk.dw.female, born 24.6.2004 (A-parents) Tiina Jussila, Finland
Chase Jewel Witch FIN36228/04, blk.dw.female, born 24.6.2004 (A-parents) Heidi Harju, Finland
Charob's Chandler, Am.Ch.PP492856/01, si.min.male, born 1996, Richard Bohannon,
Chennai van Klein-Nulland, brn.dwarf.female, born 30-01-2002, Manuela Schwarz, Switzerland
Cheeri Amie´s Hermione Granger S16214/2003, brn.dw.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Cherry  des petites coquines noires,  LOS 659991 apr. dw. male, born 04.04.07(A-parents), Ivana Gianinazzi Tel. 0041918572071 e-mail
Chic Brown Nugget,  Fin45281/03, brn.min.male, born 3.10.2003, (A-parents) Kuivalainen Jaana, Finland
Chic Fin New Style, Fin45285/03, blk.min.female, born 3.10.2003, (A-parents) Nuorva Elina, Finland
Chic Fin NightFlight, Fin45282/03, blk.min.male, born 3.10.2003, (A-parents) Cacacci Simona,  Italy
Chic Go-Go-Girl Fin26916/97, blk.min.female, born 5.5.1997, Riitta Liimatta, Finland,
Chic Jamais Vu, Fin22752/00, blk.min.male, born 1.4.2000, (A-parents) Kettunen Kosti, Finland
Chic Joujou, Fin22749/00, blk.min.female, born 1.4.2000, (A-parents) Hanna Hirvonen, Finland,
Chic Joyeux Luron,  Fin22751/00, blk.min.male,  born 1.4.2000, (A-parents) Heidi Matikainen, Finland
Chic Laughing Doll, Fin39365/02, blk.min.female, born 31.7.2002, (A-parents) Kainulainen Petra, Finland
Chic Living Doll, Fin36363/02, blk.min.female, born 31.7.2002, (A-parents) Anne Willman, Finland
Chic Lovelace, Fin39361/02, blk.min.male, born 31.7.2002, (A-parents)  Riikonen Helena, Finland
Chic Lovelock, Fin39362/02, blk.min.male, born 31.7.2002, (A-parents) Naukkarinen Raimo, Lehtinen Salla, Finland
Chic Loving Doll, Fin39364/02, blk.min.female, born 31.7.2002, (A-parents) Koskimies Minna, Finland
Chic No Kidding, Fin45283/03, blk.min.male, born 3.10.2003, (A-parents) Vatanen Tanja, Finland
Chic No Wonder, Fin45284/03, blk.min.male, born 3.10.2003, (A-parents)Eschner Seija, Finland
Chic Ode of Fantasy, Fin35562/04, wh.min.female, born 20.6.2004, (A-parents), Tarja Aaltonen & Anne Willman, Finland
Chic Ode of Flirt, Fin35561/04, wh.min.female, born 20.6.2004, (A-parents), Pfänner Jytte, Denmark
Chic Ode of Joy, Fin35564/04, wh.min.female, born 20.6.2004, (A-parents),  Salminen Jenni, Finland
Chic Ode of Love, Fin35563/04, wh.min.female, born 20.6.2004, (A-parents),  Tarvainen Taina, Finland
Chic One Man Show, Fin35560/04, wh.min.male, born 20.6.2004, (A-parents) Vatanen Tanja, Finland
Chic Snow Queen, FIN16036/02, wh.min.female, born 2002,  Willman Anne, Finland
Chilie S46241/2003, blk.min.female, born 2003, Monica Olsson, A'monibe's Kennel, Sweden
Chopin  des petites coquines noires,  LOS 659992 apr. dw. male, born 04.04.07(A-parents), Ivana Gianinazzi Tel. 0918572071 e-mail 
Chotard Beca,PR038501/03,blk.toy.female, born Dec 21, 2003 (A-Parents),  Charlet Gordon and Brenda Cavaness
Chotard Cash in a Flash,PR001913/01,brn.toy.female, born Jan 14,2002, Brenda Cavaness and Charlet Gordon
Cin-Don Almost An Angel, cream toy female, born 10/21/94,Beverly Merritt,
Cin-Don Almost An Angel, crm.toy female, born 10/21/94, Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Angel In Disguise, wh. toy female, born 4/13/02, Barbara Pittler & Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don As Time Goes By, Am.Ch. blk. toy male, born 1/1/96,  Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Jay Walker, wh. toy male, born, 4/13/02, Barbara Pittler & Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Johnny Cake, wh. toy male, born 4/9/02, Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Keeping It Cool, Am.Ch. wh. toy male, born 8/24/00, Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Keepsake, Am.Ch. wh. toy female, born 6/25/91, Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Lyn-Del Beau Jingles, Am.Ch.blk. toy male, born 6/29/01, Marilyn Westphal & Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Cin-Don Yesterday Once More, Am.Ch. wh. toy female, born, 6/9/99, Beverly Merritt, 716-778-5372,
Clarion Camelot Crescendo PP517004/01,?.min.female, born December 05, 1996, 02-2790, A.Kennedy & K.Kennedy &   M. E. Fishler
Clarion Camelot Quantum PR000041/10, ?.min.male, born Sept 03, 2001, 04-1291, A. Kennedy & Mary Ellen Fishler & K. Kennedy
Class Line Indica, wh.toy.female, born March 24, 2005 (05-7378), Minna Kari, Finland
Claydon's Next Impression, Am.& Can. Ch. blk.min.male, born 06/16/02  Gloria and John Bradley,
Cloudspin's Circle Of Life, Am.Can.Ch. blk.toy.male,  born 5/17/02,  Michael and Marjorie McCarthy, USA.
Cloudspin's Tenessee Tea, Am.Can.Ch. blk.min.female, born 4/29/1996,  Marjorie McCarthy, USA
Co-Pa-Jo's Right On The Money, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born Jan.07. 1999, Mildred Bartlett & Patricia Mandernach,
Corvette van Klein-Nulland, blk.dw.male, born april 2004 (A-parents), Gerda G Janssen, Netherland
Coverdale's For Heaven'Sake, FIN CH. Fin13656/98, wh.min.female, born 11.Dec, 1997, Kaisa Talvenheimo, Finland,
Crecendo's Dancing Queen,Ch. DKK 23896/97, si.min.female, born Nov. 26, 1997 (03-3924),Crecendo poodles,Denmark
Crecendo'a Finlandia Flirt, S.SF.Ch. DK01948/99, FIN23916/99, wh.min.female, born 21  Jan-99, Willman Anne, Finland
Crecendo's Man In Town, DK01946/99*, wh.min.male, born 21 Jan-99, exp to Australia, breeder: Crecendo poodles
Crecendo's Silver Cezanne, DK 15009/02, si.min.female, born 2002, Linda Gravesen, Denmark, phone: 0045 866 73110
Crecendo's Special Rose, DK01923/99, si.min.female, born 19 Jan-99, Crecendo poodles
Crecendo's White Hyacint, DK15016/02, wh.min.female, born Aug 21, 2002 (04-4104)  Laila Godager, Norway
Crecendo's White Supra, DK06415/2003, wh.min.female, born Apr. 4. 2003  (06-6686), Ann Kristin Sletnes, Norway
Crecendo's White Verification, Fin.Ch. wh.min.female, born: 27.01.2000
Crecendo's White Winter-Blossom,Multi.Ch.DKK 03675/97, wh.min.female, born Feb. 06, 1997 (03-3923)Crecendo poodles,Denmark
Cristal Toy Of Mirrorhome,  AC0900871, si.toy.female, born April 29, 1997 (05-4232), Michelle du Plessis, Ireland,
Cristel des petites coquines noires, LOS 659994 apr. dw.female, born 04.04.07 (A-parents), Ivana Gianinazzi Tel. 0041918572071 e-mail
Crusea's Burly Bozika,  S47038/99, blk.min.female, born August 25, 1999, Annette Sandberg, Sweden.
Crusea's Dainty Duchess, S11276/2002s, blk.min.female, born Dec 13-2002 (04-4475), Annette Sandberg, Sweden.
Crusea's Expensive Emperor, S41933/02, si.min.male, born 270502,   Annette Sandberg, Sweden.
Crusea's Famous Fact, s12641/2003, blk.min.female, born Dec 23, 2002 ( 04-2067) Annette Sandberg, Sweden.
Crusea's Fascion Fellow, s12640/2003s, blk.min.male, born Dec 23-2002 (04-4498) Eva Kjellman, Sweden,
Crusea's Jolly Jewell, blk.min.female, born 10 Aug 2005 (A-parents) Christina Dyhre-Edvardsson, Sweden tel: +46(0)31 417611
Crusea's Joyful Jacinto, blk.min.male, born 10 Aug 2005 (A-parents) Ingeborg Kristianssen, Sweden, tel: +46(0)31 7152179
Crusea's Jumping Jack,S.Ch. blk.min.male, born 10 Aug 2005 (A-parents)  Annika Gripencreutz, Sweden
Crusea's Just A Miracle, blk.min.female, born 10 Aug 2005 (A-parents) Annette Sarkany Kennel Angelview, Sweden tel: +46(0)322 638046
Crusea's Katja s59922/2005si, si.dw.female, born August 28, 2005 (05-9357), Maria Rylander, Sweden
Crusea's Key Man s59918/2005si, si.dw.male, born August 28, 2005 (05-9353), Anette Källberg, Sweden
Crusea's Kiona s59923/2005, si.dw.female, born August 28, 2005 ( 05-9354), Gunnel Edin, Sweden  Kennel toyMAX  +46(0)411  551215
Crusea's Knock Off s59917/2005, si.dw.male, born August 28, 2005 (05-9347), Annette Sandberg, Sweden.
Crusea's Majestic Mister s38279/2006, si.min.male, born May 05, 2006 (08-1390), Annette Sandberg, Sweden 
Crusea's Mystic Madam s38280/2006, si.min.female, born May 05, 2006 (08-1387), Annette Sandberg, Sweden 
Curlfinch Julischka, blk.min.female, born 02 March2007, laboklin ref 0703-S-49444, Sabine Bock, Germany,
CynPams Attitude, blk.min.female,born 25 Oct 2003 (05-6548),  Cynthia Woods & Pamela Woods
CynPam's Don't Spill the Beans, blk.min.female, born 15.aug.99, Cynthia and Antoinette Woods
CynPams Encore at Cams, blk.min.male, born Dec 10, 2006 (07-8878), Pamela Woods and Carolyn Morrison, Gardena, CA, 
CynPam's Hidden Assets, blk.min.female, born 12.oct.94, Pamela and Antoinette Woods
CynPam's Just the Facts, blk.min.male, born 08/05/04 (A-parents) Cynthia and Antoinette Woods,
CynPam's Patriot, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 28.jan.02, (A-parents), Pamela and Cynthia Woods
CynPams Quick Pick, blk,min.female, born April 14, 2006 (A-parents), Pamela & Antoinette Woods.
CynPam's Strike It Rich, blk.min.male, born Oct 12, 1994, ( 04-3471) Cynthia & Pamela Woods,
Cynpams Jeopardy, blk.min.male, born June 25, 2009 (A-parents) Obsidian Dark Star at Cynpams x Ch. Cynpams Attitude, Cynthia and Pamela Woods,

Updated 060909

Dakata Pure Gold,S53277/2001, apr.toy.male, born 22mar.2001 (04-670) Monica Olsson, Sweden
Daktari Atinowis (Imp USA) blk.min.male, born 2003, Nola Westren,  Australia
Daktari Rigaletto, blk.min.male, born May 30,2006 (A-parents),    Sandra Ulmer, USA

Damocan Negrita, FIN12009/03, blk.dw.female, born 16.11.2002, Kirsikka Matikainen, Finland,
Damocan Pretty Poeme, FIN21642/05, blk.dw.female, born 21.2.2005, Hanna Matikainen, Finland,
Damocan Prima Palandra, FIN21643/05, blk.toy female, born 21.2.2005, Arja Ruuskanen, Finland,
Damocan Quizmaster, FIN47387/06, brn.dw.male, born 27.7.2006, Arja Pietilä, Finland,
Damocan Quenelle, FIN47388/06, blk.dw.female, born 27.7.2006, Eva Matintupa, Finland,
Damocan Quenelle, FIN47389/06, blk.dw.female, born 27.7.2006, Saila Kovanen, Finland,
Damocan Reflection, FIN45648/06, blk.min.female, born 28.7.2006, Anu Alanne, Finland,
Damocan Rianna, FIN 45649/06, blk.min.female, born 28.7.2006, Riitta Kuismanen, Finland,
Damocan Rigoletto, FIN45650/06, blk.min.male, born 28.7.2006, Lillemor Sarin, Finland,
Damocan Romance, FIN45651/06, blk.min.female, born 28.7.2006, Tintti Rahikainen, Finland,
Damocan Tennessee, FIN43175/07, blk.min.male, born 8.7.2007, Jari Koskelainen, Finland,
Damocan Trinity, FIN43176/07, blk.min.male, born 8.7.2007, Ari & Eira Ylönen, Finland,
Damocan Tango Paris, FIN43177/07, blk.min.female, born 8.7.2007, Saila & Minttu Vaittinen, Finland,
Damocan Tallulah Blue, FIN43178/07, blk.min.female, born 8.7.2007, Tuula Valkama, Finland,
Damocan Tatum O'Neil, FIN43179/07, blk.min.female, born 8.7.2007, Elina Heikkinen, Finland,
Damocan Unbreacable, FIN54928/07, blk.toy male, born 4.10.2007, Pirjo & Heikki Halinen, Finland,
Damocan Visionaire, FIN12804/08, blk.min.male, born 16.12.2007, Elisa Salo, Finland,
Damocan Van Damme, FIN12805/08, brn.min.male, born 16.12.2007, Päivi Heiskanen, Finland,
Damocan Vanessa Mae, FIN12806/08, brn.min.female, born 16.12.2007, Niina Räsänen, Finland,
Damocan Vanilla Sky, FIN12807/08, brn.min.female, born 16.12.2007, Sinikka Kärppä, Finland,
Damocan Velvet Eyes, FIN12808/08, brn.min.female, born 16.12.2007, Saila Vaittinen, Finland,
Damocan Wicked Soul, FIN43411/08, blk.min.female, born 15.6.2008, Anne Suokas & Markku Uusitalo, Finland,
Damocan Window Princess, FIN43412/08, blk.min.female, born 15.6.2008, Reetta Suokas, Finland,
Damocan Wise Guy, FIN43413/08, blk.min.male, born 15.6.2008, Annamari Sundgren, Finland,
Damocan Wonder Man, FIN43414/08, blk.min.male, born 15.6.2008, Tobias Lönnström, Finland,
Darcon's Hollywood Miss Kitty, PR05711105 wh.toy.female, born Jan 8-05 (A-by parents) Darlene Crosby, Conway, SC (843)365-3751
Darcon's Little Black Gypsy, PP662363/02 blue.toy.female, born Dec 25, 2001 Darlene Crosby, Conway, SC (843)365-3751
Darka v. Klein-Nulland, SHSB-Nr. 635401, ?.toy.female, born 2 Jan 2004 ( 05-190) M. Schwarz & R. Weber, Switzerland
Darkover Bell Book and Candle, apr.min.female, born 01/11/2002, (A-parents) Dorothy Wroblewski,
Darkover Beyond My Yankee Dreams, blk.min.?, born  1/11/02,  Dianne Handy, Collinsville, CT, contact:
Darkover Callin' Our Yankee Pride, blk.min.?, born 9/7/02, (A-parents), Dianne Handy, Collinsville, CT, contact:
Dave Dudley der Schwarze Quirl, blk.min.male, born 27July 2007, laboklin ref. 070-S-78027, Sabine Bock, Germany,
Davina von Montevideo, brn.dw.female, born 20-01-05  (06-7502),   N.J.M.E. te Boekhorst-Henrix, Netherlands,
Deejon's Sister Sioux,  brn.toy.female, born 1999,  Phone: 614-784-8001  email:
Deertrail Babaloo,Am. Ch. blk.min.male, born Jan 27, 1999. Janice M. Bounds
Deertrail Sarahs Lookin Good, blk.min.female, born  August 19, 2002,Janice M. Bounds
Delrocko Start The Music Tru, Ch. blk.toy.male, born Sept. 9. 2004 (A-parents) Anita Schwaller
Del Zarzoso Jurame S61579/2002, wh.toy.female, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Del Zarzoso Pimlico Ricky-Martin,Sa.& S.Ch.wh.toy.male, born 15.jun.1999  MarieCharlotte Eriksson, Sweden
DeRo's Excell Xcetera Xcetera, blk.toy.male, born May 13, 2002 (06-8270) Barbara R. DeRogatis
DeRo's This Magic Moment, blk.toy.male, born Oct 31, 2003, Barbara R. DeRogatis
Deshlers Dime A Dance, Am.Int.Ch. blk.min.male, born 31 May 1996, Fallon and Deb Phillips
Deshler's the Democrat, Multi.Ch. blk.min. male, born 1996.Phone:316-744-0057,fax:316-744-0293,
Designed On Fire Only For You, brown, dwarf, male, born 22/03/2007 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,
Designer's Academy Award,  Am.Ch. blk.min.male,born 1992, 02-783, Sue Julig, phone:763-576-5313
Designer Crystal-Lite, wh.min.female,  02-781,    Sue Julig, phone:763-576-5313
Designer-Kamann Claire-Isma, PP592649/03, ?.min.female, born July 4, 1999, Ann Kambarn
Designer-Kamann Divinity-PR009026/02 Am.Ch. wh.min.female, born August 9,2002, Ann Kambarn
Designer Kamann's Parade, Am.Ch. blk.min. female, born 1992
Designer Pepsi's No One, blk.min.female,  02-784,  Sue Julig, phone:763-576-5313
Designer's Potpourri, Am.Ch. wh.min.female,  02-785, Sue Julig, phone:763-576-5313
Designer Rosebell's Chic, Am.Ch. wh.min.female,born ?, Elaine/Heidi Bellamy
Destiny Melody Only For You, brown, dwarf, female, born 22/03/2007 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Devon Toy Of Mirrorhome At Romar, AC0900871, si.toy.male, born May 13, 2001, (04-2920), Michelle A du Plessis, UK,
Dick Tracy le Papillon, brn.dw.male, born June 1-04 (05-5814) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Diza Fleich Manuela de Rosa FIN40394/02, apr.toy.female, born 18.4.2001, 04-1803, Elena Laine, Finland
Djakartas All I´ Want,s16780/2001, wh.toy.female, born 020113, (A-parents) MarieCharlotte Eriksson, Sweden
Djakartas Cha Cha Cha, 20841/2003, blk.toy.female, born 030203, (A-parents) MarieCharlotte Eriksson, Sweden
Djakartas More Than Less, s20842/2003, blk.toy.female, born 030203, (A-parents) Agneta Ljungh-Eklind, Sweden
Djakartas Nun On The Run,S26681/2004, blk.toy.female, born 18 Feb 2004 ,MarieCharlotte Eriksson, Sweden
Djakartas One Of A Kind,s22438/2003, wh.toy.male, born 19.febr.2003 MarieCharlotte Eriksson, Sweden
Don Balbino´s Colours In The Sky S35110/2006, blk.dw.female, born 1. Jan 2005 (A-parents) Monica Gulle, Sweden
Don Balbino's Gimli the dwarf  S46453/2002, blk.dw.male, born 3.Aug 2002, Helena Larsson, Lafur's Kennel Sweden
Don Balbino´s Prince Pepino S59328/2005, brn.dw.male, born 2005-09-12, Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Dorian Gray's A Tasmanian Tiger, Ch. si.toy.male, 27 cm, born 17.06.2005 (08-1898), (A-parents) Gyula Sárközy,

Dorian Gray's Anastasia, ?.toy.female, born March 09, 2001, 04-561, Georg Walther
Dorian Gray´s Belami, si.dw.male, born ? Helena Dalberg, Sweden

Dorian Gray's Belcanto, si.min.male,born 2001, Phone:815/732/2018,
Dorian Gray's Devine Miss, VDH/DPZ 160378, ?.min.female, born September 29, 2001, 04-563,
Dorian Gray's Grand Prix, si.dw.male, born 2002,  Kennel Puh del Bravo, Sweden,
Dorian Gray´s Elfin Boy, si.toy.male, born    ,Georg Walther
Dorian Gray's Imp, si.min.male, born 2003, Contact: Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray's Impala, si.min.male, born 2003, Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray's Josh, Multi., 33cm. born 19.Febr.97,Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray's Onyx, VDH/DPZ 162499, ?, min.male, born June 04, 2003, Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray´s Petruchio DPZ 162 878,si.dw.male,  born 16.08.03 (A-parents) Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray's Queen-Bee, VDH/DPZ 146695, ?.toy.female. born May 07, 1998, 04-564, Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray´s Quintessence DPZ 163 016,si.dw.male, born 30.09.03 (A-parents) Georg Walther,
Dorian Gray's Rake, Am.Ch. si.min.male, AKC Miniature,14in.born.20,Apr.1995,
Dorian Gray's Victoria, VDH/DPZ 149457, ?, min. female, born March 17, 2000, Georg Walther,
Dossmar's Dancin' At Kae Rae PP56121601,blk.toy.female, born 04/07/98 Marian Dossinger,
Dossmar N'Emi's Black Knight PP57968503,blk.toy.male, born 11/18/1998 Marian Dossinger,
Dossmar's Original Sin PR00189301,blk.toy.male born 01/15/02  Bonita Holbert-
Dossmar Sunset At Merrybrook PP44163001,apr.toy.male, born 03/19/1995 Marian Dossinger,
Double Trouble Only For You, brown, Toy, male, born 22/03/2007 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Draco Chotard Whitney, blk.toy.female, born 2003, (A-parents)    Angelika Jansen, Germany
Draco Jabari,Am Ch,P053376/01,blk.toy.male, born July 1, 2004, (A-parents), Brenda Cavaness and Bonnie Hale
Draco Mickii, Am. Ch. blk.toy.male, born Dec 21,2003,Brenda Cavaness and Joyce Scott
Dream Faith in Freedom, Am.Ch. PP65819502, blk.min,female, born 26.aug.01, Eva Marie Mitchell/Linda English
Dream Hope for Epris, Am.Ch. PP65819501, blk.min.female, born 26.aug.01, Eva Marie Mitchell/Doni Zahn-Heule
Dream Legend Friends In Deed, Am.Ch. PP66557802,blk.min.female, born 24. march 02 Eva Marie Mitchell/Mary Jo McNutt
Dream Legend Truly In Deed, blk.min.female 02-786
Dream Legend United In Deed, blk.min.female 02-787
Dream One Singular Sensation, Int.Ch. PP62568001 blk.toy.female, born 10.jul 2000,Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Dream Pickets Amiabelle, PP67096801, blk.toy.female, born 15.jun.02, Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Dream Pickets Go Find It B PR02492602, blk.min.female, born 15 Apr 2003, Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Dream Pickets I've Got it, blk.min.female, born 15.apr.2003 Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Dundelion Chica Carinosa, FIN12762/02, apr.dw.female, born 24.12.2001, Pirkko Rinta-Luopa, Finland

updated 111208
Ebonyhill's Charlie McGuide, FIN CH, FIN38678/98, blk.toy.male, born 1998, Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Elysia Pro Arte, FIN20608/02, blk.toy.female, born 2002, Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Heavenly Guide, FIN23295/04, blk.toy.male, born 2004 (A-parents), Marika Lääperi, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Heavenly Melody, FIN23297/04, blk.toy.female, born 2004 (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Heavenly Way, FIN23296/04, blk.toy.male, born 2004 (A-parents), Maarit Mäkelä, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Just A Twist, FIN46416/05, blk.toy.male, born 2005, (A-parents), H. Paananen, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Just An Artist, FIN46415/05, blk.toy.male, born 2005, (A-parents), H. Heikkonen, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Just Like Blues, FIN46417/05, blk.toy.female, born 2005, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Kitts Bean, FIN48635/06, blk.toy.male, born 2006 (06-9725), P. Auvinen, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Luck Be A Lady, FIN48637/06, blk.toy.female, born 2006, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka & Sari Salmela, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Lucky Boy Rules, FIN48636/06, blk.toy.male, born 2006, (A-parents), R. Nieminen, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Maybe Baby, FIN25529/07, blk.toy.female, born 2007 (07-5362), M. Ulmanen, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Noble Massimo, FIN56977/07, blk.toy.male, born 2007, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Noble Mayada, FIN56979/07, blk.toy.female, born 2007, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Noble Milord, FIN56978/07, blk.toy.male, born 2007, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Orsa Minore, FIN56980/07, blk.toy.male, born 2007, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Phoenix Apollo, FIN31552/08, blk.toy.male, born May 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Philomena Star, FIN31553/08, blk.toy.female, born May 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Phoebe Moon, FIN31554/08, blk.toy.female, born May 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Quite A Charmer, FIN31549/08, blk.toy.male, born May 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Quite Handsome, FIN31550/08, blk.toy.male, born May 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Quite A Sweety, FIN31551/08, blk.toy.female, born May 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland, 
Ebonyhill's Replay Cha's Dance, FI33548/09, blk.toy.female, born May 2009, (A-parents), T. Björk, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Summer Brownie, FI36633/09, brn.toy.female, born June 2009, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Ebonyhill's Summertime Story, FI36632/09, blk.toy.male, born June 2009 (A-parents), Taru Heinänen, Finland,
Edryn Silver Twylite , si.min.female,born March 27-2000 Ralph E. Sweet
El Corrado G'Magdalensis (Imp Czech Republic) red.toy.female, born 2001,  Elle Franklin, Australia
Eldash Pop-Up-I-Topp,S.Ch. S30474/99, brn.min.female, born 3.April 1999, Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Eldash Promise Me A Glory Day,S14514/98, blk.min.female, born December 28, 1997 (04-636) Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Elegant Miss Mersedes Sidabrine Kulka, LTU JCH, si.dw.female, born Oct 31, 2000. Alla Forunina, Lithuania/USA
Elegant Stail Charovnitsa, VDH/DPZ161899, ?.toy.female, born Oct. 3. 2001 (06-6831), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Elensis Etoile, apr.dw.female, born 29th Jan 2004, Ivana Gianinazzi, Switzerland, Tel. 0041 91 857 20 71
Elgentine First Dance, red.min.female, born ?,  Audrey L. Kelly,
Elire From Russia W Love, blk.min.female, born 10 July 2004, Elire kennels - Rachel & Jamie Pajtl, Australia
Elvoer Brun Storyteller, Aust.Ch. brn.toy.male,  born 27/05/
Elvoer Dance All Night, Aust.Ch. blk.toy,male, born 16/03/1998, Fay Thomasen, Australia
Elvoer Dance Dance Dance, Aust Ch. Black.Toy.Female Born 1999, Miranda Doreian, Sintee Kennels, Australia Tel +61395554065
Elvoer Dark Elegance,blue.?.female, born 6/11/03,  Fay Thomasen, Australia
Elvoer Silver Spotlight, Aust Ch.Silver.Toy.Female Born 2000, Richard & Val Roberts, Australia Tel +61397913428
Elysee DKK01490/2006, brn.dw.female, born 070405,  Mitza Eshington, Denmark

Embee L'il Godfather, Am.Ch. PP519950/01 blk.toy.male, born 05/31/97 Bonnie L. Hale and Myrna Cagle,
Em's Carme' Winter Jasmine, wh.toy.female, born 1996, Carol Meyer
Enchantment's Debut, blk.min.female, born Dec 3/00, (A-parents), Gail and Julie Paulin-Enchantment Poodles, Canada,
Enchantment's Oliver Twist, wh.min.male, born Aug 4/03,  Gail and Julie Paulin-Enchantment Poodles, Canada,
Engårds Vito Valentin, ER45756/03 A, apr.dw.male, born 25.9.2003, Pirkko Rinta-Luopa, Finland
Escada Extragavanza, si.toy.female, born 12.05.2005 (06-9955) Elisabeth Sørenssen
Escada Rock'n Roll, si.toy.male, born July 6, 2004 (06-6185), Aina Tonerud,
Escada Silver Breeze,INTCH.NUCH.SUCH.NV06,si.dw.female,born 29.09.2002 (06-9966) Elisabeth Sørenssen
Escada Silver Hurricane,NUCH.DKCH, si.toy.male, born 29.09.2002 (06-9967) Elisabeth Sørenssen
Escada Silver Shadow, si.toy.female, born 01.05.2006 (A-parents) Laila Våga Pedersen
Escada Silverspoon, NUCH, si.toy.female, born 06.07.2004 (06-9956) Elisabeth Sørenssen
Escada Silver Sunshine, si.dw.male, born 1.May 2006 (A-parents),  Aina Tonerud, Norway

Essex's Taffe Silver Magian, Multi. Ch, si.dw.male, born Oct 23, 1997. Alla Forunina, Lithuania/USA
Eugenios American Bazaar N20004/03, ?.min.female, born August 10, 2003 (04-4094) Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Eugenios Arcadian's in Partymood, N00992/08, blk.dw.female, born Nov 28. 1997, (04-3954)  Yvonne & Göran Andersson, Sweden
Eugenios Heartbeat, N02700/03, blk.dw.male, born Dec 18 2002, (04-2668),  Gerda Janssen De Kock, Holland
Eugenios Laughing Squaw Ankaru, N00991/05, brn.toy.female, born October 31, 2004 (06-963), Anne Karin Helleberg, Norway
Eugenios Sarahill Dreams FIN33248/02, blk.dw.female, born 1.12.2001 Owner: Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Eugenios Snow White N04768/99, Int.S.N.Dk.Ch. wh.dw.female, born March 01, 1999, 04-1827, Monica Olsson, Sweden
Eugenios Unplugged FIN43286/01, apr.dw.female, born 14.8.1999 Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Eugenios Vanilla Sky, wh.dw.female, born 7. June 2002, Misch´Amies Poodles, Herdis Daugbjerg, Denmark,
Eugenios Would Love To-Too,blk.toy.male.born 170398,Tone Bekkåsen-Fischer,Norway & Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Evak's Know-How s63696/2007, si.toy.female, born Nov 26, 2006 (08-1394), Annette Sandberg, Sweden

Evanz Adonis, Am.Ch. blue.toy.male, born Oct 20 1995  Marilyn Pauley,
Evanz Auz Soft Money, Am/Mex/Intl Ch. si.min.male,born: December 14, 1998 Betty Jean roseum Harper  and  Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Baretta, wh.10"female, born Feb 18, 2003,  Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Big Bird, si.12".female, born  Dec 20, 2000.  Marilyn P. Pauley & Margaret Cooper
Evanz Bullseye(Am/Mex/Intl Ch) wh.min.male, (13 "), born  Oct 20-1999,  Marilyn P. Pauley & Margaret Cooper
Evanz Caffine from Amity, brn.toy.female, born Aug 11, 2000, Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Candy Man, PP018206/01, si.toy (9 1/2").male, born 10-30-2002, Marilyn Pauley,
Evanz Carousel,  si. 12". female, born March 2, 2004 (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz  Colt  45, wh.10" male, born Feb 18, 2003,  Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Essence of Peppermint, si.toy.female, born Jan 27, 2005  (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley,
Evanz Gadabout, Am.Ch. si.toy.male, born Oct 17, 1999 Marilyn Pauley,
Evanz Glock n Speil, wh. 10"female, born Feb 18, 2003,  Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Hint of Mint, si.toy.male,  born Jan 27, 2005  (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley,
Evanz Hobby Horse, si.toy.male, born March 2, 2004  (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Just in Case,  si.12".female, born Oct 10-2003,   Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Lil Joe at Amity, Can.Ch.PP 442 889/01,si.toy.male, born 11-24-94, Marilyn Pauley,
Evanz Little Rascal, si.toy.male, born Oct 19, 2004 (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Merry Go Round,si.13".female, born Jan 30, 2002 (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Minstral , si.toy.male, born April 11, 2004  Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz Newman at Edryn, si.min.male, born Aug 25, 2004 (A-parents), Ralph E. Sweet & Marilyn P. Pauley,
Evanz  Own  Spanky, si.toy.male, born Oct 19, 2004 (A-parents), Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz  Pearl  Button, wh. 12"female, born March 18, 2002,  Marilyn P. Pauley
Evanz  Pistol, wh.8 1/2"male, born Dec 3, 2000,  Marilyn P. Pauley
Example Silver Survivor S20189/2005, si.dw.male, born March 08, 2005 ( 06-3209 ), Gunilla C Steen, Sweden
Example Silver Wished For S20192-2005, si.dw.female, born 16. February 2005 (06-8810) Linnea Akerblom, Sweden
Example Victory in Silver S30333/2004, si.dw.male, born 13 Apr. 2004  Ulla Palmér, Sweden 

Excell American at Pandorans, blk.toy.male, born 2003, Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden  tel + 46 857163700
Excell Imagine Talbot, black, toy, female, born: 06/16/2002, Beverly Rangel, Oklahoma City, OK:  405-943-9861;
Executive Effect Toankaru, FIN52349/06, blk.dw.male, born Oct 13, 2006 (08-623), Anne Karin Helleberg, Norway

Executive Exotique Int, Fin, Swe, Lv Ch LVW-01, FIN38371/97, blk.dwarf.female, born 12 Sept.1997, Tuula Muje, Finland email:
Executive Grandmaster, Fin, Swe, Nor, Rus Ch, FIN11381/00, wh.dwarf.male, born 17 Dec 1999, Minna Kari, Finland email:
Executive Hi-Story, Fin, Sw, Nor, Est Ch FIN20247/00, blk.dw.male,born March 25, 2000, (A-Parents), Helena Ojalammi-Maijoinen, Finland
Executive Hollie-Wood, Fin, Swe, Nor, Dk Ch,FIN20246/00, blk.dwarf.female, born March 25, 2000, (A-parents), Elena Laine, Finland
Executive It's for Fun FIN28031/01, blk.dw.female, born 2001, Mutanen Marjut, Finland
Executive Kick Off FIN40591/01, blk.dwarf.male, born September 19, 2001, (A-parents), Kirsi Räisänen, Finland
Executive Knock It Of FIN40590/01, blk.dwarf.male, born September 19, 2001, (A-parents), J.Lehikoinen & T. Malja, Finland
Executive La Luna FIN10378/02, wh.dw.fwmale, born 18.10.2001,(A-parents), Minna Kari & Kirsi Kontturi, Finland
Executive Out of Site FIN10571/03,blk.dw.female, born 4.12.2002 (A-parents) Merja Lappalainen, Finland
Executive Piquette FIN 25470/03, blk.dwarf.female, born 9.4.2003, (A-parents), Jonna Kari & Hanna Hirvonen, Finland
Executive Producer FIN 25468/03, blk.dwarf.male, born: 9.4.2003 , (A-Parents), Sanna Karvinen, Finland
Executive Proque FIN 25469/03, blk.dwarf.male,born 9.4.2003, (A-parents), Maiju Salenius, Finland
Executive Quite Fun  FIN25467/03, blk.toy.female, born 2003 (A-parents), Jalkanen Erkki & Nuutinen Pirjo, Finland
Executive Refill My Mind FIN25466/03, blk.dwarf.female, born 25.4.2003 , (A-parents), Anni Hyvärinen, Finland
Executive Remind Me FIN25465/03, blk.dwarf.female, born 25.4.2003, (A-parents), Minna Kari & Tuija Hirvonen, Finland
Executive Reward Me FIN25464/03, blk.dwarf.male,born 25.4.2003, (A-parents), Daniel Brazda & Daniela Brazdova, Switzerland,
Executive Silk Love,FIN23907/06, wh.toy.male, born March 01, 2006 (06-4215), Mrs. Miki Bar Dor & Mrs. Ora Tyomkin, Israel
Executive Smashing Pumpkin FIN32168/06, wh.dw.female, born April 14, 2006 (06-5406) Minna Kari & Kaija Lahdelma, Joensuu, Finland
Executive Thrill Me, FIN13740/04, wh.dw.male, born Dec 23, 2003 (05-1519), Minna Kari, Finland
Executive Ultimate Fun FIN14415/04,blk.dw.male, born 9.1.2004, (A-parents) TUOMAINEN RITVA Finland
Executive Unlimited FIN14416/04,blk.dw.male, born born 9.1.2004, (A-parents) PIETARINEN PÄIVI Finland
Executive Viva Forever, wh.dw.female, born Dec 18. 2004  (05-1521)   Minna Kari & Anne Dahl, Finland
Executive Vivid Smash,FIN17497/05, wh.dw.male, born Dec 18, 2004  (05-1526) Irina Alexeeva, Russia
Executive Xtension, FIN17502/05, wh.dw.male, born Feb 3. 2005 (A-parents) Minna Kari & Satu Pitkänen, Joensuu, Finland
Executive Xtra Ordinary, FIN17505/05, wh.dw.female, born Feb 3. 2005 (A-parents) Marko Saarimäki, Joensuu, Finland
Executive Xtra Special, FIN17503/05, wh.dw.female, born Feb 3. 2005 (A-parents) Minna Kari & Merja Lappalainen, Finland
Executive Xtra Version, FIN17504/05, wh.dw.female, born Feb 3. 2005 (A-parents) Pekka Homanen, Paltamo, Finland
Exotic Dancer at Amberiffic, blk.toy.female, born 12th February, 2004,  Jackie Webb, UK

updated  030208
Fallcreeks Mr Sabastian, blk.toy.male, born 2/16/01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Fanci Meetin You At PooDell, blk.toy.male, born March 15,2004, (A-parents), Janis Zablocky
Faustina's Camelot Cherish, Am.Ch. si.toy.female, born 1996, Jill T Runion & Jill T Runion & Paige T Robbins,
Faustina Mademoiselle, wh.toy.female, born 2001, Jill T Runion & Paige Robbins & Tammy Alberthal & Mark Alberthal,
Faustina Silver Sequin, Am.Ch. si.toy.male, born 1999, Jill Runion, USA.
Fanci Sugar Praline, Am.Ch. PP569626/02, brn.toy. ?, born 1998, Bonnie L. Hale
Fanci Treasure'd Keepsake, Am.Ch. PP627516/02, blk.toy. ?, born 2000, Bonnie L. Hale
Fanny, S19042/2001, ?.min.female, born 2001, Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Favonius Arcanus Iliria RKF 0008901,Multi.Ch. wh.min.male, born 16.02.1995, 04-138, Victoria Denisova, Russia
Färingehusets Elaine S14991/2003, wh.min. female, born 2003, Monica Olsson, A'monibe's Kennel, Sweden
Feeorin Apple-Tree Man S16208/2003S  blk.min.male, born 2003(04-653) Sofia Olsson, Sweden,
Feeorin Ants in My Pants, blk.dw.male, born mar-04 (A-parents) Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Feeorin Big Yellow Taxi, apr.dw. male, born oct-04 (A-parents), Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Feeorin Houdini's Secret, apr.dw. male, born oct-04 (A-parents) Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Feeorin It's Kwazaa Time, apr.dw. male, born oct-04 (A-parents) Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Feeorin Ladybug in Europe, apr.dw female, born oct-04 (A-parents) Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Feeorin Skunk in the Trunk, blk.dw. male, born mar-04 (A-parents) Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Fidel Argentina,Ch. N01778/04, blk,min.female, born 19/9.03. R.I. 3/5.07. E. N. Sørensen, Norway.
Fidel Berlin N05688/06 blk,min.male, born 7/3.06. R.I. 2/11.07.E. N. Sørensen/L. Prokofjeva, Latvia.
Fidel Firefly N00573/08, blk.toy.female, born 23/12.07. A by parents. E. N. Sørensen, Norway.
Fidel Jack Pot, 05379/04, ?.toy.male, born February 21, 2004 (05-3103), May-Britt Galley, Norway
Fidel Peek A Boo, Ch. N09055/03, brn.dw.female, born 1/5.03. R.I.3/5.07, E. Sørensen/G. Staurheim, Norway.
Fidel Pin Up, Ch. N26211/05, brn.dw.female,born 25/11.05. A by parents, E. Sørensen/G. Staurheim, Norway.
Fidel Rosa Centifolia, Ch. N08505/01, blk. toy.female, born19/3.01. R.I.17/11.04, E. N. Sørensen, Norway.
Fidel Spitfire N10111/06, blk.toy.male, born 9/5.06. R.I.18/7.06, E. N. Sørensen, Norway.
Fidel Yoko Ono, Ch. N00545/05, blk.toy.female, born 6/12.04. A by parents. E. N. Sørensen, Norway.

Fiery Dance Legolass, RKF 1599124, ?.min.male, born July 6. 2004 (06-6822), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Firette’s Jump For Joy, Fin, Swe Ch, FIN24309/96, wh.dwarf.female,born 02 March 1996, Minna Kari, Finland email:
First Lady From Ruthenus S Izjuminkoi Juliany, apr.toy.female, born 2005-05-05, (A- parents), A. Popova, Ukraine,

Fisher Man der schwarze Quirl, wh.min.male, born June 15. 2003, T.u.H.Rieder,  Germany
Floren Tino V1338465 blk.min.male.born 1993 Jenny Sculac, Australia
Flower Fairy vom Reitenden Roland, PP665632/01, ?,min.female, born 2001,Mildred Bartlett & Bernadine R Hills,
Forever Jazz PP035190/03, Ch. wh.toy.male, Jennifer Manders/Judy Lapansee 941-685-6658
Forever Ride Em Rodeo PP035090/03 wh.toy.male, DOB 9/6/03 Jennifer Manders 941-685-6658
Forever Riverbend the Outlaw PP643375-03, Ch. wh.toy.male, Jennifer Manders/ Robin Stuart 941-685-6658
Forever Tease the Boys PR053991/03 crm.toy.female, DOB 7/31/04  Jennifer manders (A-parents) 941-685-6658
Forever The Lone Star PR035090/02, Ch. wh.toy.male, DOB 9/6/03  Jennifer Manders/ Noriko Sakasume JP 941-685-6658
Fourwinds Another Ace, Can.Ch. blk.min.female, born May 28/98, Gail and Julie Paulin-Enchantment Poodles, Canada,
Foxmore Stetson,Am.Ch. PP602148/01, blk.toy.male, born Oct 6, 1999, Wm. A. (Bill) Standard
Franelle Red Alert,red.toy.male, born ? ? -2005 (A-parents), Lorraine Hall, Australia
Freeland's Flight Of Fancy PP422659/03, si.min.female, born 08/01/94 Mildred Bartlett & Terry Tate, USA
French Affair von Ziethnereck, blk.dw.female, born Aug 27-2002, A. & J. Freier , Germany
Friendships Amazing Adrian, blk.min.male, born Febr 04/03,  Karin Benker
Frisitas Free For Fun N08828/00, apr.dw.female,born 17.March 2000,(04-3335) Monica Olsson, Sweden
Froggies Very Versatile FIN40415/00, FIN CH, blk.dw.female, born 5.10.2000, Katharina von Freymann, Finland
Froggies Whimsy Lotta FI 17322/03 S, ?.toy.female, born January 27, 2003 (05-1536 ) Paula Nyholm, Finland
Funtyme's Are You Ready, apr.min.male, born 12/21/2001, Deborah Schnulle   770-632-188

Updated 150809
Gaybeau's on Target,Multi.Ch. wh.toy.male, born Nov 20, 1994 Marilyn Pauley,
Gayel's Spice Girl, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born: 11/97  Lynn Black, USA,
Gayel's Star Light Star Bright, blk.min. female, DOB 3/2000 Owned by Gale Rivers
Geppetto's Shipshape, FIN36744/02, apr.toy, female, DOB May 02, 2002, Laura Vehvilainen,
Geppetto's Vincitore, ER18055/04, ?.min.female, born Feb 08, 2004, Pasi Lagerblom, Finland,
Geppetto's Questionable, apr.min.male, born Apr 14, 2002, Tea Tuomala, Finland
Germany Only for You, black, dwarf, female, born 2004 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany
Gingerbread Sensation at Amberiffic, apr.toy.male,  born 27th Dec 27. 2003, Jackie Webb, UK
Giulfo Egoiste for lovely children ÖHZB:PU10020, brn.dw.male, born 1.June 2008 (09-6599),Carmen Köhler, Austria 

Gold Star's Sheer Dynamite,PP65169301,Multi.Ch. wh.toy.male, born July 30, 2001 (04-925) Hildegard Patton
Gold Star's Chip Of A Star  PP606437/02,wh.toy.male, born 1999, Betty Kelley.
Golden Kimberly vom Sonnenwind, apr.dw.female, born 20.2.2000, Yvonne Ruoss, Switzerland.
Golden Zindy von der Bockhöh, VDH/DPZ 163028, ?.toy.female, born Nov.12. 2003 (06-6830), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Gotogåsagården, S50102/2002, si.dw.female, born Dec 19, 2001 (04-1852), Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Greyfun's Silver Sammy,FIN33557/02, si.toy.male, born 02.07.2002, Mikaela & Jon Wickström, Finland
Gåsagårdens Danny Dominikaner, ?.?.? born 07 Oct 2004 (A-parents) Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Donn Dvärg-Lövskärs FIN42365/01,wh.toy.male, born 2.aug.2001 Petra Ahola, Finland
Gåsagårdens Gloria Gravaend, S.Ch. S19544/02, brn.dw.female, born Jan 21, 2002, Yvonne & Göran Andersson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Gun Graegaes,S61095/2005,si.?.female, born 04 Sept 2004 (A-parents)   Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Gus Gravaender, S 61097/2005, si.toy.male, born 04 Sept05 (06-4451)+(A-parents)   Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Ivo Italer,S10730/2006, ?.toy.male, born November 30, 2006 (06-3000), Carina Nilsson, Sweden,
Gåsagårdens Jöns Jersey, S60169/2002, blk.dw.male, born Oct 15, 2002 (04-1855) Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Kamilla Krainkoppe S44361/2006, si.dw.female, born June 03, 2006 (06-6573),  Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Mats Mandarin, S 24364/2003, ?.min.male, born Jan 30. 2003 (06-3939), Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Otto Orloff,S56548/95, ?.toy.male, born Oct 24 1995 (04-2567) Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Gåsagårdens Yvet Yokohama, S34691/97, blk.dw.female, born May 21, 1997 (04-3332) Carina Nilsson, Sweden

Updated 060909
Halcyon Hell to Pay PP639987/01, ?.min.male, born Sept 22, 2000, 03-1505, A A Kennedy & K A Kennedy & M E Fishler & D Augustus
Hallaby Starwoods dream, wh.toy.female, dob; 30/07/98  Mrs. Joan Nutt,  Autralia
Harlekingirl Mara vom Sonnenhang  G.1-2500954 harlekin.toy.female, born June 29, 2003 (05-9009), Nicole te Boekhorst, Netherland
Havannaclub-B del Girotondo LOI 05/102914, withe.toy.female, born 08.March 2005 (09-6603), Ceninni Adamo, Italy

Haydee's Mistoffelees, Fin. Ch, FIN33620/01, blk.min.male, born 2001, Ritva Tuomainen, Finland,
Haydee's Rainstorm,FIN36502/02, blk.dw.male, born 2002, Ritva Tuomainen, Finland,
Helga’s Golden Dawn  PP58500502, red,toy, female, Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Head's N Tail Paper Doll,PP499801/06, ?, min.female, born September 29, 1996, June Bierwas
Hells ABlazen Rockin Robin Carme', wh.toy.male, born 2001, Carol Meyer
Hermes the Showboy of the Athenian Stars, ?.?.?, born ?, K.R.Link ATHENIAN_STARS@HOTMAIL.COM
Hestebakkens Golden Rambler, FIN28140/00 and DK22724/98, apr.dw.male, born November 27, 1998, Johanna Markola, Finland
Homar's Ziel Marie At Ruest's, red.min.female, born 1997,  Paulette Palmer,
Hosanna For Love Of The Game,PP650028/01, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born April 3, 2001,Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles
Hosanna Kiss Me Quick,PP519455/01,Am/Mex Ch, blk.toy.female, born May 16, 1997,Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles
Hosanna Thunder And Lightning,PP663609/01, Am.Ch. si.toy.male, born Dec. 29, 2001 (A-parents) Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles
Hosanna QC Man, PP669152/01,Am.Ch.wh.toy.male, born April 11, 2002, (A-parents), Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles
Hosanna Quite Commanding,PP517958/01,Am.Ch. wh.toy.female, born Nov. 22, 1996, Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles
Hunstiger's Golden Girl, apr.toy.female, born 2/12/98 Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
HVP Alicat Lunareclipse UKC # K103-750,AKC PR05171202, blk.brn.phantom.toy.female, born Oct 27-2004, Hope & David Welch
HVP Beam-ME-UP-Scotty,UKC Reg: K104-424, blk/brindle.min.male, born July 27.2005, Hope Welch
HVP Black Surprise Ginny, UKC Reg: K104-426, blue.toy.female, born born July 27.2005, Hope Welch
HVP Brindle Brandi,UKC Reg: K104-427, blue/brindle.toy.female, born July 27.2005, Robin Marden - Murrells Beach, SC
HVP Bronson a Blink in Time UKC CH,UKC # K103-749, AKC PR05171201,, born Oct 27-2004,Hope & David Welch
HVP Pac-Manny Mvp,PR05171203,  blk/brn.?.male, born Oct 27, 2004 (A-parents), Michelle Pierce
HVP Phantom Menace,UKC Reg.: K104-423, si/apr.toy.male, born July 27.2005, Hope Welch
HVP Sahara Sunshine, UKC Reg:  K104-425, red/blk/sable,min.female, born July 27.2005, Robin Marden - Murrells Beach, SC
Härbovi's Marsh-Mallow S44988/98 wh.dw.male, born 1999, Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Håfveled's Coxy, si.min.male,born 1999, 02-716  Annika Jakobsson, Sweden, phone: 0046 (0) 52140848,
Håfveleds Isak s36798/2003, si.min.male, born 30 Apr.2003 (09-7086), Agneta al Ljunggren, Sweden
Håfveled's Kenai s40220/2004 si, si.min.male, born May 19, 2004 (05-9350), Therese Johansson,Sweden,

Updated 010907

Iceberg Karamba Jazz Singer,PP619844/03, Am.Ch. blue.toy.male, born April 23, 2000, Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles
Ideborgens Silver in the Crown, S40389/2005, si.toy.female, born May 04, 2005 (06-10654), Jorunn Martine Elvesletten, Norway
Ilikam Johnny Depp, brn.toy.male, born 20. September 2005,  Shaun Leach,
Indian Dream v. Klein Nulland, blk.toy.female, born January 30- 2003, Gerda Janssen,  NL.
Issen Im The Tops 2100139194, red.toy.29cm.male, born 20/05/2002, D & L Genrich, Australia

Upd. 060909
Jack Black van Klein-Nulland, blk.toy.male, born 21-11-2005 (A-parents), Gerda Janssen De Kock
Jade Garden Alexandrite, FIN24749/01, blk.min.male, born 20.04.2001 (A-parents), Outi Turpeinen, Saara & Mikko Linna, Finland
Jade Garden Almandine, FIN24750/01, blk.dw.female, born 20.04.2001 (A-parents), Mirka Lahti, Finland
Jade Garden Altaite, Fin.Ch. FIN24752/01, blk.dw.female, born 20.04.2001, Maarit Karlsson, Finland
Jade Garden Andalusite, FIN24751/01, blk.dw.female, born 20.04.2001 (A-parents), Virve & Matti Karjanoja, Finland
Jade Garden Aragonite,Fin.Ch. FIN24748/0, blk.dw.male, born 20.04.2001, Jaana & Veijo Turunen, Finland
Jade Garden Beryl, FIN27377/02, blk.dw.female, born 28.04.2002, Liisa Hertz, Finland
Jade Garden Brookite, FIN27376/02, blk.dw.female, born 28.04.2002 (A-parents), Teija Kolkka, Finland
Jade Garden Brucite, FIN27375/02, blk.dw.male, born 28.04.2002, Miska Kallonen, Finland
Jade Garden Crystal, FIN42650/03, blk.dw.female, born 07.09.2003, Pia Viljakainen, Finland
Jade Garden Diamond Queen, FIN38066/04, blk.dw.female, born 28.06.2004 (A-parents), Maarit Karlsson, Finland
Jade Garden Diamonds All Over, FIN38064/04, blk.dw.male, born 28.06.2004 (A-parents), Miska Kallonen, Finland
Jade Garden Diamonds For Ever, FIN38065/04, blk.dw.male, born 28.06.2004 (A-parents), Sari Nopanen & Jarmo Pesonen, Finland
Jade Garden Earth Quake, FIN36428/05, blk.dw.male, born 09.06.2005 (A-parents), Jukka Vanhala, Finland
Jade Garden Earth Tremor, FIN36429/05, blk.dw.male, born 09.06.2005 (A-parents), Camilla Kolu, Finland
Jade Garden Earth Pitch, FIN36430/05, blk.dw.female, born 09.06.2005 (A-parents), Maarit Karlsson, Finland
Jade Garden Earth's Crust, FIN36431/05, blk.dw.female, born 09.06.2005 (A-parents), Teija Kolkka, Finland
Jade Garden Gemstone, FIN10586/07, blk.dw.male, born 19.11.2006 (A-parents), Nina & Kimmo Honkanen, Finland
Jade Garden Glass Pearl, FIN10589/07, blk.toy.female, born 19.11.2006(A-parents), Maarit Karlsson & Tarja Hirvonen, Finland
Jade Garden Glass Star, FIN10590/07, blk.toy.female, born 19.11.2006(A-parents), Sirpa & Tapani Lehti, Finland
Jade Garden Granite, FIN10587/07, blk.toy.male, born 19.11.2006(A-parents), Anneli & Julia Herskoi, Finland
Jade Garden Gritstone, FIN10588/07, blk.toy.male, born 19.11.2006(A-parents), Ringa Brotkin & Ville Kaipainen, Finland

Jagger van Klein-Nulland, blk.dw.male, born May 19, 2003, 04-341, Anita Schwaller,
Jaipurs Camera Ready,red.toy. male, born 2002, Martha Thompson 304-258-0945
Jaipur China Girl, white toy female, born 1999, Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Jaipurs Free Style, blk.toy.female, born 1998, Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Jaipur Indian Summer, red.?.female, born Feb. 2004, Martha Thompson (A Parents)
Jaipur Jitterbug, white toy female, born 2000, Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Jaipurs Lindy Style,  si. toy. female, born 2000, Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Jaipur Most Revealing,Am.Can.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 2002, Martha Thompson 304-258-0945
Jaipur Native Silver, si. ?.  male, born Jan. 2004, Martha Thompson 304-258-0945
Jaipur N Sutphins First Noel, apr.toy.female, born 9/23/03, (A-parents), Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Jaipur N Sutphins Red Autumn, red.toy.female, born 12/17/03, (A-parents), Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Jaipurs Reddy Or Not O'Rennie, red. toy, female, born 2002, Keith Vandenbosch, 909-867-4006,
Jaipur Scene Stealer Am. Ch. wh. toy. male, born 1995, Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Jaipur Sheila Downunder, blk.toy.female, born 2002, Martha Thompson  304-258-0945
Jaipurs Teddy Bear O'Rennie, red. toy. male, born 2002, Keith Vandenbosch, 909-867-4006,
Jaipur Total Chaos, apr. ?.  female, born Feb. 2004, Martha Thompson 304-258-0945
Jalle S37995/2004 si.min.male, born 2004 (A-parents) K. Boman Sweden
Jaruna Le Papillon SHSB 661509, brn.min.?, born 16 giugno 2006, Piombino Piombino- 6948 Porza/Svizzera 079 208 26 51
Jaset's Transylvania Jazz, NHSB2595833, ?.min.male,  born 05-17-2005 (07-522), Carmen Telea, Holland
Jasu's All Over It,Am.Can.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 1994,Jacob & Sue-Ellyn Rempel,Phone:1-204-389-4207,
Jayess Black Onyx, Aust.Ch. blk.min.male, born 17 Apr 1995, Elire kennels - Rachel & Jamie Pajtl, Australia
Jazz van klein-nulland, nhsb 2409658, wh.dw.female, born July 28, 2002 (05-5661), Gerda Janssen De Kock, Holland
Jenuin Ambassador, Ch. blk.min.male, born 4th Dec.2002. Sculac/Mackenzie/Hansen, Australia
Jenuin Classic Living Doll V3100056684 blk.min.female, born 2000 J.Sculac and J.Mackenzie, Australia
Jenuin James Dean, blk.min.male, born 23 nov. 02,  Sculac/Mackenzie/Stynes-McIlrath, Australia
Jenuin Jamie Lee, blk.min.female, born 23 nov. 02,   Sculac/Mackenzie, Australia
Jenuin Prima Ballerina, blk.min.female, born 26th Sep. 2003 Mrs. Barbara Curry (USA)
Jenuin Sarsparella, blk.min.female, born 16th Aug. 2001, Dr.D.Tudge, Australia
Jenuin State Celebration, blk.min.male, born 10th Oct.2003,(A-parents) Sculac and Mackenzie, Australia
Jenuin Southern Magic, blk.min.female,  born 10th Oct.2003,(A-parents)A.& K. Shrimpton(New Zealand)
Jenuin Whoopser Daisy, blk.min.female, born 26th Sep.2003, Sculac/Mackenzie, Australia
Jewelry Royal Miss Aleksandra, blk.toy.female, born 2007-06-08, (A- parents), A. Popova, Ukraine,

Jilan´s Celebrity, Ch. PR02426901, si.toy.male, born June 26, 2003 (04-4258)  Georg Walther, Germany
Johann vom Schwanenweiher,Am.Mex.Lux.Ch.DPK-J.Ch, si.dwarf.male,born 1997,
Jolante vom Runenstein, blk.min.female, born 26 Sept 2007, laboklin ref 0707-S-76062, Sabine Bock, Germany,

Jolie Breeze van Klein-Nulland, blk.toy.female, born 21-11-2005 (A-parents), Gerda Janssen De Kock
Jolie Elise van klein-Nulland, blk.toy.female, born 21-11-2005 (A-parents), Gerda Janssen De Kock
Jo-Rave's Charmed One, blk.toy.female, born 31 May 2003, Angela Eubank
Judara Ride Em Cowboy PP 597079/01, Ch. wh.toy.male, DOB 5/6/99  Robin Stuart 941-926-7078
Juniper's Blk Eye Becky PP668182/01, blk.min.female, born June 12, 2002,June Bierwas
Juniper's Bold'n'Beautiful, Am.Ch. blk.min. male, born 1997.Phone:001-973-9627646,fax:001-973-9620417,
Juniper's Coffee No Cream, PP664630/03, brn.min.female, born December 17, 2001,
Junipers Fleur de Bazaar, PP598608/02, blk.min.female, born August 26, 1999 (04-673), Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Juniper's Kassie Sue, PP632265/02, ?.min.female, born October 11, 2000, Phone:001-973-9627646,fax:001-973-9620417,
Juniper N. Pammie's Chole, PR000269, ?.min.female, born December 01, 2001, Phone:001-973-9627646,fax:001-973-9620417,
Junipers Priceless Penny PP627419, ?,min.female, born March 27, 2000, June Bierwas
Juniper Taylor Made For Bazaar, S23557/05, ?.min.male, born Aug 06, 2004 (05-3418) Madeleine Bergendahl/Anne Myhrbraaten, Sweden
Juniper's Truly Ours, PP422113/02, blk.min.female, born June 16, 1994, June Bierwas & Katherine Bierwas,
Jutana Boris Godunov for loveley children, RKF 1775005, ?.min.male, born July 11. 2005, (06-6823), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Jutana Charodeyka for Loveley Children, brn.dw.female, born Apr 19-04 (05-196) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Jutana Zyganochka Tsernoglaza, blk.dw.female, born Apr 17-04, (A-parents), Carmen Köhler, Germany
Jutana Zvjetochek for loveley children,brn.dw.female, born Apr 17-04 (A-parents), Carmen Köhler, Germany
Jutana Zaritsa Duschi, brn.toy.female, born ? (A-parents), Carmen Köhler, Germany
Jutana Zarevna Lebed, blk.toy.female, born ? (A-parents), Carmen Köhler, Germany
Jutana Sharle, brn.min.male, born May 16-04 (05-4323) Karin Benker-Karbits-poodles USA

Updated 200908

Kays Turn the Paige for Chotard PP58300803, ?.toy.female, born March 13, 1999 (05-4398), Angelika AJ Jansen, Germany
Kalista-Kamann Silver Streak Am.Ch. PP515414/01, si.min.male, born Nov. 28,1996, Ann Kambarn
Kallista's Cartier of Aery,Am.Ch. si.min.female,born 1998, Richard Bohannon & Keith Jacobson,
Kallista's Silver Sails Aloft,CH.OA OAJ (agility)PCA WC & WCX.TD,WETT & WETX. si.min.male, born 2001, (A-parents) Suzi Cope
Kamann-Designer's Choice, Am.Ch. PP 456732/01, wh.min.male, born  August 25, 1995, Ann Kambarn
Kamann,s Emma I A Ten, PP571579/04, ?.min.female, born Nov. 7, 1998, Ann Kambarn
Kamann's Silver Connection PR04320405, wh.min.male, born June 10, 2004 (05-9060), Cathy Carruthers
Kamann Silverson, Am.Ch. PP642261/04, ?,min.male, born Mar. 17, 2001, Ann Kambarn
Kandylands Abba Zaba. PR04277102, blk.toy.female, born  May-08-2004 (05-8136), Jin Wagoner and Kelly Wagoner.
Kandylands Bit O' Honey. PR04277101, crm.toy.female, born May-08-2004 (05-8137), Jin Wagoner and Kelly Wagoner.
Kandyland's Chick O'Stik, PR 10193702. crm.toy,female, born June 4, 2007 (08-8374). Jin & Kelly Wagoner 
Kandyland's the Tin Man, Ch. PR09487601, si.toy.male, born Jan 15, 2007 (08-8373). Breeder/owner, Jin & Kelly Wagoner. 
Kandyland Soignes Silver Mystic, PR07180201. Si.toy.female, born Sept 17, 2005 (07-8945). Jin & Kelly Wagoner. 

Kaos Man About Town, Mex/Intl Ch. si.  12" male,born  Oct 16, 97, Margaret Cooper
Karaliaus Mylimasis Blueberry, si. dw.female, born Jan 23, 2004. (A parents) Alla Forunina, Lithuania/USA
Karaliaus Mylimasis Lionheart, si.dw.male, born Jan 23, 2004. (A parents)  Alla Forunina, Lithuania/USA
Karbits Fame & Fortune, blk.min.female, born 20.Oct 2005, Karin Benker,
Karbits Around The World, blk.min.female, born 7/7/2004, Karin Benker,
Karbits My Girl from Rosemel, blue.min.female, 08/31/2005, Karin Benker,

Karelea Songbird Sexy Ways,Am.Ch. wh.min.female, born 4/1/97 phone (860)291-8211,
Kasalland a Legend in Time, KG732739, blk.min.male,  born Apr 3 2000 , Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland Amazing Grace, blk.min.female, born May 10, 2002  Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland Awesome Blossom, blk.min.female, born Nov. 28, 1998  Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland's Bo Derek, HG6l0637, blk.min.female, born Apr 29, l998, Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland Bo Didley, blk.min.male, born on Aug. 16, 2002  Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland Kiyara Konnection, Hy584103, brn.min.male, born Des 24/98, Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland The High Priestess, blk.min.?, born on April 3, 2000  Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasalland The Mona Lisa, colour?,size?,sex?,born May l0/95,  Patrick Mudge, contact:
Kasalland Tickle My Fancy, blk.min.female born August 4th, 1997  Len Harfield, Canada,
Kasper vom Schwanenweiher, si.min.male, born 1998, Phone:815/732/2018,
Keep Smiling Only For You, black, Toy, female, born 09/08/2005 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Keja’s Gilga At Southampton PP64330101, red. toy.female, Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Kejas Rebecca of Silkwind, si.toy.female, born 5-24-2002
Kempe’s N’Southampton’s Hotshot PP59661402 apricot-red,toy. male, Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Kicking Butts of Nathalie's Pride, blk.dw.male, born 26 Feb 2004, Nathalie Thunnissen, Holland
Kitty S37992/2004 si.min.female, born May 15-2004 (A-parents) Ann-Louise Lindgren, Sweden
Kiyara Avante Guard blk.min.male, born 06/20/2000 (A-parents)MICHAEL LAMB
Kiyara Easy Lover, wh.toy.male, born 01/12/2001
Kiyara Girls' Night Out, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1991,
Kiyara Just Imagine, Am.Ch. wh.min.male, born 02/10/99,
Kiyara Legends of the Fall, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 1995,
Kiyara Mardi Gras Kaos, blk.min.female, born 08/04/1994MICHAEL LAMB
Kiyara Moulin Rouge, blk.min.female, born 07/29/2001 (A-parents)MICHAEL LAMB
Kiyara Mulin Rouge  PP66050701, Ch. blk.min.female,  Jennifer Manders/Micheal Lamb (A-Parents) 941-685-6658
Kiyara Mystic Southern Cross, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 05/13/00
Kiyara No Strings Attached Am.Ch. brn.min.female, born 01/
Kiyara Sharwood Lizz Taylor, blk.min.female, born 05/05/05 (A-parents), Sharon Burke, USA,
Kiyara Size Doesn't Matter, blk.min.female,born 06/20/2000 (A-parents) MICHAEL LAMB
Kiyara The Buzy Body, blk.min.female, born  06/30/
Kiyara the Intruder, Am.Ch. blk.min.male,born 1997,
Kiyara The Society Page, blk.min. female, born 06/25/1999 (A-parents)MICHAEL LAMB
Kiyari Designer's Destiny, blk.min.male,  02-782, Sue Julig, phone:763-576-5313
Knickerbocker Tom Boy (Imp), apr,13 3/4ins,male, born October 6th 2001, Mesdames  S.A.Gaffney & J.Mason
Krystel's vision of future, blk.dw.female, born 14.10.2002, Yvonne Ruoss, Switzerland.
Kudos Tokyo, blk.toy.male, born 2006, Eija Niemi & Nina Björnström-Lehtonen, Finland,

Kudos Lady Di, S56812/99 S.Ch. blk.dw.female, born Nov 03, 1999 (04-1865) Laila Tuomaala, Sweden
Kudos Lexus PKR.44865, blk.dw.male, born 12.01.2004, Anna RegliDska, Poland
Kyminy's I Did It My Way, brown miniature male, born 03/08/03 Paula Nicholson
Kyminy Macho's Denver Diva, blk.min.female, born 6/24/2000,  Paula Nicholson
Kyminy's Trading Spaces, blk.min.female, born 03/08/03 (A-parents), Sara Brooks ,

Updated 13/10/2015

La'Biba's Gaston Blanc, Multi.Ch, DKK 18231/99, wh.toy.male, born 28.09.99, Birgitte Bavnhøj, Denmark
La'Biba's Henri Black, DKK 03947/2001, wh.dw.male, born 07.03.2001, Birgitte Bavnhøj, Denmark l

Lady Show Dance  2544809, blk.toy.female, born Febr 23, 2004 (05-9008), Nicole te Boekhorst, Netherland
Laedekoor Storm Girl, blk.toy.female, born 2003, Fay Thomasen Australia
Lafur's Born In White Scarf, wh.dw.?, born 22 Oct 2005 (A-parents), Arto Niemi & Veera Paakkolanvaara, Finland
Lafur's Born In White Dress, wh.dw.?, born 22 Oct 2005 (A-parents), Ingela Nordblom, Sweden
Lafur's Born In White Suit, wh.dw.?, born 22 Oct 2005 (A-parents),  Helena Larsson, Sweden
Lafur's Born In White Tuxedo, wh.toy.?, born 22 Oct 2005 (A-parents), Kenneth Larsson, Sweden
Lancelot's L'Fantom Melia, PR01970503, blk/apr(now blue/crm).toy.female, born  2/18/2003, 03-2836, Hope Welch
La Rue's Starlight Snowstorm PP445326/01, wh.toy.male,born 1995,
Lasenda Spycatcher at Bielcee, ?.min.male, born 10th Sep '97, Karen Walsh,
Laurelbury Durandel Durango, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male,born 1997, Kathy & John Quandt & Maureen Wyndham, 727-524-0202,
Laurelbury Ziegfeld She Devil, black, toy, female, born 12/19/2002 (A parents), Beverly Rangel, Oklahoma City, OK;  405-943-9861;
La Zenia Black Trixie, blk.min.female, born 04 Aug-2004, Kennel La Zenia, Lene Veirum, Denmark
La Zenia Isalina, ?.dw.female, born 4.Dec 2000 (06-9741) Sonja & Benny Olsen, Denmark

Leekas JoyToy S61834/2003 apr. dw.female, born okt 2003, June Lundberg, Sweden
Lefariis Golden Eternity apr.dw.female, born 16/10 20011, Ejer Nancy Jelle, Denmark
Lefay Annabelle, blk.toy.female, born 29/11/02, (A-parents)
Lefay Catchin Magic, blk.toy.female, born 2004 (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Chocolate Delight, brn.toy.female, born 2002,  Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Fiddler On The Roof, blk.toy.male, born 2003 (A-parents)  Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Finnish Conection, blk.?.female,  Female Black born 18/11/04 (A-parents), Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Hot Gossip, blk.toy.female, born 2004, (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay In Full Swing, Austr.Ch.blk.toy.female, born 2000 (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Justa Lil Lush, blk.toy.female, born 1999 (A-parents)  Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Justa Lil Rocker, blk.toy.female, born 1999 (A-parents)  Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Just Dream Catchin, blk.toy.female, born 2002, Fay Thomasen, Australia,
Lefay Knight Swinger, blk.toy.male, born 24/04/02, (A-parents) Fay Thomasen, Australia,
Lefay Lady O The Night, blk.toy.female, born 08/05/1999 (A parents) Fay Thomasen, Australia,
Lefay Le Love Affair, blk.toy.female, born 08/04/05 (A-parents), Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Levi Strauss, blue.?.male, born 31/12/02, Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Love The Look, blk.toy.male, born 2004 (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia,
Lefay Love To Rock,blk.toy.female,   born 31/05/05 (A-parents), Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Lovely Lady Lola, Aust Ch blk.toy.female, born 11/03/03 (A-parents), Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Lovem N Leavem, blk.toy.male, born 14/09/05  (A-parents), Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Milliondollar Baby, blk.toy.female,   born 04/04/05 (A-parents), Fay Thomasen, Australia
Lefay Ngarlie Skeeter, blk.toy,female, born 29/11/02,  (A-parents)  Fay Thomasen, Australia,
Lefay Oh What A Night, Aust.Ch. blk.toy.female, born 24/04/02 (A-parents)  Fay Thomasen, Australia,
Lefay Rhapsodie in Blue, blue.toy.female, born 29/11/02, (A-parents)
Lefay Rock With You,  blk.toy.female,  born 27/03/1997
Lefay She's a Lil Lady,Austr.Ch. blk.toy.female, born 2000 (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Takes Two To Tango, brn.toy.female, born 2003, (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Terror Rules, blk.toy.male, born 2003, (A-parents) Fay Thomasen Australia
Lefay Touch Of Magic, blk.toy.female, born 2004 (A-parents)  Fay Thomasen Australia,
Legacy's Silver Jubilee, PP 639 821/06, si.min.female, born Jan 18, 2001, Margaret Cooper,
Legend Fashionably Late, blk.min.female
Legend Holiday Romance, blk.min.female
Legend Ladies Choice, Am.Ch. blk.min. male, born 1997,
Legend Larkin at Ripleys, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born feb 11 00, Darla Willms,
Legend Simply Irresistible, blk.min.female,

Lifelong Inspiration FIN41715/03,blk.min.male,  born 12.8.2003, Miia Kuosmanen, Finland
Lifelong Sweetdream FIN42166/03,blk.min.female, born 25.7.2003, Katharina von Freymann, Finland
Light N' Lively's a Full Deck, PP513596/01, wh.min.male, born: 02/21/97  Joan Markowitz 718-948-7186
Light N' Lively Double Stuff, PP432089/01, blk.min.female, born:11/12/94  Joan Markowitz 718-948-7186
Light N' Lively's Cinder Ella II, wh.min.female, born:05/28/97 Joan Markowitz 718-948-7186
Light N' Lively Mac the Knife PP562496/01,blk.min.male, born: 03/20/98  Joan Markowitz 718-948-7186
Light N'Lively Oreo Cookie, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born: 05/17/88 Joan Markowitz 718-948-7186
Light N' Lively's Texas Ranger PP615031/02, blk.min.male, born: 02/07/00 Joan Markowitz 718-948-7186
Lilleba's Blue Blue Heaven, blue.min.female, born 2002,(A-parents), B. Meland (Norway)
Lilleba's Silver Example, si.dw.female, born Apr. 04, 2002 (06-7745) Signe Persson, Sweden
Lilleba's Silver Eyecatcher, si. dwarf male, born 2000. Phone: 004761178630,  (Norway)
Lilleba's Silver Kelly, si dw.female, born 2000, Britta Mikkelsen, Denmark
Lilleba's Silvertears In Heaven,blue.min.female,born1999.Phone:004761178630, (Norway)
Lilleba's Silver Pleasure, si.min.male, born 2002, (A-parents),Annika Jakobsson,Sweden/B. Meland
Little Bit Dizzy, blk.toy.female, born 1/17/99, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Little Wizards Black Chandor, blk.dw.male, born 30 Jan 2004, Silke and Dirk Kirschstein, Germany
Little Wizards Born To Be Beautiful, wh.dw.male, born 19 Nov 2003, Silke and Dirk Kirschstein, Germany
Llions Barbie Doll PP56470403, ?,min.female, born 1998,Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
LoLin's Shameless Knight, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 9/27/2001, Linda Robinson & Donna Gantz-Kanton
Look Here Do You Believe, DKK 11981/2006, brn.toy.female, born 22.5.2006, (A-parents) Bente Rostock-Jensen & Marianne Berggren, Turkey
Look Here I Feel Lucky, DKK 17137/2003, blk.toy.female, born (A-parents) Pia Heaf, Denmark
Look Here I Have A Crush On You, DKK 10012/99, brn.toy.female, born 13.5.1999, (07-10409) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here I Will Never Give In, DKK 17138/2003, blk.toy.male, born (A-parents) Inge & Keld Landmose, Denmark
Look Here Is The King Of Hearts, blk.toy.male, born 20.10.2003 (A-parents) Ellen & Jørgen Pedersen, Denmark
Look Here Is The Queen Of Hearts, blk.toy.female, born 20.10.2003 (A-parents) Edith Johannsen, Denmark
Look Here Is Where I Belong, DKK 17136/2003, brn.toy.female, born (A-parents) Lisbeth Opfermann, Denmark
Look Here It's A Summer Dream, DKK 13266/2004, brn.toy.female, born 02.06.2004 (A-parents) Janne & Lars Poulsen, Denmark
Look Here It's A Summer Kiss, DKK 13264/2004, brn.toy.male, born 02.06.2004 (A-parents) Tina & Thomas Gudumlund, Denmark
Look Here It's Hard To Believe, DKK 11984/2006, brn.toy.female, born 22.5.2006, (A-parents) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here It's The Final Countdown, DKK 13038/2001,  brn.toy.female, born 23.06.2001 (04-4674) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here It's Time 2 Boogie, DKK 20435/2005, brn.toy.male, born 28.09.2005 (A-parents) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here It's Time 2 Fly, DKK 20436/2005, brn.toy.male, born 28.09.2005 (A-parents) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here King Of Summer, DKK 13263/2004, blk.toy.male, born 02.06.2004 (A-parents) Jette Jørgensen, Denmark
Look Here Let Life Be Life, DKK 11820/2006, blk.toy.male, born 24.5.2006, (A-parents), Majken Lahrmann, Denmark
Look Here Let Love Be Love, Multi.Ch., DKK 23216/98, blk.toy.male, born 06.12.98, Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark
Look Here Miss Denmark, DKK 13496/2004, brn.toy.female, born 05.06.2004 (A-parents) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here Miss Universe, DKK 13495/2004, brn.toy.female, born 05.06.2004 (A-.parents) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here Queen Of Summer, DKK 13265/2004, blk.toy.female, born 02.06.2004 (A-parents)  Nicole te Boekhorst, Holland,
Look Here Say Something Nice, DKK 12168/2006, brn.toy.male, born 28.05.2006 (A-parents) Ruben Kollerup Andersen, Denmark
Look Here She's My Girl, DKK 12167/2006, brn.toy.female, born 28.05.2006 (A-parents) Dorthe Ørholt Nielsen, Denmark,
Look Here Still Believing, DKK 11983/2006, brn.toy.female, born 22.5.2006, (A-parents) Charlotte Schnegelsberg, Denmark
Look Here You Better Believe, DKK 11982/2006, brn.toy.male, born 22.5.2006, (A-parents) Inge Jørgensen, Denmark
Lortoyall Bella Rouge 5100026125, red.toy.male, born Sept 18-2002, Lorraine & Billy, Lortoyall Poodles, Australia
Lotta vom Runenstein, blk.min.female, born 17April 2008, laboklin ref. 0804-S-93263, Sabine Bock, Germany,

Loveller, wh.dw.male, born 22 february 2005, Marita Honkanen, Finland
Loveley Children Made in USA, blk.toy.female, born Oct 02-04 (06-822) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Lujax's Sable Sam-I-Am PR02156202, red/blk. toy.male, born 4/16/2003, 03-3184, Hope Welch
Lyca Accent on Aceton, Am.Ch. crm.min?,  born, 1997 , C. Lashley, B.
Lyca Grid Iron Gold, apr.min.male, born 1996,
Lyca Novel Attraction, Am.Ch. apr.min.male, born 1993,
Lyca Novel Connection, Am.Ch. crm.min.male,born 1988,
Lyca Piece of the Puzzle, cream miniature, born 1989,Camille Lashley, (LYCA)  215 657 5673
Lyca Snatch a Trick, Brown Toy, born 1999, Camille Lashley (LYCA)
Lyca Tricky Ricky, Am.Ch. brn.toy male,born 1994, Camille Lashley,  barclays@home.com
Lyric's Gracious Mia Gavotte, Can.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1994.
Lykkehuset`s Hidden Agenda ÖHZB: PU 10049, blk.dw.male, born 8.March 2007 (09-6605), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Lyric's Nonpareille, Can.Ch, blk.min.female,PO-PRA632/87F-PI, born Aug 02, 2000 Lynne Galloway
Lyric's Quoth the Raven TP, Can.Ch, blk.min.male,PO-PRA590/15M-PI born Aug 20, 2001 Lynne Galloway
Lyric's To Believe,Can.Ch, blk.min.female b. Dec. 26, 2005 (A-parents) Lynne Galloway
Lyric's Unforgettable,Can. Ch, blk.min.female, b. Mar 30, 2007 (A-parents) Lynne Galloway
Lyric's Uber Shibby, Can.Ch.blk.min.female, b. Mar 30 2007 (A-parents) Lynne Galloway

Länsmansgårdens American Dragon S58814/2008, blk.toy.male, born August 10-2008 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Apollo Creed, S21926/2007, blk.toy.male, born Feb 4- 2007 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Beautiful Girl   S59264/2009,blk.dw.female, born September 2- 2009(A-parents), Gunn Våge, Norway
Länsmansgårdens Black Veil Bride,  SE34997/2013, black dwarf female, born  May 4-2013 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Break Of Dawn,  SE45966/2014 , white dwarf female, born Jun 28-2014 (A-parents),  Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens California Dreamin' S13282/2008 blk.dw.female, born Dec. 17- 2007 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Cherokee Maiden, S22647/2003, blk.dw.female, born Feb 22-2003 (04-4848), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Cherokee Rose, S30694/2005,blk.dw.female, born Mach 31- 2005  (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Donna Juanita,   SE12640/2015 , black toy female, born Dec 7-2014 (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Dreamcatcher Maiden,S30693/2005, blk.dw.female, born Mach 31- 2005 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Eternal Euphoria, SE61213/2012 , white toy female, born Oct 17-2012 (A-parents),  Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Eternal Light,   SE45967/2014 , white dwarf female, born Jun 28-2014 (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Fame n Fortune S58815/2008 blk.toy.male, born August 10- 2008(A-parents), , Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Hannah Montana S13283/2008 blk.dw.female, born Dec.17- 2007 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens La Traviata,   SE12639/2015 , black toy female, born Dec 7-2014 (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Lady Gaga, SE37982/2010, blk.toy.female, born Apr 27- 2010 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden 
Länsmansgårdens Lady Liberty S58816/2008 blk.toy.female, born August10- 2008(A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Lady Of Fortune, S31081/2003, blk.toy.female, born March 22-2003 (04-4469), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden 
Länsmansgårdens Legacy,  SE34996/2013, brown dwarf male, born May 4-2013 (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Little Big Man, S30692/2005, blk.dw.male, born March 31- 2005 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden 
Länsmansgårdens Lord Of The Dance S21478/2008, blk.toy.male, born February 2-2008 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Lord Of The Rings S21479/2008 blk.toy.male, born February 2-2008 (A-parents), , Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Louisiana Dream S21469/2008 blk.dw.female, born February 10-2008 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Magic Melody S33736/2006 brn.dw.female, born Apr. 5- 2006 (08-1160),(A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden

Länsmansgårdens Midnight Rose, SE62115/2011, black dwarf female, born Nov 6-2011 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Minnesota Magic S13281/2008, blk.dw.male, born Dec.17- 2007 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Morning Glow,   SE45965/2014  white dwarf male, born Jun 28-2014 (A-parents),  Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Paparazzi,  SE28369/2010 , blk.toy.male, born Mar 10- 2010 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Poker Face,  SE28370/2010  , blk.toy.male, born Mar 10- 2010 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Precious Princess, SE66637/2010, blk.toy.female, born Nov 9- 2010 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden 
Länsmansgårdens Pretty Princess, SE66636/2010 , blk.toy.female, born Nov 9- 2010 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Rebel Love Song, SE34998/2013,   black dwarf female, born  May 4-2013 (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden

Länsmannsgårdens Rockin' Rio, SE62114/2011 , brown dwarf male, born Nov 6-2011 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Rock' N Rose S29129/2009, blk.dw.female, born Mars 16- 2009 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Rocky Balboa, S21925/2007, blk.toy.male, born Feb 4- 2007 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Soldier Of Fortune, S15520/2006, blk.toy.male, born Jan 2- 2006 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden 
Länsmansgårdens Speechless Sunrise,  SE61214/2012, white toy female, born Oct 17-2012 (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Speechless Sunset,   SE45968/2014 , white dwarf female, born Jun 28-2014  (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Terrific Thriller,   SE61212/2012 white toy male, born Oct 17-2012 (A-parents),  Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens Texas Dream S21468/2008 blk.dw.male, born February 10- 2008(A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden
Länsmansgårdens You Rock My World,  SE61187/2012, black dwarf female, born Nov 4-2012   (A-parents),   Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden

Updated 031109
Macos Baby Delite, wh.toy.female, born 6 March 2001, RamLynRose
Madelief's Roi P'tit Filou.FIN CH*, FIN JW-05 apr.min.male, born Aug 28. 2004 Satu Rannikko & Pentti Lensu, Finland
Maestoso's Color Me Bad, brn.min.female, born 2001 (A-parents), Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's Gypsy Rose Lee PP635101/02, si.min.female, born 12/23/2000,  Mildred Bartlett USA
Maestoso's He Ain't No Saint, Am.Ch. brn.min.male, born 1997, Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's Here We Go Again, blk.min.female, born 1/1/2002(A-parents), Bernadine Rae Hills
Maestoso In the Nick Of Time, Am.Ch. blk.min.female born 1996, Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's Just Because, Am.Ch. si.min.male, born 1998, Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's Mr. Basil, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 28/09/2000. Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's Renegade Indian, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1990, Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's She's a Keeper,Am.Ch. blk..min.female, born 1997 (A-parents) Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso She's Jazz Not Blues, blue.min.female, born 05/04/2002 (A-parents) Phone:815/732/2018,
Maestoso's The Sorceress, blk.min.female, born 1999, Mildred Bartlett & Terry Tate,
Maestoso's What The Heck PP651950/08, si.min.female, born 06/21/01: Owner, Mildred Bartlett USA
Magicstar Canmoy Puymeras, Ch. FIN12766/01, blk.toy,male, born 29.1.2000, Marja Karvinen & Tiina Taulos, Finland
Magicstar Love on Puymeras, wh.toy.male, born 28 february 2004, Pia Käki, Finland
Magicstar Pandorans Pyemeras  S24331/2002, wh.toy.male, born 2001-05-29 (A-parents), Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Magicstar Tino Pyemeras  S57356/2003, wh.toy.male, male born 2002-12-08  (A-parents), Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Magicstar Vicking Puymeras, AKC/ PR05243001, ?.min.male, born July 14. 2004 (06-6820), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Maia Black Princesse de L'aitone blk,dw.female, born Apr 26. 1996 , Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Maincoat Kinda  Costly, Multi.Ch. DK22621/92*, wh.min.male, born 30 Jul-92, Crecendo poodles
Manifique D'Argent Dominic Beauty Fleure, Multi Ch. born 9.Jan. 2000 (06-7687)  Elena Nikandriva, Russia
Masquerade of Lovely Children, apr.min.female, 5/27/2001, Karin Benker,
Matchbox Sweet Poem  DKK05817/2006, blk.dw.female, born 110504,  Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Maxila American Pie 4100045471,blk.toy.male,26cm. born 7/09/1999, D & L Genrich, Australia
Maxila Special Edition, Aust.Ch. 4100005197, wh.toy. 25cm.male, born 17/05/1997,  D & L Genrich, Australia
Maxila Tallis Howe, Aust.Ch.  4100045470,blk.toy.26cm.male, born 7/09/1999, D & L Genrich, Australia
Medevi' s Billie Jean  S56346/2009 wh.dw.female, born August 17- 2009 (A-parents), Alexandra Wistrand, Sweden

Melmar Calais Seize The Cat, Am.Ch.PP462882/02,  wh.toy.male, born Oct. 1995, Sharon Smith
Micanes Lot's O'Minipot, N.S.Ch. blk.dwarf.male,born1999, A.K Helleberg & M. Pallokat,(Norway) Phone/fax:004767907730
Michel vom Schwanenweiher, Am.Ch. si.min.male,AKC Miniature,14in. born 30July,
Michanda Magic Moment,, born 1998, Ann Addison,
Minarets Wot Dreams R Made Of  S 59458/2004 blk.min.male, born 2002, (A-parents),  Susanne Johansson, Sweden,
Miniwin´s Ally McBeal, Fin Ch, FIN33608/01, blk.dw,female, born 2001, Tuula Westerlund, Finland
Miniwin's Coca-Cola, FIN14251/99, blk.dw.male, born: January 06, 1999, Eija Niemi, Finland
Miniwin's Happy Halloween, Fin.Ch. FIN43254/00  blk.toy.male,born 2000, (A-parents) Oona Vilen, Finland
Miniwin's Holy Highway, JW-01,FIN43253/00, blk.dw.male,born 2000, (A-parents) Eija Niemi & Belinda Zanon
Miniwin's Holy Kiss, Fin.Ch.  FIN43255/00, blk.toy.female, born 2000, (A-parents) Nina Björnström-Lehtonen.
Miniwin's Robbie Williams, blk.dw.male, born Jan.10, 2004, Ahola Petra,  Finland
Miniwin's Rom And Cola,Fin 24288/04 (2004) blk.dw.male, Patricia Vestergård Netherlands/Finland +31(0)6 255 84943

Miniwin's Ronan Keating  FIN13823/04, blk.dw.male, born 10 Jan 2004 Taina Nieminen, Finland
Mira S37993/2004 si.min.female, born 2004 (A-parents) Ylva Jakobsson, Sweden
Miracle Miss Aleksandra, Junior Ch. and Ch., apr.toy.male, born 2006-10-18, (A-parents), A. Popova & E. Gamerman,

Miralyn are you reddy,  red.toy.female, born 2004,  (A parents) Ms Maquade, U.K.
Miralyn Celebration, wh.toy.female, born 2001, Ms M Mauade, U.K.
Miralyn Dinky Doodle, wh.toy.female, born 15.04.2005, M Maquade U.K.
Miralyn Fergie, red.toy.female, born  10.06.2005 (A parents) 2--5 M.Maquade U.K.
Miralyn in the Red, red.toy.female, born 2004, (A parents) Ms Maquade, U.K.
Miralyn Motivator, wh.toy.male, born Apr 15-2005,   M.Maquade U.K
Miralyn Ruby Rascal, apr.toy.female, born 15.08.2005 (A-parents) M.Maquade U.K.
Miralyn Spring Day,wh.toy.male, born 1995, Ms M Maquade, U.K.
Miralyn Starlight, wh.toy.female, born 2001,  Ms M Maquade, U.K.
Miralyn Teddy be Good,brn.toy.male, 2003, Ms M Maquade, U.K.
Miriah's Tiffany PR009276/05 wh.toy.female, DOB 7/25/02 Jennifer Manders / Judy Lapansee (A-parents) 941-685-6658
Mirisch Esprit de Bazaar N17983/04, brn.min.female, born July 19, 2004 (05-8257) Anne Myhrbraaten
Misch´Amies All For Love, blk.toy.male, born 20 July 2005,  Misch´Amies Poodles, Herdis Daugbjerg,
Misch´Amies Here I Am, blk.toy.female, born 18 August 2002, Misch´Amies Poodles, Herdis Daugbjerg,
Misch´Amies Inside Out, blk.toy.male, born 20 July 2005, Misch´Amies Poodles, Herdis Daugbjerg,
Misch´Amies The Best Of Me DK00132/2001, blk.dw.male, born 18. november 2000, Herdis Daugbjerg, Denmark
Mocca van Klein-Nulland, nhsb 2572118, brn.toy.female, born Aug 12-2005 ( 06-1307), Gerda Janssen De Kock
Moja Otrada Kristobal, RKF 0016851, wh.dw.female, born 28 Dec 1996 (04-4867)A-parents, Iraida Kochergina, Russia
Moja Otrada Zaznobushka, RKF 1137181, Multich, wh.dw.female, born July 14, 2000 (04-1834) Iraida Kochergina, Russia
Mon Cheeri's The Show Must Go On, blk.min.male, born 29 Aug 2001, Silke and Dirk Kirschstein, Germany
Moncherrie Amor Le Rouge, red.toy.female, born 23/06/01  B & D Foster, Australia
MonCherrie Boyz N Berri, Austr. Ch. red.toy.male, born 30/5/2000 Sue Mears,  Australia
Moncherrie Call My Bluff, crm.toy.female,  dob;19/06/01   Mrs. Joan Nutt,  Autralia
Moncherrie Coin A Fraze, red.toy.male,  dob; 03/04/03 Mrs. Joan Nutt,  Autralia
MonCherrie Nota Red Cent, Aust. Ch. red.toy.male, born 9th July, 1999, Mrs S E Mears, Australia,
Moncherrie Red Impact.  red.toy.male.  dob.27/06/99,   Mrs. Joan Nutt,  Autralia
Monetway Alejandro Guide FIN33136/02, blk.toy.male, born 2002 (A-parents), Miia & Riitta Roisko, Finland.
Monetway Alonzo D`Amour FIN33137/02, blk.toy.male, born 2002 (A-parents), Taina Metsäpelto, Finland.
Monetway Baristo FIN10437/04, blk.toy.male, born 2003 (A-parents), Hannu Meuronen, Finland.
Monetway Boss FIN10436/04, blk.toy.male, born 2003 (A-parents), Kaisa & Noora Meuronen, Finland.
Monetway Buster FIN10438/04, blk.toy.male, born 2003 (A-parents), Timo Keränen, Finland.
Mother’s Little Spitfire, red.min.female, born Apr 10. 2002 (02-3527), PJsPoodles

Mr.Irish Coffee van Klein-Nulland, nhsb 2256376, brn.toy.male, born July 15 1999, (04-2669), Gerda Janssen De Kock, NL
Ms.Gevalia Coffee v.Klein-Nulland PP670428/01, brn.toy.female, born October 30, 2001 (04-968), Janis B Zablocky
My Dream S Tsvetochnoi Poljany, Aust.Ch, blk.min.female,born 19 Feb 2003(imp Russ), Elire kennels - Rachel & Jamie Pajtl, Australia
My Little Wizard Von Der Waldburg, blk.dw.male, born 16 Dec 2001, Silke and Dirk Kirschstein, Germany
Myriad Moonstruck, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 5-96, Melissa Deming,
Mystic Magician von Ziethnereck, brn.min.male, born Apr 12-2004, A. & J. Freier , Germany

Updated 100906
Nevskaja Zhemchuzhina Magnolia, wh.min.female, born 28.9.2003, Anne Willman & Minna Koskimies, Finland,
Ninette Bit of Bugs AustCh. V1350246, blk.toy.female, born May 02 1993, (03-394), Mrs Diane Shackleford, Australia
Nirvana Sharwood Debutante, apr,min.female, born 4/6/2003 (06-453), Sharon Burke, USA,
Norjean's Tiger Woods, Am.Ch. PP631158/01, wh.toy.?, born Sep 27, 2000, Wm. A. (Bill) Standard
Normen von Altendorf, VDH/VDP-B.5766, ?.min.male, born Dec. 27. 2004 (06-6825), Carmen Köhler, Austria
Notify Curious in Amonibes, S47497/2003, blk.?.male, born 2003-06-11. (A-parents) Anneli Edman, Sweden
Notify Taste of Amonibes, S47498/2003, blk.?.female, born 2003-06-11. (A-parents) Lena Jonsson, Sweden
Notoriously Tuff at Novadene, Am.Ch. PP639383/01, blk.min.female, born July 16,2000, Hilayne Cavanaugh & Lisa Croft-Elliott,
Novadene Reach for the Sky, Multi.Ch. PP618343/02,blk.min.female, born Oct.24,1999, Hilayne Cavanaugh ,
Novadene Stars in the Sky, PR025458/01, blk.min.female, born Febr. 2, 2002,(A-parents), Hilayne Cavanaugh & Lisa Croft-Elliott,
Nu-Moon's Shining at Wiladon, wh.toy.male, born 2001, Phone: 614-784-8001 e-mail
Nutlee Timari Elan Vital S68533/2004 wh.min.male, born960923 Monica Olsson, Sweden

Updated 130210

Obsidian Dark Star at Cynpams, blk.min.male, born Nov.13, 2007 (A-parents), Cynthia & Pamela Woods.
Of Hannelhill Passepartout, Ch. FIN24459/97, blk.min.male, born March 20, 1997, Henrik Hannelius, Finland,
Of Hannelhill Ruslan FIN12790/95, Multi Ch, apr.min.male, born 1994, Henrik Hannelius, Finland,
Of Hannelhill Xsara, Multi.Ch. FIN10172/99 blk-min.female, born November 12, 1998 Henrik Hannelius, Finland,
of loveley children Adamo`s Love VDH/ADP0832814, brn..toy.male, born 27.Sept 2008 (09-6601) Carmen Köhler, Austria
of loveley children Baquillero VDH/ADP0832808 blk.dw.male, born 29.Sept 2008 (09-6600) Carmen Köhler, Austria
of loveley children Emme`y`s Exquisit Peachapr.dw.female, born Dec 15-03(06-1309) Ingrid & Peter Schleicher, Germany
of loveley children in Flagranti, brn.toy.female, born Jan 3-04 (A-parents) Carmen Köhler, Germany
of loveley children Midnight Sioux, blk.toy.female, born Aug 1-04 (A-parents), Carmen Köhler, Germany
of loveley children Munich`s Leopold Registration ÖHZB:PU10050, brn.dw.male, born 31.July 2007 (09-6606), Carmen Köhler, Austria
of loveley children Pay me Cash, apr.dw.male, born Nov 30-01 (04-4259) Sabine Gennewein, Austria
of loveley children Phantomen's Picadilly-Lilly goes to Pemfling VDH/ADP 0832759, brn.dw.female, born9.Jan 2008 (09-6593), Ruth E. Meissner,DE 
of loveley children Quest of Fame, brn.toy.female, brn Dec 30-01 (06-821 VHL 9063) Carmen Köhler, Germany
of loveley children Sweet Georgina Brownbrn.dw.female, born May 8-00 (04-4260) Carmen Köhler, Germany
of loveley children Sweet little Shadow, VDH/ADP 0232174,?.toy.male, born June 30. 2002, (06-6828), Carmen Köhler, Austria
of Loveley Children Tete a Tete, VDH/ADP 0532577, brn.dw.female, born 10 May 2005 ( 07-1904 ) , Carmen Kohler, Austria
of loveley children Take it Again, brn.dw.female, born May 17-03 (06-2892) Köhler/Jelenics, Austria
of loveley children Unsheakable Milk Shake, VDH/ADP 0232225, ?.toy.female, born Nov. 6. 2002 (06-6821), Carmen Köhler, Austria
of loveley children Wild Romar VDH/ADP 0832802,brn,toy,female, born 19.July 2008, (09-6607), Michelle du Plessis UK, 

Ofelia S Tainstvennogo Ostrova,blk.dw.female, born Dec 19-02 (05-5815) Carmen Köhler, Germany
O-La-La le Papillon VDH/ZDP 14424, brn.dw.female, born July 02, 2003 (04-2790), Angelika Jansen, Germany
Olga vom Schwanenweiher, VDH/DPZ 162375, ?.min.female, born March 28, 2003, 04-562, Georg Walther
Olymbinar's Bunias Oriental FIN38250/02,si.min. male, born 29.07.2002, Saana Santalahti, Finland
Orangecrest PJ’s Upsa Daisy, apr.min.female, born 9/22/2007 (08-3485), Penny Hillsboro USA,
Orista Rondevous, Can. Ch. wh.min.female, born 1999, Elizabeth & David Pateman (Palman Reg'd)  (519)449-5769

Osmanthus Allure Sensuelle, blk.min.female, born 07/10/06,  Bruno Nodalli
Osmanthus Armani Code, blk.min.male, born 07/10/06 (A-parents) bred by Bruno Nodalli
Osmanthus Be Beautiful, blk.toy.female, born 25/06/08 ( A-parents), co-owned by Osmanthus
Osmanthus Be Delicious, blk.toy.female, born 25/06/08 ( A-parents), Susanne Baldinger,Switzerland
Osmanthus Be Sparkling, blk.toy.female, born 25/06/08 ( A-parents), Bruno Nodalli, Italy
Osmanthus Cartier, blk.min.male, born 29/06/08, Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Osmanthus Chanel, blk.min.female, born 29/06/08 ( A-parents), Margit Ganz, Switzerland
Osmanthus Chopard, blk.min.male, born 29/06/08, Carmen Geers, Belgium
Osmanthus Cristalle, blk.min.male, born 29/06/08 ( A-parents), Ursula Eberli,Switzerland
Osmanthus Delice De Cartier blk.toy.female, born 29/01/2009, ( A-parents) Marie Laure Breviere (F)
Osmanthus Diorissima brn.toy.female, born 29/01/2009,  ( A-parents)  Aradi Csilla (H)
Osmanthus Essence blk.min.female, born 05/09/09,( A-parents) Tauras Plunges (Lithuania)
Osmanthus Eternity Love, blk.min.female, born 05/09/09,( A-parents) Gaynor Davis (I)
Osmanthus Exotic Pleasures, blk.min.female, born 05/09/09,  ( A-parents) Miazzo Leonarda (I)
Osmanthus Envy Me Poriya Elite, blk.min.female, born 05/09/09,( A-parents) Osnat Laster (ISR)
Osmanthus Eternity Moment, blk.min.male, born 05/09/09,( A-parents) Emanuela D'Este (I)
Osmanthus Extreme Attitude, blk.min.male, born 05/09/09,( A-parents) Matteo Borelli & Adamo Cennini (I)
Osmanthus Fendi, blk.min.female, born 07/09/09,( A-parents) Stayn Van Den Eynde (B)
Osmanthus Fahrenheit Dior, blk.min.male, born 07/09/09,( A-parents) Marie Laure Breviere (F)
Osmanthus Fantasy Midnight, blk.min.female, born 07/09/09,  ( A-parents) Latrofa Jessica (I)
Osmanthus Fabergé, blk.min.female, born 07/09/09,( A-parents)  Ganna Krivtsona (Ucraina)
Osmanthus Flower Edition D'Artiste, blk.min.male,( A-parents) Gaynor Davis (I)
Osmanthus Noel Chance, blk.min.female, born 29/06/08, Angie Rea,Canada & Bruno Nodalli, Italy
Osmanthus Noel Charme, blk.min.female, born 29/06/08 ( A-parents), Maylis Spiik, Finland
Osmanthus Rose by Rose, blk.min.female, born Febr 24. 2001 (06-8688) Bruno Nodalli 
Osmanthus Samsara blk.min.female, born 26/08/2002  Mrs Carmen Geers - Belgium;
Osmanthus Sortilege, blk.min.female, born Aug 26. 2002 (06-8683) Bruno Nodalli 
Osmanthus Valentino Rossi,  blk.min.male, born 05/10/06 (A-parents)  Mrs Ivana Gianinazzi
Osmanthus Versace Bright Crystal, blk.min.female, born 05/10/06  Mrs Marie Laure Breviere (F)
Osmanthus Versace Crystal Noir, blk.min.female, born 05/10/06 (A-parents) bred by Bruno Nodalli
Osmanthus Very Valentino, blk.min.male, born 05/10/06 (A-parents) bred by Bruno Nodalli

Updated 310808
Pagentry Little King for Elen Elf,PR0393100, Russ.Junior Ch, blk.toy.male, born March 31, 2004 (04-4882) Elena & Igor Gamerman, Germany
Palman Icelander,Can. Ch. wh.min.male, born 1998 Elizabeth Pateman (Palman Reg'd)  (519)449-5769
Palman's Ice Tea,Can. Ch. crm.min.male, born 2001, (A-parents),  Doris and Ron Kyswaty, (613)592-2821
Palman's Impulse On Ice, wh.min.female, born 09/25/01,(A-parents), Alex and Belinda Miller,
Pamper's Carme' Talk O The Town, blk.toy.male, born 2001, Carol Meyer:
Pamper's Sir Jonathan, Am. Ch. PP522234/02, wh.toy.male, born 6/04/97, Janet Makar, 214-361-1178
Pandorans Ain´t She Sweet, S18367/2004, blk. dw.female, born Jan 16, 2004, (04-3349) Sanna Arvidsson
Pandorans Bella Donna S50591/2002, blk.dw.female, born 2002-08-11 Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Pandorans Casablanca S38788/200,blk.dw.female, born 28/04/2003 Jane Persson Litzell/Gun-Mari Blom,Sweden
Pandorans Louisiana S38789/2003, blk.toy.female, born 28/04/2003 Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Pandorans Incognito, Ch. brn.toy.male, born 2002  Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden + 46 857163700
Pandorans Arizona S56151/2005, blk.toy.female, born  2005-09-06 (A-parents) Jane Persson Litzell and Gun-Mari Blom, Sweden
Pandorans Bologna S56150/2005,, blk.dw.female, born 2005-09-06   (A-parents)Elisabeth Segelöv, Sweden
Pandorans Boston S56148/2005,brn.dw.male, born 2005-09-06   (A-parents)Jennie Soneborg, Sweden
Pandorans Designed Choise o'Ankaru, N.Ch. blk.dw.female, born Aug 11-2002 (A-parents), Anne Karin Helleberg, Norway
Pandorans Day Dreamer S11628/2006, blk.min.female, born 2005-11-06 (A-parents)  Jennie Soneborg, Sweden
Pandorans Havannah S11615/2006, blk.toy.female, born  2005-11-06 (A-parents), Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Pandorans Made of Dreams  S11627/2006, blk.min.female, born  2005-11-06 (A-parents), Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Pandorans Pick me up S12029/2004, apr.toy.female, born 2003-11-21,  Hedvig Stabell, Sweden
Pandorans Revolution  S56138/2005, blk.toy.male, born 2005-09-13,   Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Pandorans Temptation  S56139/2005, blk.toy.female, born 2005-09-13,  Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Pandorans Touched by a Dream  S11629/2006, blk.min.female, born 2005-11-06 (A-parents), Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Paperbirch Southampton Sable PP42784803 brn.toy.female,Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Parade to Bevanton, PP63856003, ?,min.female, born 2001, Barbara H Furbush,
Passport's Razzia N08252/98, Int.Nord.Ch. blk.dw.male, born- 97 Jessika Hamberg & Lena Staedler, Sweden
Paulains' Special Designed, Nord.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 98 Jane Persson Litzell o Anne-Karin Helleberg,Sweden + 46 857163700
Perrito´s Goldie Hawn S19924/2001apr.dw.female, born 2001, Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Phoenix Rising, blk.min.female, born 09/28/1997 , MICHAEL LAMB
Pickets American Dream, Am.Ch. PP669797/02, blue.toy.female, born: 8.oct.02, Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Pickets Fetchin' A Dream, PP67038103, blk.toy.male, born: 19.jul.02, (A-parents) Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Picket Lil Mac Of Elk Creek, blk. toy. male  02-792  Gail A. Bjorge
Pickets Raven Of Abbey Gail, PP63874403, blk.toy.female, born 24.jan.01, Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail A. Bjorge
Pimlico Obsession for Coffee,Am.Ch. brn.min.male, born 1994,   Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Pin Oak Mari Arlrich Erykah, wh.toy.female, born 1997, Megumi Uchida & Satoshi Soeta,
Pin Up Girl Only For You, black, Toy, female, born 19/12/2005 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany,

Pinocchio's Baspartu, FIN 18714/03 A, ?.min.male, born Feb 22, 2003 (04-3550), Liina Aikio, Finland,
Pinocchio's Bernita, apr.min.female, born Feb 22, 2003,  Christina Sjöblom, Finland
Pita-P Aire Jordon,Am/Can/Int Ch, PP563431/01, blk.toy.male, born Aug 24, 1998, USA, Wm. A. (Bill) Standard
Pita-P Dancer Only for you,black, dwarf, male, born 2004 ( A-parents ), Angelika Jansen, Germany
Pita-P Kyst by Mon Amie, blk.toy.female, born 2004 (A-parents), Angelika Jansen, Germany
Pita-P The Kandyman Can,PR02326801, blk.toy.male, born Feb-24-03 ( A-parents), Jin Wagoner and Kelly Wagoner
PJ's Mother May I ?, Am.Ch. apr.min.female, born 1998, Penny Jorgensen,
PJ’s New Fool At An Old game, apr.min.female, born 10. Apr. 04 ( A-parents ) Penny Jorgensen

Pocket Lightning's Key of Beauty, Multi.Ch ,FIN29655/99, wh.min.female, born Febr.20, 1999, Sari Wahlstrom, Finland
Pocket Lightning's Molly Dolly, FIN41314/01, wh.toy.female, born Aug.19, 2001, Sari Wahlstrom, Finland
Poco A Poco Amazing Face, PP475283/02 white toy female 9/20/95,  Gayle Roberson,
Poco a Poco Bizzie Lizzie, si.toy.female, PP663293/01,born 2001, Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Bubbelicious,Am.Ch. PP546171/03  wh. female,born 11/20/97 (A-parents) Gayle Roberson 609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Chris Miss PP619334/01, wh.toy.female, born 12/20/99,   Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Dust Bunny, PP454590/03, blue female,born 4/16/95  owner Gayle Roberson 609) 426-0559
Poco a Poco Dust Buster PP662537/01, si.toy.male, born 2001, Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Dust For Prints,Am.Ch. PP574533/01 wh. female,born 11/28/98 (A-parents)  Gayle Roberson 609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Jersey Bounce, PP648641/01  si.toy.female, born 2/18/01 (A-parents) Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco a Poco Marigold PP546171/04, crm.toy.female, born 1997,  Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Maybelline, PP382328/02, si.toy.female, born 5/24/93, Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Metallica,  PP463776/01, si.toy.female, born 10/3/95,  Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Miss Demeanor  PP592580/02  wh. female,born  4/15/99 (A-parents) Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco a Poco Out of the Blue,Am.Ch. PP561743/01, si.toy.male, born 1998,  Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco a Poco Perpetrator, Am.Ch. PP395853/01, crm.toy.male. born 1993,  Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Polynesia  PP645295/01  si. female,born  11/26/00 (A-parents) Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Private Eyefull, PP516198/01, si. female,born 11/26/96,  Gayle  Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Sarafina,Am.Ch. PP320944/02, wh. female,born 10/6/91,  Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Sneak Thief  PP59258003  wh. male,born 4/15/99 (A-parents), Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Tin Lizzie,Am.Ch. PP419972/02, si. female,born 6/6/94, Gayle Roberson (609) 426-0559
Poco A Poco Where's The Party,  PP546170/01,wh.toy.female  born 11/12/97 Gayle Roberson,
Polosas Acke s42338/2001, blk.min.male, born ?, (A-parents)  Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Polosas Agaton s42339/2001, blk.min.male, born ?, (A-parents) Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Polosas Abbe s42340/2001, brn.min.male, born ?, (A-parents) Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Polosas Ally s42341/2001, blk.min.female, born ?, (A-parents) Åsa Johansson, Sweden
Pompette So Sparkly, 6100031913, blk.toy.female, born06Mar2003, Stewart Budd and Roger Schipp,
Poo Dell's Bonjour to Truffles, brn.toy.?. born Nov.30th 2004,  Janis Glick
Poo Dell's Coffee,Tea,or Me, blk.toy.female, born Nov.30th 2004, Janis Glick
Poo Dell's Orion of the Athenian Stars, blk.toy.male, born July 31-05, Pet Richard, France
PooDells Gun's N Roses PP640512/03, brn.toy.female, born 29.Jan-2001, Janis Zablocky
PooDell's Secret Surprise, brn.toy.male, born July 11.2005,  Angelika Jansen
Pop-Up´s De Arriba Abajo S 28111/2002  blk.min.male, born 2002, (A-parents) Ann Lindborg, Sweden
Pop-Up´s El Tormentito  S 28114/2002  blk.min.male,born 2002 (A-parents) John Axelsson, Sweden
Pop-Up´s La Marquesa De Bazaar S28117/2002  blk.dw.female, born 2002, (A-parents) Anne Myrbraaten, Norway
Pop-Up´s Mi Sueño  S 28116/2001  blk.dw.female, born 2001, (A-parents)   Ann-Christine Johansson, Sweden
Pop-Up´s Midnight Wonder S41472/2003, ?.min.female, born May 17, 2003,(04-634) Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Pop-Up's Singapore Sling, S25509/2000, blk.min.female, born 5.April 2000, Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Pop-Up's Tiger-Rag, S.Ch. S31175/97, brn.dw.female, born 1997, Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Pop-Up´s Tip -Top Tiger  S53293/2000  blk.dw.male, born 2000, (A-parents)  Christina Lundewall, Sweden
Pop-Up´s True Lie S53295/2000 blk.dw.female,born 2000, (A-parents) Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Pop-Up´s Una Estrella Brillar S38796/2002  blk.min.female, born 2002, (A-parents)  Ulla Jonsson, Sweden
Praytens Petty Cash, apr.min (13ins),female, born: 9th Jan 2002, Sheila Gaffney, UK,
Praytens Petty Officer, crm.min (14ins).male, born: 9th Jan 2002,   Sheila Gaffney, UK,
Praytens Ruby Tuesday,KCRegY1939702Y02, blue.min.female, born 24/02/1998,
Primrose Taylor Made, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born ?  Antoine Marchal USA,
Pristine's Maid of Lorraine,Am.Ch.  black, mini, Female, DOB 6/04/1999, Melissa Sirridge
Promises' Phantom Pride, blk.toy.female, born  1/29/02, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Pu Del Bravos Grand Slam, ?,toy.male , born 31 Mar 2004 ( 06-4453) + (A-parents)  Carina Nilsson, Sweden

Pudlas Silver Electric King, S28120/2001, si.min.male, born 12. April 2001(06-6232), Ann-Christin Sundström, Sverige
Pudlas Silver Flamenca,S57216/2002, si.min.female, born 02. Oct 2002 ( 06-8316 ) Marica Sundholm, Finland
Pudlas Silver Ian Poppe, si.min.male, born 24 Febr 2005, Maria Isaksson, Sweden. Contact:
Puemmi's King Esso, S51286/98si, si.min.male, born July 21-1998 (04-4497), Birgitta Augustsson, Slåttervagen 125,Trollhattan, 46161Sweden
Punapaulan Elisabet, FIN31758/00, ?.toy.female, born March 13, 2000 (04-2190) Riitta M Aho, Finland
Punapaulan Fanny, FIN40580/01, blk.toy.female, born: 30.9.2001 (03-2105), Riitta Aho, Finland
Punapaulan Fiksu,FIN40578/01, blk.toy.male, born: 30.9.2001 (03-2104), Riitta Aho, Finland
Punapaulan Gabriel FIN13929/02, blk.toy.male, born 1.1.2002,(A-parents), Patanen Merja Finland
Punapaulan George FIN13928/02, blk.dw.male, born 1.1.2002,(A-parents) Honkoila Jarmo Finland
Punapaulan Gina FIN13930/02, blk.toy.female, born 1.1.2002, (A-parents), Aho Riitta Finland
Punapaulan Jarl FIN12977/03, blk.toy.male, born 22.1.03, (A-parents), Aho Riitta Finland
Punapaulan Jenny FIN12980/03, blk.toy.female, born 22.1.03, (A-parents), Heikkinen Sirpa Finland
Punapaulan Joakim FIN12978/03, blk.toy.male, born 22.1.03, (A-parents), Härkönen Emmi Finland
Punapaulan Josefina FIN12979/03, blk.toy.female, born 22.1.03, (A-parents), Aho Riitta Finland
Punapaulan Kristina FIN23208/03, blk.dw.female, born 28.4.03, Aho Riitta Finland
Punapaulan Lars FIN26005/04, blk.toy.male, born 27.2.04, (A-parents), Aho Riitta Finland
Punapaulan Linda FIN26007/04, blk.toy.female, born 27.2.04, (A-parents), Aho Riitta Finland
Punapaulan Lotte FIN26007/04, blk.toy.female, born 27.2.04, (A-parents), Aho Riitta Finland

updated 170208
Racconto C'e Una Melodia, FIN30241/03, blk.dw.female, born May 15. 2003, Taru Heinänen, Finland
Rack Attack Come Back von Ziethnereck, brn.dw.male, born Sept 9-2005 (A-parents)   A. & J. Freier , Germany
Racketeer on Fire S 34765/2002 S, blk.toy.male, born Apr 18, 2002 (06-6211), Gunilla Y. Bergstrand, Sweden
Rainbow Beauty Mister Roy Rob S54904/2002  si.min.male born 2001 Ann-Louise Lindgren, Sweden
Rainbow Beauty Prince Merlyn, NHSB 2438927, apr.min.male, born 12-10-2002, breeder: rainbow beauty, Holland,
Rainbow beauty Princess Angelique, NHSB 2457737, apr.min.female, born 29 May 2003, Jeannette de Wit Peemen
Rainbow's Diamond Lil, Am.Ch. PP-621707/01,  blk.toy.female, born June 6,2000, Connie Halcom
Rain Dance van Klein-Nulland nhsb 2561974, ?.toy.male, born June 01, 2005 (05-6673), Gerda Janssen De Kock
Rain in Rio van Klein-Nulland, blk.toy.male, born Nov 22, 2005 (06-6454), Gerda Janssen De Kock, Holland
Racing Passion von Ziethnereck, blk.dw.female, born Sept 9-2005 (A-parents)  A. & J. Freier , Germany
Rakker van Klein-Nulland, blk.dw.male, born 2002 (A-parents), Gerda G Janssen, Netherland
Ramlynrose Lady the Nite, blk.toy.female, born 12 Jan 2002, RamLynRose
RamLynRose Leader of the Pack blk.toy.male, born 16 May 2004, RamLynRose
RamLynRose Lets Parti tonight, parti.toy.female, born 23 July 2004, RamLynRose
RamLynRose Lil Tx Tornado, crm.toy.male, born ? ,  RamLynRose
Random Wind Autumn Nights, blk.min.female, born:  11-15-03 (A-parents) owner/breeders Newing & Suzanne Newing
Random Wind Barnacle Bill, blk.min.male, born 2001, (A-parents), Leslie Newing
Random Wind Chase the Sun, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 1990 ,  Leslie Newing
Random Wind Day Dreams, blk.min.female, born 12/29/03 (A-parents) Leslie Newing
Random Wind Field of Dreams, blk.min.male, born 12/29/03 (A-parents) Leslie Newing
Random Wind Dream Catcher, blk.min.female, born 12-5-03, (A-parents) owner/breeders Leslie Newing & Suzanne Newing
Random Wind Get Off My Cloud, Am.Ch.brn.min.female, born 1997, Leslie Newing
Random Wind In Your Dreams, blk.min.male, born 12-5-03, (A-parents) owner/breeders Leslie Newing & Suzanne Newing
Random Wind Mischief Night, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1994, Leslie Newing
Random Wind Rain Dance, blk.min.male,  Leslie Newing
Random Wind Summer Nights,Am.Ch. min. Leslie Newing
Random Wind Summer Wishes, blk.min. female, born 2001, (A-parents), Leslie Newing
Random Wind Touch the Clouds, Am.Ch., blk.min.male, born 2001,(A-parents), Leslie Newing
Random Wind Winter Dreams, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1997, Leslie Newing
Ray'zs Youngster's Colton, brn.toy.male, born 10/24/01  Russ Young
Raziel ain't Misbehavin' PP641568-01, ?.min.female, born January 01, 2001, June Bierwas
Redcliffs Michaelangelo, red.min.male, born 7/10/02, Dorothy Wroblewski,
Reflections Deagra The UPS Man, brn.min.male,   born March 5,2006,    Denis Agre-Gill & Matt Hoaglund, USA
Reflections High Voltage , blk.min.female, born March 5,2006, Sandra Ulmer, USA
Regadog's Trendsetter, N-03862/04, blk.min.male, born 28.januar.2004,(A-parents), Laila Godager, Norway,
Regadog's Unique Design, N-10328/05, blk.min.female, born 24.april.2005,(A-parents), Laila Godager, Norway,
Regadog's White 4 Fun, 15140/06, wh.min.male, born 20.06.2006, (A-parents), Laila Godager,
Regadog's White Linen N09225/05 , wh.dw.female, born April 07, 2005  (06-6451), Laila Godager, Norway,
Regadog's White Silhouette, 15142/06, wh.min.female, born 20.06.2006, (A-parents), Laila Godager, Norge,
Regency-Dresden Casablanca, Am.Ch. PP300398/01, ?.min.male, born July 12, 1991, Helen Tomb-Taylor
Renaissance Creative Impulse,Am.Ch. blue.min.male, born 01/31/2000, Alex and Belinda Miller,
Rennie's Crimson O'Magenta, red.toy.female, born 10-29-01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Rennie's Ruby O'Magenta, red.toy.female, born 5/16/99, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Rennie's Sir Winston, blk.toy.male, born 2002,  Rennie Vandenbosch 909-867-4006
Renior Mr Xpresso Coffee (Imp NZ) blk.toy.male, born 2001,  Elle Franklin, Australia
Rider's Amber Sundancer, Ch. (impUSA) red.toy.female, born 1994 Nola Westren, Australia
Ritamex Dance With Cosmos, blk.min.female, born. Oct.15,2006, Marina Palander, Finland
River Side van Klein-Nulland nhsb 2494336, brn.toy.male, born Febr 13, 2004, 04-1829, Gerda Janssen, Netherland
Robby S37994/2004 si.min.male, born 2004. (A-parents)G.T. Davidsen Norway
Robrish Caprice Kinda Classic, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born ?  Carole Robrish
Robrish's Knight Rider, Am.Ch. blk, toy.male, born ? Carole Robrish
Robruden Causin Chaos, Ch. apr.toy.female, born 7/05/98, B & D Foster, Australia
Robruden Lil Bits Of Red, apr.toy.female, born 10/03/01, B & D Foster, Australia
Rochambeau Black Bottom Girl, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, (A-parents),   Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Carmella PP61887001, ?,min.female, born 2000, Sharon Isgro  (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Dark Cloud Rising, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1995,   Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Dark Obsession, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 1996,  Sharon Isgro  (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Food for Thought,Am.Ch. brn.min.male, born 2001, (A-parents) Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Javalin, Am.Ch. brn.min.male,born 1993,   Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Let’s Roll PP65932601,Am.Ch. brn.min.female, born 10/01/01,  Beth and Marty Leftoff
Rochambeau Loubelle Sophia PP41907005, ?,min.female,02-1620, born 1994, Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau n Junipers Yukon Jack, brn.min.male, born 8-22-02 (A-parenys)  June Bierwas
Rochambeau Ready to Rumble,  Am.Ch.blk.min.male, born 2000 ,  Sharon Isgro (Rochambeau)
Rochambeau Spice Girl, PP56261101, ?,mi.female, born:July 31, 1998, Sharon Isgro,  (Rochambeau)
Rock City´s Andalucit S17006/2005,blk.dw.male, born 2005-01-04 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Romar Affair D'Andrade, AG03562202, blk.toy.male, born July 11-2006 (07-155), Michelle du Plessis, Ireland
Romar's Alliance, AD01761902, si.toy.male, born March 20, 2003 ( 04-1903), Bjorg Bruhjell Meland, Norway
Romar By the Light of Dawn, AG01751201, blk.toy.female, born Dec 14-2005 (07-157), Michelle du Plessis, Ireland
Romar First Edition AD01761904 , si.toy.female, born ?, Michelle du Plessis, UK
Romar Front Page Story, si.toy.male, born 28 May 2005, (A-parents)  Miss A Ryan-Ashyra Poodles
Romar Heir Apparant, AB01809201, blk.toy.male. born May 04, 2001, (04-877) Michelle du Plessis, UK
Romar It's for a Reason I'm, blk.toy.male, born 25. november 2004 (08-625)  (A-parents), Anne Karin Helleberg
Romar Medusa, si.toy.female, born 28 May 2005 (A-parents) Jane Persson Litzzel-Pandorans in Sweden
Romar Rave Review, AB01809202, blk.toy.female, born Apr 05, 2001( 05-568) Michelle du Plessis, UK
Romar Silver Sabbath, si toy.female, born 28 May 2005 ( A-parents)
Romar Takes My Breath Away, si.toy.female, born 28 May 2005 (A-parents) Michelle du Plessis, UK
Rosaline's Cranberry O'Rennie, red.toy.female, born 10/07/97, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Rosaline's Gim-E-Sugar O'Rennie, red.toy.female, born 10/9/96, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Rosaline's Midnight Magic, PP662975/01, blk.toy,male, born Dec 12, 2001 (04-1900),  May-Britt Galley, Norway
Rosaline's Rouget O'Rennie, red.toy.female, born 1/11/98, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Rosebell's Before Dawn, wh.min. ?, born ?, (A-parents),
Rosebell's Hopespringseternal, Am.Ch. wh.min.female,born ?,
Rosebell's Incandencense, wh.min.male, born ?, (A-parents)
Rosebell's Infatuation, Am.Ch. wh.min.male, born? , Elaine/Heidi Bellamy
Rose's Lucy Bazaar N00779/03, ?.min.female, born December 13, 2003 (04-4092) Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Rosie van Klein-Nulland nhsb2591028,brn.dw.female, born Jan 03, 2006 (06-2991), Gerda Janssen NL
Rosmary Ann von Ziethnereckblk.dw.female, born Sept 9-2005 (A-parents)     A. & J. Freier , Germany
Royal Forever the Lone Ranger PR009331/02, Ch. wh.toy.male, DOB 7/3/02  Jennifer Manders/Maxine Albritton 941-685-6658
Rudi Rüssel von Ziethnereck, blk.dw.male, born Sept 9-2005 (A-parents)    A. & J. Freier , Germany
Rusch Mix Jolly Roger S57127/99 blk.dw.male, born 1999, Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Rusch Mix Pion S18638/2002, apr.dw.male, born 2002, Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Ruest Dark Prince, red.min.male, born 2000, Paulette Palmer,
Ruest Merri Mini Ezri, red.min.female, born 1999, ( A parents),
Ruests Nanette At Apropos, red.min.female, born 2000, Paulette Palmer,

Updated 130210

Saguera Angel Kiss FIN22748/00, brn.dw.female, born: 27.3.2000, Tuomainen Ritva, Finland
Saguera Kiss me Too FIN15241/02, blk.dw.male, born 17.1.2002, (A-parents) Tuomainen Ritva, Finland
Saguera Kiss Vice FIN23854/03, blk.dw.female, born  7.4.2003, (A-parents) Eronen Pertti & Sinikka, Finland
Samsara Black Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.toy.female, born Oct 29. 2001 , Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Sandust Money For Nothing, blk.min.female, born 25 Febr 2005, optigen ref 05-2497, Sabine Bock, Germany,

Sandust Squirt of Tequila S42350/2003 brn.toy.female, born May23-2003 (A-parents)Susanne Johansson, Sweden,
Sandust Status Symbol,blk.dw.male, born Aug.30, 2001 (04-3822), Susanne Johansson, Sweden,
Sandust Sudden Impact S 42349/2003 brn.dw.male, born May23-2003 (A-prents) Susanne Johansson, Sweden,
Sandust Sweet Rum N Raisin S42351/2003 brn.dw.female, born May23-2003 (A-parents) Susanne Johansson, Sweden,
Sankt Georgi's Always on my Mind DKK. 03952/2006, ?.?.?.18.02.2006 born ?  (A-parents) Aase Kaanbjerg Nørrevang 31. DK 6862 Tistrup, Denmark

Sankt Georgi's Black Amy, blk.dw.female, born 3.May 2003 (04-4672) Sonja & Benny Olsen, Denmark
Sankt Georgi's Brown Emma, brn.dw.female, born 12. June 2004  (05-2825) Sonja & Benny Olsen, Denmark 
Sankt Georgi's Brown Karola DKK. 20697/2005, brn.?.female, born ? (A-parents)   Sonja & Benny Olsen, Denmark
Sankt Georgi's Brown Kosmo  DKK. 20696/2005, brn.?.male, born ? (A-parents) Aase Kaanbjerg Nørrevang 31. DK 6862 Tistrup, Denmark
Sankt Georgi's White Nicole, wh.dw.female, born 2. May 2006 (06-9736) Sonja & Benny Olsen, Denmark

Sanew’s All the Buzz of Bonheur, Am. Ch, red.min.male, born 8/16/03, (A-parents) Audrey Kelly,
Sanew's Dealaer's Choice of Bonheur, red.min.male, born 2002, Audrey L. Kelly,
Sanew’s Last Laugh, red.min.male, born  4/8/05, (A-parents) Tom Sanew,
Sanew’s Vampire Slayer, Am.Ch. red.min.female, born January 1, 2001, Tom Sanew,
Sanvar's Air Force, Can.Ch. blk.min.male, born? Anne Bell, Ontario, Canada,
Sanvar's Catch the Sun, Can.Ch. wh.min.male, born ? Anne Bell, Ontario, Canada,
Sanvar's One Tough Cookie, brn.min.female, born ? Anne Bell, Ontario, Canada,
Sanvar's Timbit, Am.Can.Ch. brn.min.male, born ?, Anne Bell, Ontario, Canada,
Sarahill And I Love You FIN15872/04, blk.dw.female, born 5.11.2003, (A-parents) Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Sarahill Anni Miei,FIN23043/00, Fin Ch, blk.dw.female, born 4.1.2000,(A-parents)Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,+358 9 2235346
Sarahill Chase the Sun FIN31698/03, blk.dw.female, born 2003, (A-parents), Rinkinen Jaana & Peltola Marko, Finland,
Sarahill Cicciolina FIN26033/98, blk.dw.female, born 19.3.1998 Tuomainen Ritva, Finland
Sarahill D'Artagnan, FIN23041/00,blk.dw.male, born 4.1.2000,(A-parents)  Niina Kettunen c/o Saara Kumpulainen, Finland, +358 9 2235346
Sarahill Deci-Dela, blk.dw.female, born: 17.2.2000 (A-parents) Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,+358 9 2235346
Sarahill Emporio Armani, blk.min.male, born: 17.2.2000, (A-parents) Sanna Teperi c/o Saara Kumpulainen, Finland, +358 9 2235346
Sarahill Hounds O'Love FIN15870/04, blk.dw.female, born 5.11.2003 (A-parents) Minna Paasikunnas, Finland
Sarahill It's Only Love FIN15869/04, blk.dw.male, born 5.11.2003 (A-parents)  Nathalie Thunnissen, Netherlands
Sarahill Laura Paucini, FIN18039/97,Int&Fin&Est&Dk&N Ch, blk.toy.female, born 7.12.1996, Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,
Sarahill Love On The Run FIN15868/04, blk.dw.male, born 5.11.2003 (A-parents)  Karin Kratt, Estonia
Sarahill Love-Sick FIN31697/03, blk.toy.male, born 12.3.2003 (A-parents)  Satu Mikkonen, Finland
Sarahill Love To Eugenios FIN31699/03,blk.toy.female, born 12.03.03 (A-parents) Tone Fischer-Bekkåsen Norway
Sarahill Love's Divine FIN15871/04, blk.dw.male, born 5.11.2003 (A-parents) Jaana Ruokolainen, Finland
Sarahill Make Dreams FIN 32686/02, ?.min.male, born April 01, 2002 (04-4093) Anne Myhrbraaten, Norway
Sarahill Nina Ricci,FIN23910/00,blk.toy.female, born: 17.2.2000 (A-parents) Mirja Ovitz c/o Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,+358 9 2235346
Sarahill One More Time, FIN23042/00, Fin Ch JW-00, blk.dw.male,born 4.1.2000,(A-parents) M. Hedman c/o S. Kumpulainen, Finland,
Sarahill Primaballerina, FIN36799/05, blk.toy.female, born 14.03.2005 (A-parents), Maarit Karlsson, Finland
Sarahill Que Sera Sera, FIN17518/02, blk.toy.female, born 2002, (A-parents) Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,+358 9 2235346
Sarahill Stella Gemella, Fin&S Ch. FIN36869/99, blk.toy.female, born 1999,Saara Kumpulainen, Finland,+358 9 2235346
Sarahill Vera Chanzonet FIN42417/00, blk.dw.female, born 7.9.2000, Tuomainen Ritva, Finland
Sarahill Vice Versa FIN18603/99, Multi Ch. blk.dw.male, born 1999, Ritva Tuomainen, Finland
Sarahill Vorrei Amare FIN17676/02, blk.dw.male, born 25.12.2001 Owner: Saara Kumpulainen, Finland
Sarahill Well I'm Blest FIN31600/03, blk.toy.female, born 12.3.2003 (A-parents) Chie Ejima, Japan
Sarasota's Show Me The Money, Am.Can.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 7-30-2002
Sauvage High Hearted, blk.toy.female, born 2003, Jannike Bergvall, Sweden
Sauvage Solitary Man, blk.toy.male, born 2003, Lorraine Young, Australia
Sawawhite's Alan McToy  FIN 17981/04 V, wh.toy.male, born 12.01.2004, (A-parents)Marja-Leena Pietikäinen, Finland
Sawawhite's Andy McToy FIN 17980/04 V, wh.toy.male, born 12.01.2004, (A-parents) Satu Luojus, Finland
Sawawhite's Angela McToy FIN 17982/04 V, wh.toy.female, born 12.01.2004, (A-parents) Riitta Kekkonen, Finland
Sawawhite's Illusion ,FIN 24276/04, wh.min.female, born 27.03.2004, (A-parents),  Lena Jonsson and Monica Olsson, Sweden,
Sawawhite's Impression ,FIN 24277/04, wh.min.female, born 27.03. 2004, (A-parents), Monica Olsson, Sweden,
Sawawhite's Inspiration ,FIN 24278/04, wh.min.female, born 27.03 2004, (A-parents), Sari Wahlström, Finland,
Sawawhite's Macedonian Sun FIN 12980/05 V,wh.toy.male, born30.11.2004,(A-parents)I Stefanovska/Tosko Grozdanov,Macedonia
Sawawhite's  Midnight MoonFIN 12981/05 V, wh.toy.male, born 30.11.2004, (A-parents)Saara and Veera Tiainen, Finland
Sawawhite's Morning Star FIN 12982/05 V, wh.toy.male, born 30.11.2004, (A-parents)Terttu Korpela, Finland
Sawawhite's Mr Airy Arabeska  FIN 12979/05 V, wh.toy.male, born 30.11.2004, (A-parents) Victoria Denisova, Russia
Sawawhite's Sensation,FIN 10782/04, wh.min.male, born 2004, (A-parents) Monica Olsson, Sweden
Saxbyn's Fabulous Female S52120/2004 blk.min.female, born 040707, (A-parents), Malin Månsson Sweden
Saxbyn's Fanciful Female S52119/2004 blk.min.female, born 040707, (A-parents), Carina Sonne, Sweden
Saxbyn's Fetching Female, S41310/2001, blk.min.female, born June 12, 2001(04-1861) Christina Nilsson, Sweden
Saxbyn's Fortunate Female S52121/2004 blk.min.female, born 040707, (A-parents), Christina Nilsson, Sweden
Saxbyn's Key To My Heart, S50950/2002, blk.min. female, born Aug 14, 2002 ( 04-1873), Christina Nilsson, Sweden
Saxbyn's My Special Sweet-Heart S52126/2004 blk.min.female, born 040705, (A-parents), Lena Lindberg, Sweden
Saxbyn's Satisfy My Heart S52125/2004 blk.min.female, born 040705, (A-parents), Ann & Ewa Waglund, Sweden
Saxbyn's Seduce My Heart S52124/2004 blk.min.female, born 040705, (A-parents), Viveka Hansson & Christina Nilsson, Sweden
Saxbyn's Steals My Heart S52122/2004 blk.min.male,  born 040705, (A-parents), Gunilla Palm, Sweden
Saxbyn's Straight To My Heart S52123/2004 blk.min.male, born 040705, (A-parents), Lilian Lysell, Sweden
Saxbyn's Summer in My Heart S52127/2004 blk.min.female, born 040705, (A-parents), Marie Rubin, Sweden
Seabrook Divinely Sinful, blk.toy.female, born 7. April 2006,  Shaun Leach,

Seductive Summerwind S10931/98, blk.toy.dw. born Nov 4, 1997 (04-3331) Carina Nilsson, Sweden
Seductive Thunderwhip S10928/98, blk.dw.male, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Seductive Witchcraft S17490/99, blk.toy.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Sejcon Columbine INTCH, DKCH, VDHCH, si.dw.female, born 1996, Pia Conradsen,Denmark
Sejcon Grey Daydream, si.dw.female, born 2001, (A-parents), Pia Conradsen, Denmark
Sejcon Grey Evita, si.dw.female, born 2002, (A-parents), Pia Conradsen, Denmark
Sejcon Grey Eiyo, si.dw.male, born 2002, (A-parents), Gunda Poulsen, Denmark,  0045 97931170
Sejcon Grey Flash, DK02113/03, si.dw. Male, born 24.Jan,2003,  Gunda Poulsen, Denmark 0045 97931170
Sem'Antique Brown Prince des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brn.dw.male, born Dec. 12. 2001 , Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Senorio of Shikarah's, S51615/2001, S.Ch. blk.min. male, born 1.June 2000, Madeleine Bergendahl, Sweden
Sexy Leg's Cute Prince Raindrop, S48813/2002, blk.dw.male, born july 08, 2002, Sanna Arvidsson, Sweden
Sexy Leg`s Only One Woman S14281/2005, blk.dw. female, born dec 27 2004 (A-parents) Monica Ericsson, Sweden
Sexy Leg's Sealed With A Kiss, S12653/03, blk.toy.female, born January 13-2003, Monica Ericsson, Sweden
Sexy Leg`s Silence Is Golden S14279/2005, blk.dw.male, born dec 27 2004 (A-parents) Monica Ericsson, Sweden
Sexy Leg's Sparkling Electra  S19218/2004 , blk.dw.female, born 2004, Anette Källberg, Sweden
Sexy Leg`s Stand By Me S 14280/2005, blk.dw.male, born dec 27 2004 (A-parents) Monica Ericsson, Sweden
Sharbelle Jackpot Southhampton, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 1995.   Heather Pitcher ,phone:207-882-7203
Sharbelle Small Change, si.toy.male,born  Oct 18, 97, Margaret Cooper/Carol Bowlin
Sharwood Blaze of Glory, red.toy.male, born 2/12/2005 (06-455), Sharon Burke, USA,
Sharwood Roses Are Red, red.min.female, born 10/28/2004 (06-452), Sharon Burke,USA,
Sharwood Ruby Slippers,, born 4/6/2003 (06-454), Sharon Burke, USA,
Sharwood Teeka Belle, apr. toy.female, born 4/25/99 (06-457), Sharon Burke, USA,
Sherfame's Oreo Delight O'Sutphin, crm.toy.male, born 2/23/01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sherfames Rachels Fire,red.toy.female, born 7/6/95, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sherfames Whitney Houston, blk.toy.female, born 8/1/98, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Shirellan Sarewa, FIN19163/04, brn.min.female, born  Feb 04, 2004 (05-1532) Marina and Jessica Palander, Inkoo, Finland
Silde Havenly(Heavenly) Kisses. Am.Ch. si.min.male,born ?,   Diehl Dorrit, contact:
Silhou Eliza Dolittle, PP612397/01, blk.min.female, born June 24, 1999, June Bierwas,
Silkwind El Nino, Am.Ch. brn.toy.male, born 7-9-97,
Silkwind Gentltmen Nevertell, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 7-9-97,
Silverado Secret Status, Am.Ch. blk.mi.female, born 2000, Barbara Curry,
Silverado Speaker of the House, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born2000, Barbara Curry,
Silverado State of Mind, blk.min.female,born 2001,   Barbara Curry,
Silverado State of the Art, blk.min.male, born 2001, Jennie Sculac, Australia. (360) 263-1356.
Silverado Statesman, Am.Ch.blk.min.male, born 1999, Barbara Curry,
Silverado Status Dot Com, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 2000,    Barbara Curry,
Silverado Syntax, Am.Ch. blk.min.female,born 1995, Barbara Curry,
Silver Edgar Toy of Mirror Home, Aust Ch.NHSB2224796, si.toy.male, born Nov21-1998 (03-3943),D.Shackleford/J.Seckold,Aust
Silver Joker Barbie Bijou, si. dw.female, 30 cm, born 10.02.2003 (08-1892), Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker Conte Clyde, Int.Ch, si.dw. male, 30 cm, born 03.10.2003 ( 08-1899), Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker Ens Etoile, Ch. si.toy.female, 28 cm, born 29.06.2004 (08-1900), Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker Gina Lolo, Ch. si.toy.female, 25.5 cm, born 01.02.2006 (08-1895), Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker I'm Pretty, si.toy.female, 27 cm, born 19.01.2007 (08-1891), (A-parents) Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker Jungle Lady, si.toy.female, 27 cm, born 05.04.2007(08-1897), Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker Lolly Pop, si.dw.female, born 28.08.2007 (08-1893), Gyula Sárközy,
Silver Joker Merry Melody, Ch. si.toy.female, 26 cm, born 17.10.2002 (08-1894), Gyula Sárközy,

Silver X-Surprise from Beautyfull White Dream, si.dw.male, born (08-559), Brigitte Haase, Germany,

Siimline's Livin La Vida Loca, si.toy.female, born sept-04,  Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Silhou's Johnny of America, S 15249/2003, blk.min.male, born September 16, 2002 (04-4494) Kerstin Johansson,Sweden
Simply the Best of Twist Castle, ?.mi.,male, born March 01, 2001 (05-9020), Ria & Cor
Sisco's Casa Strega Piccolo Rosso, ?.toy.male, born  October 31, 2003 (04-2232) Joy Cenicola, USA
Sisterhood Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S10875/2001, apr.dw.female, born 2001.  Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Skrimshaw's NY Tymes, white min male, born 2001, Sandy Gonyea,
Skywalker's Mr. Bucks, Am Ch.PP624051/01 brn.toy.male ,born 04/03/00  owner/breeder Nettie Weber
Sol-Enens Jade-Zanzara´de Belle S12097/99 s Sf.Int.Nord.Ch, blk.toy.female, born 98.11-17(04-4190) Susanne Johansson, Sweden
Solnes Be witched 18040/02, brn.toy.female, born 02/12-2002 (04-3854), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Black Bacardi, blk.toy.female, born Nov 16-05,  Bruno Nodalli, Italy 
Solnes Crazy Thing Called Love N02090/99, blk.dw.male, born Oct 23, 1998, 04-1831, Gerda Janssen, Holland
Solnes Dancing Tessa reg no 04449/01, N.Ch. blk.?.female, born ?, (04-3906)Kari Madsen /Solveig Næss, Norway
Solnes Dancing Mistie reg no 20787/03, blk.?.female, born ? (A-parents),  Kari Madsen, Norway,
Solnes Dubbel Black Vodka S59464/2004 blk.toy.male, born ?, M.Hermansson, C.Toth & E.Öhman, Sweden /
Solnes Holly Marie 09597/98, brn.toy.female, born 09/01-1998 (05-1816),  Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes It Had To Happen (Imp Nwy), Aust Ch, 13222/93, blk.toy.male, born 13Nov1992, Stewart Budd and Roger Schipp,
Solnes Kaus On The Dance Floor 17955/04, brn.dw.female, born 10/12-2003 (04-4646), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes King Leopold 21880/04, apr.toy.male, born 11/06-2004 (04-4649), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Mamba Dancing 16460/01, blk.toy.female, born 12/12-2000 (04-4118), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Mr. Irish Coffee,Ch. brn. toy male born 1-11-1993, Gerda Janssen, Holland
Solnes Rain and Thunder 23251/02, blk.toy.male, born 4 Febr 2002 (03-128), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Rain Dance 1228500/00,Int.Nord.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 18 Jan 2000 (03-127), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Raindrops in Alaya 03187/04, blk.toy.female, born 23/02-2003 (04-2198), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Ravell Tarantel 05123/04, blk.toy.male, born 02/02-2004 (04-1336), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Red Ruby 23105/00, apr.toy.female, born 01/07-2000 (05-1817), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Tia Maria  07325/03, brn.toy.female, born 05/01-2003 (04-467), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Walking on Sunshine 22575/02, apr.toy.female, born 04/03-2002 (04-4117), Solveig  Næss, Denmark
Solnes Red Hot Chili, S16972/2003, Ch. apr.toy.male, born ?. Mona Hermansson & Charlotte Toth, Sweden,
Solnes Sun Dance,Nord.Ch. N 12286/00, blk.toy.female, born 18.jan.2000 MarieCharlotte Eriksson, Sweden
Solnes The Wizard From Os, S55037/2002, Ch. brn.dw.female, born ? Mona Hermansson & Charlotte Toth, Sweden,
Soltar's Dancewithhaydee FIN34245/03, blk min.female, born April 26, 2003, (05-27) Ritva Tuomainen, Finland
Soltar's Eternity, FIN28470/96, blk.min.male, born 17.3.1996, (04-4099)  Jukka Lillstrang, Estonia
Soltar's Fashion, FIN39839/03, blk.min.male, born 28.6.2003, (04-4098) Liisa Ala-Honkola, Finland
Songbird American Beauty, white min, F, born 9/01/, (A-parents), (860)291-8211
Songbird Blondes Have More Fun, white min female, born 2003 (A-parents) Songbird Miniature Poodles,
Songbird Cinbren BarKing Mist, si.min.female, born 2002 (A-parents) ,Beva Wahl, Kathy Poe, Susan Jones, NancyPalauskas,
Songbird Escape to Random Wind, blk.min.female, (A-parents) Black Female, Leslie & Suzanne Newing,
Songbird Holy Smoke, blue mini female, born 2001, Nancy Palauskas,
Songbird Rainbow Sky, wh.min.female, born 2002 (A-parents), Nancy Palauskas,
Songbird Rock My Way, Am.Ch. wh.min.male, born 9/30/99 phone (860)291-8211,
Songbird Sandstorm Saketumi, white min female, born 2003 (A-parents) owner Joann Neal,
Songbird Saratoga, black min, M born 4/01/, (A-parents), (860)291-8211
Songbird Seashells, white min female, born 1998, Sandy Gonyea,
Songbird Serenade, Am.Ch.blk.min.female, born 1/26/99 phone (860)291-8211,
Songbird Sexy N' Single, black min F, born 10/01/, (A-parents),
Songbird Silhouette,Am.Ch. blue.min.female, born 6/16/96 phone (860)291-8211,
Songbird Silver illusion,Am.Ch. si.min. female, born 2000, Nancy Palauskas,
Songbird Silver Shimmer, si.min.female, born 2002, (A-parents), Nancy Palauskas,
Songbird Ultraviolet, si.min.female, born 2002, (A-parents), Nancy Palauskas,
Songbird You Sexy Thing, black min, F,born 10/01, (A-parents) (860)291-8211,  Leslie & Suzanne Newing Random Wind
Sonora's Almost Heaven, si.min.female, born April 5, 95 Margaret Cooper/Marilyn  Pauley
Sonora Diamonds are Forever, PP 523 990/06, si.toy.female, born April 18, 1997 (A-parents) Margaret Cooper,
Sonora's Gun Runner, PR 015 393/03, si.min.male, born October 1, 2002, Margaret Cooper,
Sonora's Ice Magic, PP 494 136/03, si.toy.female, born June 30, 1996, Margaret Cooper,
Sonora's Silver Streak, Am.Ch. PP 626 255/02, si.toy.male, born May 24, 2000, Margaret Cooper,
Sonora's Silver Thunder, si.toy.male, born  Jan 24, 94 Margaret Cooper
Sonyboys Who's That Child blk.dw.female born 1/4 2000  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Southampton Dartagnan Bazaar, Multi.Ch. blk. toy male, Phone: 004764874636, fax: 004764876524,(Norway)
Southampton Little Dividend, blk.toy.female, Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Southampton One Touch O’Magic, Am.Ch. PP54289501 brn.toy male, Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Southampton One Touch O’ Velvet PP56844101 blk.toy. female, Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
Southampton Unique Monique, Am.Ch. blk.toy.female, born 1997,  Stephanie Steinbrecker, phone: 215-699-9609
South Paws' Black Orchid, blk.min.female, born1997,  Cheryl Wyatt .  864-338-9969
South Paws' Brown Sugar Kisses,Am.Ch. brn.min.female, born 2000,   Cheryl Wyatt 864-338-9969
South Paws' Friendship Betrayed, brn.min.female, born 2000,  Cheryl Wyatt  864-338-9969
South Paws' Starbuck Obsession, Am.Ch. brn.min.male, born 2000,  Cheryl Wyatt.  864-338-9969
Special Attraction Belana's Way, NHSB: 2450010 , blk.dw.female, born 18-04-03 (A-parents), Marianne v/d Bult/Slooijer
Special Attraction Black Bibi, NHSB: 2378813, blk.dw.female, born 27-11-01,  Marianne v/d Bult/Slooijer
Special Attraction Bono Boy, NHSB:2357499, blk.dw.male, born 24-04-01, Marianne v/d Bult/Slooijer
Special Attraction Gipsy Girl, Black Toy Bitch born 27-07-2004 out of A parents. breeder/owner Marianne v/d Bult-Slooijer Holland
Special Attraction Black Lindsay, Born 21-06-2006 (A-parents), Owner I. Niekerk co owner M v/d Bult-Slooijer,  the Netherlands,
Special Attraction Grace Kelly, blk.min.female, born 18-04-04, Marianne v/d Bult/Slooijer
Special Attraction Indiana Jones, NHSB: 2309197, blk.dw.male, born 26-07-00, Marianne v/d Bult/Slooijer
Special Attraction Lion King, blk.dw.male, born 11-04-04 (A-parents), Marianne v/d Bult/Slooijer
Special Attraction Lucky Reno , blk.min.male, born 02-12-05, H. Zwinselman co owner M v/d Bult-Slooijer, The Netherlands 
Special Attraction Mr Bombastic, blk.min.male,  born 17-05-07 (A-parents), Marianne v/d Bult-Slooijer NL email:
Special Attraction Showy Zoë, Black Dwarf Bitch, Born 24-09-05 out of A parents.breeder/owner Marianne v/d Bult-Slooijer Holland
Special Attraction Vasti's Bingo, blk.min.female, born 18. Apr. 2004   Vasti Storm, Holland

Splash Indeed S19061/2002v , Swed Ch. wh.min.male,  born 2002. Doris Backe, Sweden
Splash More Than That S12008/2002s, blk.min.female, born 2001. Doris Backe, Sweden
Splash Take Of, S57566/97, blk.min.male, born 28 Nov.1997, G. Bannink/Heling, Holland
Sporrens All Over, RKF 1355285, Rus.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 23.08.02, Victoria Denisova, Russia
Sporrens Baking-Powder S59119/2002, wh.dw.male, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Staedline´s Happy Hour, S55716/2002, blk.toy.female, born  Oct 07, 2002 (04-531) Pernilla Ritheim, Sweden
Stanlej Dancing Off to Inapat's, brn.toy.?, born ?  (A-parents) May-Britt Galley, Norway
Stanlej from Brown Mr. Ch. N11050/00, brn.dw.male, born March 01, 2000 (04-1902), May-Britt Galley, Norway
Stanlej Midnight Dancer, N17488/02, brn.toy.female, born Apr 22, 2002  (05-2422), May-Britt Galley, Norway
Stanlej Midnight Music, ?.?.?, born ?, (A-parents)   May-Britt Galley, Norway
Stanlej Sir James, 18832/04, ?.dw.male, born June 28, 2004 (05-3104), May-Britt Galley, Norway
Sporrens Silver Keyring, S11371/2000, si.dw.male, born Nov 11. 1999 (04-4522) Margrethe Toubro, Haganes, 5357 Fjell, Norway
Sporrens Silver Kimono, si. dwarf female, born 1999, Phone: 0046303334944 (Sweden)
Staedline's Magic Mirror S17573/2002 S.CH. blk.toy.female, born 2002, Alexandra & Lena Staedler, Sweden
Staedline's Crazy In Love, blk.toy.female, born 2003 (A-parents)  Lena Staedler, Sweden
Staedline's Honey-Moon, blk.dw.female, born 2002, Lena Staedler & Katarina Sundström, Sweden
Staedline's Seald With A Kiss, blk.dw.male, born 2003 (A-parents)  Annica Lindholm, Sweden
Staedline's Simply The Best, blk.dw.male, born 2003 (A-parents)  Lisbeth Sandberg, Sweden
Staedline's Tina Turner,NUCH SUCH, blk.dw.female, born 2000  Lena Staedler, Sweden
Starshine Darkover Comynara, blk.min.female, born 09/20/1999, Dorothy Wroblewski,
Starshine Darkover Talisman, blk.min.male,  born 01/01/2000,  Dorothy Wroblewski,
Starzniki Karaliaus Mylimasis, si.toy.female, born Jan 15, 2003 Alla Forunina, Lithuania/USA
Starwood Headliner, DK23141/98, wh.toy.male, born June 29, 1996 (03-3690) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Starwood Marie Claire  S18297/2003, blk.toy.female, born Sept 01, 2002, 03-3905, Annika Gustavsson, Sweden
Stefanique Master Mariner, AF03673802, si.min.male, born May 18. 2005 (07-633), David & Hilary Blundell, UK

Strega Daisyhill Dakota Pride PR02203403, ?.min.male, born January 20, 2003 (04-2231) Joy Cenicola, USA
Subria Spinnaker, EN 287413, blk.min.male, born Jul 27/95, Len Harfield, Canada,
Sultane White Isabella, wh.min.female, born 3. April 2003 (06-9735) Sonja & Benny Olsen, Denmark

Summerbreeze van Klein-Nulland,Ch. brn.dw.female, born 2002 (a-parents), Gerda G Janssen, Netherland
Summers' Sassy Red Diva, red.min.female, born July 23, 2002, Vilecia C. Summers,

Sun-Bounty Black Cool Pascale, DKK07320/2006, blk.dw.male, born 12apr06   (06-9730), Mitza Eshington,&Gerda Janssen de Kock, Denmark
Sun-Bounty Brown Stewey DKK22101/2006, brn.dw.male, born 01dec06 (A-parents),  Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Sun-Bounty Jackey In Black DKK 21251/2004, blk.dw.female, born 20oct04, (05-2827) Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Sun-Bounty Nadine in Black  DKK20747/2005, blk.toy.female, born 18oct05, Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Sun-Bounty Nice-Boowie DKK20788/2001 brn.dw.male, born 18dec01( 07-5534) Hanne Juulsgaard & Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Sundance Kid vom Rodauer Forst, brn.toy.male, born Oct 4-00 (04-4261) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Sunkis A Cut Above, si.min.male, born July 17, 2000. Margaret Cooper/Carol Lee Bowlin
Sunkis  Bonfire, PP 625 065/03, red.toy.female, born May 13, 2000 (A-parents) Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Current Affair,Am, born:  Oct 23, 1999, Margaret Cooper & Carol Bowlin
Sunkis Double Trouble, PR 001 660/03, apr.toy.male, born March 7, 2002 (A-sire, dam from A-parents) Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Forever Love, PP 584 180/03, si.toy.female, born February 25, 1999 (A-parents) Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Golden Boy, Am.Ch. PP 611 249/03, apr.toy.male, born September 20, 1999, Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Hearts a'fire, PP 642 623/04, red.toy.female, born February 14, 2001(A-parents) Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Just My Style, si.min.female,  born:  Oct 10, 1999  Margaret Cooper & Carol Bowlin
Sunkis Magic Sunbeam, red.toy.female,  born:  Oct 26, 2000, Margaret Cooper & Carol Bowlin
Sunkis Red Hot Paprika, Am.Ch.PP 584 090/02, red.toy.male, born Feb 13, 1999, Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Silver Smoke, Ch. PP 645 779/03, si.toy.male, born April 10, 2001 (A-Parents) Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Star Fire, PP 563 558/04, red.toy.female, born August 19, 1998, Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis Stocking Stuffer, PR 004 615/03, red.toy.male, born May 4, 2002, Margaret Cooper,
Sunkis the Magic Lamp,Am/Mex/Intl Ch. apr.toy.male, born  Nov 26, 1997, Cooper /Lee Bowlin/J McKinley
Sunni-Ike Kiss Me Kate, S55319/2001, blk.dw.female, born  Sept 23, 2001(#: 04-1818) Annika Gustavsson, Sweden
Sunni-Ike Nobody but Yoa, Fin.Ch. FIN42373/01, wh.dw.male, born 24 Aug 2001, Pia Forsman, Finland
Sunni-Ike Rock me Amadeus 60478/2005, S.Ch.  blk.dw.male, born 26/8-05  Christina Jonsson, Sweden

Sunraze Don't Look Back (A-parents)
Sunraze Made Ya Look, Am.Ch. PP508829/05 brn.min.female, born 1997
Sunraze Shez Got The Look, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1994
Sunraze Ready to Rumble, ?.min. born ?   (A-parents)
Sunraze Striptease, Am.Ch. blk.min.female, born 1998 (A-parents)
Superplush Brown Brazil, SHSB-Nr. 624788, brn.dw.male, 2. Nov. 2003,  Manuela Schwarz, Switzerland,
Superplush Brown Delhi, SHSB-Nr. 644487, brown dwarf female, 27. Sept. 2005 (A-parents): Manuela Schwarz, Switzerland,
Superplush Brown Dinka, SHSB-Nr. 644488, brown dwarf female, 27. Sept. 2005 (A-parents), Manuela Schwarz, Switzerland,
Super Sonik's Simply Sexy Legs, brn.dw.female, born july 16,2002, Monica Ericsson&Anette Johansson, Sweden
Super Sonik's Simply the Best, S.Ch. S35058/98, brn.dw.female, born May 7, 1998, (04-3955) Yvonne & Göran Andersson, Sweden
Superstar's Christmas Love Dance, blk.toy.female, born Dec 29-05 (A-parents) Mr Bruno Nodalli, Italy
Superstar's Christmas Dream Dance, blk.toy.female, born Dec 29-05 (A-parents) Mrs Lisbeth & Georg Mach
Superstar's X' Last Black Dream, blk.toy.female, born 1th Nov 2001, Georg Mach, Switzerland, Tel. 0041 41 660 50 63 /  Fax 0041 41 660 50 63
Sutphin's American Hero O'Sherfame, red.toy.male, born  9/11/02, (A-parents), Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Bianca Pinjarra, blk.toy.female, born 2-15-01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Bonifide Sherfame, crm.toy.male, born 4-17-2000, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Bonnie Blue Butler, red.toy.female, born 4/26/03, (A-parents), Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Champagne Bubbles, crm.toy.female, born 8/4/01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Chocolate Parfait, brn.toy.male.born 3/27/03, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Coco Cappuccino, blk.toy.female, born 4/12/02, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Crystal Daze, crm.toy.female, born 12/9/02, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Enduring Freedom, crm.toy.female, born 2/1/02, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Flamin Red Aries, red.toy.female, born 3-15-03 (A-parents) Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Hope For Punky, red.toy.female, born 5/27/02, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Lady Of Miracle's, apr.toy.female, born 7/30/01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Midsummer Nights Dream, red.toy.female, born 7/27/01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Rhett Butler, red.toy.male, born 12/13/01, Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's Sienna Sunset, red.toy.female, born 3/3/04,  (A-parents), Linda Sutphin, 301-472-9047,
Sutphin's El Zorro, blk.toy.male, born 2001, Linda Sutphin, 301-473-4860
Sutphin's Ity Bity Bullet, si.toy.male, born 2000, Linda Sutphin, 301-473-4860
Sutphin's Lil Bit-O-Luck, red.toy.male, born 2000, Linda Sutphin, 301-473-4860
Sweetooth Sudddenly, blk.toy.male, born 2004, (A-parents),  Lorraine Young, Australia
Sweet Stuff Heart Of Mine, blk.dw.male, born 22.Mai 09 ( A-parents)  Anette Källberg, Sweden
Sweet Stuff  Lady Luck ,blk.dw.female, born 22.Mai 09 ( A-parents)  Anette Källberg, Sweden
Sweet Stuff My Number One,blk.dw.female, born 22.Mai 09 ( A-parents)  Anette Källberg, Sweden
Sweet Stuff Silver In Your Dreams, si.dw.female, born 13.Aug 07, Anette Kjällberg, Sweden
Sweet Stuff Silver Angel of Love, si.dw.female, born 13.Aug 07, Anette Kjällberg, Sweden
Sweet Stuff Someone Special, blk.dw.female, born 22.Mai 09 ( A-parents)  Anette Källberg, Sweden
Sweet Stuff The Light In Our Soul,  blk.dw.male, born 22.Mai 09 ( A-parents)  Anette Källberg, Sweden
Sylon's & Youngster's One Mor Tri- Am.Ch. brn.toy.female, born 10/4/2000 Russ Young
Synergy's Lord of the Ring, Ch.PR01986301. wh.toy.male, born April 1 (08-8372), 2003. Jin & Kelly Wagoner.

Updated 010209

Tabledancer von Ziethnereck, brn.dw.male, born Jan 25-98 (04-4038) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Tamango's Stormie Misty Moon, PP 495 752-02, wh, toy.female,born 1996,Gail Zamora,
Tantalite Foxmore Frankie, Am.Ch. blk.toy. ?,  born ?  Tawnya Bobst
Tantalite Im Jazzy Too, Am.Ch. blk.toy.?, born ?   Tawnya Bobst
Tantalite Snow, wh. ?, female, born?,   Tawnya Bobst
Tantalite Tova, blk.toy. ?, born ?   Tawnya Bobst
Tantalite  Tristan, blk.toy.male, born 13.March 2002, Tawnya A Bobst,
Tantalite Tuula, blk.toy.?, born ?   Tawnya Bobst
Tanzen Byte Me, min.male, born ?
Tanzen Dreams Are Free ,min.female,born ?
Tanzen Muffin's Dream,Am.Can.Int.Ch. TP  PP54610901, blk.min.female, born 29. Dec. 1997, Eva Marie Mitchell/Gail Bjorge
Tanzen in Your Dreams, Am.Ch. blk.min.male, born 2000,
Tanzen Wildest Dreams, Am.Ch. blk. min. female, born 1997,
Tasmana's Red Sky in Heaven N 17394/04, apr.?.Male, born ? (04-397) Kari Madsen,
Thelma Black Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.female, born Au. 4. 2002, Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Thunderwhip´s Basilika S55615/2004, wh.toy.female, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Byron Beauty S54645/2004, blk.toy.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Chardonnay S59019/2000 blk.dw.female, born 2000, Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Citrina S54644/2004, blk.toy.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Constance Elliot S54643/2004, blk.toy.male, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Cox Orange, apr.dw.female, born 22/10 2004 A by parents  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Digital S56726/2002, blk.dw.male,  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Display S56727/2002, blk.toy.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Dreamweaver, wh.toy.female, born 16/10 2004 (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Frontpage, wh.toy.female, born 16/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Golden Delicious, apr.dw.female, born 22/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Granny Smith, apr.dw.male, born 22/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip's Heart of Love, blk.toy.female, born 26/1 2003 Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Heart of Stone, blk.dw.male, born 26/1 2003 Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Illustrator, wh.dw.male, born 16/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s In Design, wh.dw.female, born 16/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Jack Junior S19050/2003 blk.dw.male, born 2003 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Jelly Boy S19051/2003 blk.dw.male, born 2003(A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Jewel Girl S19052/2003 blk.toy.female, born 2003(A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Joker S46858/2001, blk.dw.male, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Jolly S46857/2001, blk.dw.male, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Just A Little Girl S46860/2001, blk.dw.female, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Just Madonna S46859/2001, blk.dw.female, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Lifetime Love S27092/2003, blk.dw.male, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Lovely Boy S27093/2003, blk.dw.male, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Outlook, wh.dw.male, born 16/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Red Delicious, apr.dw.female, born 22/10 2004  (A-parents) Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Salvia S55614/2004, wh.toy.female, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Thunderbolt S21336/2002, blk.toy.female, born ? Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Thunderstorm S21335/2002, brn.dw.male, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Timjan S55613/2004, wh.toy.male, born ?  Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Zucchini S31661/2002 wh.toy.male, born 2002, Ewa Öhman, Sweden
Thunderwhip´s Cashev Nut S67103/2004,brn.dw.male, born 2004-10-21 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Chico Y Bravo S68846/2005, blk.toy.male, born 2005-11-04 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Crazy Coconut S48801/2002, brn.toy.female, born 2002-06-25, Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Curry S37149/2005, wh.dw.male, born 2005-04-06 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Hazel Nut S67105/2005,blk.dw.female, born 2004-10-21 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Kummin S37150/2005, wh.toy.male, born 2005-04-06 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Orange Daylight S57356/2005, apr.toy.female, born 2005-08-08 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Orange Daydream S57355/2005, apr.toy.female, born 2005-08-08 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Orange Habanero S20958/2005, apr.toy.male, born 2005-02-01, Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Peacan Nut S67104/2004, brn.toy.female, born 2004-10-21 (A-parents) Owner: Ewa Fredriksson, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Pequeño Y Amistoso S68848/2005, blk.toy.female, born 2005-11-04 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Pequeno Y Bonita S54124/2004, brn.dw.female, born 2004-07-14,  Monica Gulle, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Stop Talking S64687/2005, blk.toy.female, born 2005-10-12 (A-parents), Anita Nordman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Troja S20657/2005, brn.dw.female, born 2005-02-02, Helene Engqvist, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Try to Stop S64686/2005, blk.toy.male, born 2005-10-12 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s US of America S59204/2003, blk.toy.female, born 2003-09-13, Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Very Seductive S59212/2003,blk.dw.female, born 2003-09-16, Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Vestido De Negro S68847/2005, blk.toy.male, born 2005-11-04 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Whitout a Stop S64688, brn.toy.female, born 2005-10-12 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Wilda S41844/2005, brn.dw.female, born 2005-05-17 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Wille S41843/2005, brn.dw.male, born 2005-05-17 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s Wilma S41845/2005, brn.dw.female, born 2005-05-17 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Thunderwhip´s You are the one S49345/2005,blk.toy.male, born 2005-07-16 (A-parents), Ewa Öhman, Sweden,
Tiara Ivan,AKC PR02478307, crm,st.male, born July 2, 2003, Julie Borst Reed,
Tickatee At the Point 10006/2005,blk.toy.male, born Dec 7-2004 (A-parents),  Eva Valinger, Sweden
Tickatee Dot Com S39399/2002,wh.toy.female, born June 16-2002 (04-1130), Eva Valinger, Sweden
Tickatee Winzip, S39398/2002, ?.min.male, born Jun 16, 2002, Hannalena Martinsson, Sweden,
Tiffany from the Diligent Valley, NHSB: 2201114,Dutch Ch,blk.dw.female, born 18-06-98, M.v/d Bult Slooijer, NL
Tiffany v. Klein-Nulland, NHSB 2463004, blk.toy.female, born June 27 2003, (04-2776), Anneliese Rabaschus, Germany
Tinelund's Silver Shersmin S32564/2000  si.min.female, born 2000 Ylva Jakobsson Sweden
Tinkilee's 14 Karat Can (Imp Can)Ch. red.toy.male, born 2003,   Nola Westren, Australia
Tinkilee's Dark Secret, Am.Can.Ch. 1070532 blk.toy.male. born 2002,   Marion Usher, Canada
Tinkilee's Justa Lil Boy Aust/Can/Am Ch. blk.toy.male, born 1996  Nola Westren, Australia
Tinkilee's Lil Albert, blk.toy.male, born Nov 24. 2002,  Anita Schwaller, Germany
Tinkilee's Maine Swinger, Aust & Can Ch, blk.toy.male, born 1997  Nola Westren, Australia
Tinkilee's The Red Boi, LG747245 red.male.toy, born 2001  Marion Usher, Canada
Tinkilee's Trivia, Am.Can.Ch, PP639121/01 blk.toy.female, born 2001  Marion Usher, Canada
Tirkane All About Alfie, AE03629902, ?.toy.male, born July 27, 2004 (07-302), Marlies Morzik & Elke  Hennecke & Ann  Ingram & Kay Ryan
Tirkane Howards Way, blk.toy.male, born 2004,  Tarmo Viirtel, Finland,
TLC's-Hagimaki Sensi, Am.Int'l.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 2000, T L Clark,
Torquay Specially Brewed, Am.Ch. red min.female, born May 6, 1997 , Tom Sanew,
Toy Gambler Cassie Balou, ?.dw.male, born 12. Nov. 2000 (05-2828) Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Toy Gambler Cassie Balou, DKK20297/2000, blk.dw.female, born 11dec00   (05-2828),  Mitza Eshington, Denmark
Toy Gambler Chére Claudine DKK15458/2001, brn.toy,female, born 25aug01, contact: Mitza Eshington, Denmark 
Toylands Pompi Carme' Marquise, si.toy.male, born 1998, Carol Meyer:
Toyopet Dreams are Free 4100099794, ?.toy.female, born August 22, 2003 (05-6122), Helen Bright, Australia
Toyoped Morbounztothounz 4100090828, blk.toy.male, born 28.Nov.2002 (04-1218) Helen EJ Bright, Australia
Toyopet SongNDanz Man 4100062588, blk.toy.male, born 25.Oct.2000, (04-1217)  Helen EJ Bright, Australia
Toyopet Wicked I am, blk.toy.male, born 2004 (04-4377), H E J Bright, Australia
Toyway Angels Kiss    FIN10385/02, black toy female, born August 12, 2001 (03-3691) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Toyway Angel of Life FIN10386/02, blk.toy.female, born August 12, 2001 (05-7723) Loviisa Salin, Finland
Toyway Boys Are Boys, blk.toy.male, born 30.Aug 01 (03-2673) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Toyway Bum's Rush, FIN40739/04, blk.dwarf female, born July 03, 2004 (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Toyway Cutting Jokes, FIN38829/04, blk.toy male, born July 26, 2004 (A-parents), Tuija Kallio, Finland,
Toyway Free Wish, FIN28368/99,blk.toy.female, born April 30, 1999 (04-2082) Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Fun for Executive FIN28367/99, blk.toy.female, born 1999, Kari Jonna, Finland
Toyway How about me, blk.dw.?, born 28 Aug 2002 ( 05-42), Anita Schwaller, Germany
Toyway Idle Rumor, blk.toy.?, born 28.01.03, (A-parents) owner Margit Kuokkanen, Finland
Toyway In Flames, blk.toy.?,  born 28.01.03, (A-parents), owner Ritva Roisko, Finland
Toyway Just a Panic  FIN40093/99, ?.toy.female, born October 24, 1999 (06-3599), Jouko Leiviskä, Finland
Toyway Just Pretence, FIN17633/03, blk.toy.female, born 2003, Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Toyway Let's Kiss, FIN10384/02, blk.toy.female, born August 12, 2001, (04-3556), Laura Vehvilainen, Finland,
Toyway Lets Rain, FIN30579/97, ?,toy.female, born May 27, 1997, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Lord Of Rings FIN26343/06, blk.toy.male, born 2006, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka, Finland,
Toyway Love Sonnet, FIN32119/03, ?.toy.female, born May 04, 2003 (05-2448)  Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Material Girl, FIN32162/03, ?.toy.female, born May 07, 2003, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Melodie D'Amour, FIN29977/00, blk.toy.female, born May 29, 2000, (04-2810) Miia Roisko, Finland
Toyway Nimble Nipper, FIN34385/00, blk.toy.male, bornJuly 06, 2000 (03-2556)  Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Pay Me In Cash, SF16973/94,Multi.Ch. blk.toy.male, born Jan 02, 1994 (04-2191)R. M. Aho and J. Leiviskä,Finland
Toyway Personality, Fin.Ch. FIN12612/98, blk..toy.male, born December 23, 1997,Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Public Kiss FIN41694/03, ?.toy.male, born Sept 06, 2003, 04-1286, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Raincloud, blk.toy.female, born 26.8.99, (A-parents),  Edith & Herbert von Bresler, Germany
Toyway Rain Down on Me, FIN44971/02. ?.toy.female, born 1.July 2002 (04-3)  Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Rainjacket, blk.toy.female, born 26.8.99, (A-parents),   Eila Komulainen, Finland
Toyway Rainwarning,FIN  blk.dw.male, born 2005, (A-parents)  Angelika Jansen,
Toyway Super Brat,Fin21026/98, ?.Toy.male, born March 17, 1998 (03-3688) Susanne Preisler, Denmark
Toyway Sweet Pretender, FIN21028/98, blk.toy.female, born March 17, 1998 (04-2083) Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway The Candidness, FIN15190/02, ?.toy.female, born Jan 07-2002 (04-3432) Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway the Explorer, blk.dw.male, born 27.febr.2002, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway the Jobility, blk.dw.male, born 1999, Tiina Mäkinen,
Toyway The Man You Need SF13141/92, blk.toy.male, born 3.2.1992 Rinkinen Jaana, Peltola Marko & Leiviskä Jouko, Finland
Toyway The Special Rain FIN14794/01, ?.toy.female, born January 31, 2001, 04-1287, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway The Way It Is, FIN 24677/01, blk.toy.male, born March 30, 2001, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Toyway Total Panic FIN12840/99, Int&Fin&S Ch, blk.dw.female, born 1998, Minna Kari & Jouko Leiviskä, Finland,
Toyway Trick Or Treat, FIN54841/08, blk.toy.male, born Sept 2008, (A-parents), Virve Tajakka and Jouko Leiviskä, Finland,
Toyway X-marks Thespot, FIN24682/01, blk.dw.male, born 2001m  owner: Ute Eberhardt, Germany
Treasure-Trove's Country Girl, blk.toy.female, born 01-11-06 (07-537), (A- by parents) D. Carpanzano, Germany
Treasure-Trove's Crazy in Love, blk.toy.male, born 01-11-06 (A-parents),   J.H. van Duren, Netherlands,
Treasure-Trove’s Dee-Dee, NHSB 2574866, blk.toy.female, born 08-09-2005 (A-parents)  M. Philipsen, Netherlands
Treasure-Trove's Dreamer, blk.toy.male, born 01-11-06 (A-parents),    N.J.M.E. te Boekhorst-Henrix, Netherlands,
Treasure-Trove's Kiss Me Quick, NHSB 2384120, blk.toy.male, born 17 Jan 2002(05-31) Nicole Te Boekhorst-Henrix, Holland,
Treasure-Trove’s Naughty Girl, blk.dw.female, born 08-11-06 (A by parents), A.G. de Veld, Netherlands
Treasure-Trove’s Party Squad, blk.dw.male, born 08-11-06 (A by parents), R. van Zon, Netherlands
Treasure-Trove’s Rich Girl, blk.dw.female, born 08-11-06 (A by parents) V. Wenders, Germany
Treasure-Trove’s Roxy, NHSB 2574864, brn.toy.female,female, born 08-09-2005 (A-parents) C. Vandorpe, Belgium
Treasure-Trove's Secret, DKK 00344/2005, brn.toy.male, born March 28, 2004 (05-2821) , Dorthe Örholt Nielsen, Denmark
Treasure-Trove’s Tirlittan, NHSB 2574865, brn.toy.female, born 08-09-2005 (A-parents) K. Mikkola, Finnland
Treasure-Trove's True Romance, NHSB2426266, brn.toy.male, born 31.dec.02, N.J.M.E. te Boekhorst-Henrix, Holland,
Treasure-Trove’s Two-Tone Aibo NHSB Bijl. G-2-2574860, harlekin.dw.male, born 05-09-05 (A-parents), A. Peters, Holland,
Treasure-Trove’s Two-Tone Perrita NHSB Bijl. G-2-2574862, harlekin.dw.female, born 05-09-05 (A-parents) C. ter Metz, Holland,
Treasure-Trove’s Two-Tone Sascha  NHSB Bijl. G-2-2574861, harlekin.dw.male, born 05-09-05 (A-parents), L. Kers, Holland,
Treasure-Trove’s Two-Tone Tina  NHSB Bijl. G-2-2574863, harlekin.dw.female, born 05-09-05 (A-parents) Nicole te Boekhorst, Holland,
Trucker´s Got What U Need, FIN31181/02, apr.dw.female, born May 26, 2002, Johanna Markola, Finland
Trucker's Blond Angelique, FIN33194/98, apr. toy female, born 24-08-98, Elisa Ahokas, Finland,
Trucker's Moonspell, FIN44772/03, blk. dw. female, born 19-09-03 (A by parents), Elisa Ahokas, Finland,

Updated 020806
Underry des Supers-Supers ALSH 54994, blk.dw.male, born 21.12.96, ines weiß, Germany
Ups-I do it again, blk.dw.female, born May 13-05, (A-parents),  Carmen Köhler, Germany
Uranie des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brn.min.female, born Apr. 13. 2003 (A-parents), Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Urya des Cerebois de la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.female, born Apr. 13. 2003, Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Ushka des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.female, born Apr. 13. 2003 (A-parents), Nicolas Serac Switzerland

Updated 070707
Valko von Dorada  1682508, harlekin.dw.male, born June 03, 2002 (04-2792), Angelika Jansen, Germany
Valcopy On Sheer Ice, Am.Can.Ch. PP586806/01, wh.toy.male, born Nov. 12, 1998, Elizabeth E. Hilborn & Dana  L. Plonkey, Canada
Vasco Black Prince des Cerbois da la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.male, born Nov. 3. 2004, Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Vega Black Princess des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.toy.female, born Nov 3. 2004 , Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Veralyn's Rebel Without a Cause, blk.dw.male, born Febr. 20. 2004, Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Veralyn`s Exquisit Emily, blk.toy.female, born 190707, Doris Carpanzano, Germany .E-Mail.
Varsity Man of Steel , no more info.
Vaughan's Bewitched,PP60613402, blue toy female, born 1999, Candy M.Vaughan-3 Harter Rd.-Morristown,NJ 07960
Venus in the Moonlight of the Athenian Stars, ?.?.?, born ?, P.Richard  ATHENIAN_STARS@HOTMAIL.COM
Venus in the Moonlight of the Athenian Stars, si.toy.female, born July 21-04, Pet Richard, France
Venus In The Moonlight Only For You, brown, Toy, female, born 16/06/2006, Angelika Jansen, Germany,
Von Bach Waltzing Matilda,  si. toy female, born1996, Ann Addison,
Von Nübbel Aerosmith, blk.min.male, born 10 Aug 2004 (A-parents),  Renate & Svenja Müller ,
Von Nübbel American Affair, blk.min.female, born 10 Aug 2oo4 (A-parents), Renate & Svenja Müller,
Von Nübbel Concordia, blk.dw.female, born 10 June 2005 (A-parents), Hanne Lindhard, DK
Von Nübbel Contre Coupe, blk.dw.male, born 10 June 2005, (A-parents), Renate & Svenja Müller
von Nübbel Fräulein Smilla, blk.min.female, born 26 July 98, Renate& Svenja Müller,
Von Nübbel Ocean Breeze, blk.min.female, born ?, (A-parents)  Hilma Hoffman
von Nübbel  Ole, blk.dw.male, born 29 March 96,  Renate & Svenja Müller,
von Nübbel Pumbaa, blk.min.male, born o4 June 2oo1, Gloria von Zech, Rochambeau Kennel
von Nübbel Venesuella, blk.min.female,   01 Aug 2003, Gloria von Zech
Von Nübbel  Walk On Air, blk.dw.female, born 30 March 2oo3 (A-parents),  Renate& Svenja Müller,
Von Nübbel Wild Rose, blk.min.female, born 30 March 2oo3(A-parents), Bente Skjoldborg Hansen, DK  64831450
von Nübbel Willpower Wulverine, blk.min.male, born 3o March 2oo3, Gloria von Zech
von Nübbel Xuang Lui, blk.dw.female, born 10 Jan 2004, Eva Eis, DK  64421848
Veit Von Den Erzhutten PP671404/01 brn.min.male, born:Dec.29,2001Mildred Bartlett
Vic Secret Compliment Sidabrine Kulka LSKV CAN0982/04, si.min.male,born Jan19. 2004, Johanna & Liisa-Inkeri Kauranen,Finland
VIP Jump'n For Joy, CGC, brn.min.female, born 7-17-00, Jessica Young
Vysokaya Moda iz Zminih Grez, LTU JCH, LTU, BY, RUS, wh.toy.female, born Aug 3, 2000 Alla Forunina, Lithuania/USA

Updated 170208
Wallenberg's Ysola-Bella, DK01446/2003, si.toy.female, born 31.08.2002 (04-4695), Kennel BALI-HAI, Denmark
Wallemos Jessica, N01624/07, blk.toy.female, born Oct 22, 2005 (08-624), Anne Karin Helleberg, Norway

Wanadoo des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.toy.female, born Nov. 11. 2005 (A-parents), Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Wanda des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brn.dw.female, born Febr. 22. 2005,  Nicolas Serac, Switzerland
Waterspride  Indian  Dream at Amberiffic, apr.toy,female, born Aug 13, 2002 , Jackie Webb  UK
Waterspride Vanilla Sky at Amberiffic, wh.toy,female, born Nov 2, 2001 , Jackie Webb  UK
Waterwich Of Loveley Children, blk.min.female, born Jan 21/03, Karin Benker
Watt des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.female, born Nov. 2. 2005 (A-parents), Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Wavir Vivant of Versace PP623923/03, Ch. wh.min.female, DOB 7/11/00 Jennifer Manders 941-685-6658
Whisper des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, blk.dw.female, born Nov. 2. 2005 (A-parents), Nicolas Serac Switzerland
White Crest Frea Wine, PR04836201, blk.min.female, born July 27, 2004 (05-3048), Cathy Carruthers
White Nelly's Diana FIN31599/01,wh.min.female, born June15, 2001  Katja Valkonen,
Winter des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre,blk.dw.male, born Nov. 8. 2005 (A-parents) Nicolas Serac Switzerland
Whiteway's Black Magic,FIN38998/02, blk.min.female, born Aug 08, 2002, Maria Lepänhaara and Anita Hietarinta, Finland
Whiteway's Gipsy Boy, FIN38995/02, Int.Fin.Ch. blk.min.male, born 8 August 2002, Anita Hietarinta, Finland,
Whiteway's Golden Gambler, FIN38653/02, wh.toy.male, born Aug 19,2002, Anita Hietarinta, Finland
Whiteway's Name of Game FIN40499/04, wh.min.male, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Kirsi Koskinen, Finland
Whiteway's Napoleon FIN40500/04 , wh.min.male, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Pirkko Koivunen, Finland
Whiteway's Neptunus FIN40501/04, wh.min.male, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Maire Pasma, Finland
Whiteway's Nightingale FIN40496/04, wh.min.female, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Kaarina Hotanen, Finland
Whiteway's Nightwind FIN40497/04, wh.min.male, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Anja Raita, Finland
Whiteway's Nobody But Nemo FIN40498/04, wh.min.male, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Pirkko Koivusalo, Finland
Whiteway's Nonstop Apricot FIN40502/04, apr.min.male, born July 23, 2004 (A-parents) Anita Hietarinta, Finland
Whiteway's Queen of Snow FIN19451/01, wh.toy.female, born March 13, 2001, Blanka Borowiec Poland,
Wiladon's & Youngster's Cinn Kid, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 7/6/98Russ Young
Wilda Wilm's Aramis S44958/2003 apr.dw.male, born jun. 2003, Melina & June Lundberg, Sweden
Wildways Norjean Quote Me, PP598858/01Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born  June 12, 1999,Patricia M. Stabler, Hosanna Poodles,
Will-O´-the-Wisp at Feeorin, blk.dw.male, born 2002,  Ann-Katrin Johansson, Sweden
Win-Some Just A Prince, Am.Ch. wh.toy,male, born 1995,Judy Ginsberg,Win-Some Poodles,Phone:215-674-0386
Win-Some Just A Show Man, Am.Ch. wh.toy.male, born 1994,Judy Ginsberg,Win-Some Poodles,
Win-Some Just A Show Stopper (A-Parents) wh.toy,female born 2001 Judy Ginsberg, Win-Some Poodles, Phone: 215-674-0386
Win-Some Just A Queen, Am. Ch. wh.toy.female, born 1995 Judy Ginsberg, Win-Some Poodles, Phone:
Wintell's Mr Toyway, ?.toy.male, born August 16, 2002, Jouko Leiviska, Finland
Winterdream`s Russian Europe,blk.ty.female, born Oct 25-02 (05-195) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Wonder Girl Von Der Hutzelschweiz, blk.min.female, born 10 Jan 2004, Silke and Dirk Kirschstein, Germany
Woody Top Narcis CMKU/P/12818/02,(Imp.Cz),si.toy.male, born May 19, 2002, 04-1143, Zdenka Prusa, Australia
Woopie des Cerbois de la Cheneveyre, brn.dw.female, born Febr. 22. 2005,  Nicolas Serac, Switzerland

Updated 070707 
Xantivar Free´n Happy, blk.dw.male, born May 1-2004, A. & J. Freier , Germany
Xebolia le papillon  nhsb 2558467, blk.toy.female, born June 19, 2002 (05-5662), Gerda Janssen De Kock, Holland
Xelyn des Supers-Supers, DKK03491/200, blk.toy.female, born 020jan98, Mitza Eshington, Denmark 

Updated 170208  last adds in green
Ya Solnechny Lev iz Sibirskoi Skazki,RKF 2086830, apr.min.male, born 23.6.2007(08-1104), Satu Rannikko & Pentti Lensu, Finland, mail.

Yashuna le Papillon, brn.min.female, born March 27, 2004 06-6660)  Gerda Janssen, Netherland
Yellowmellow Casablanca, FIN20963/05 , si.min.female, born 05/03/2005, Anne Siuruainen, Finland

Yellowmellow Imperial Force, FIN18340/99, apr.min.male, born 1999, Tiina Lehtinen, Finland,
Yellowmellow Ocean's Eleven, FIN17865/02, apr.min.male, born 2002, Katja Kunttu, Finland,
Yerbrier Anmorae Prisa,wh.toy.female, born Oct 7, 2001, Angela M. Raychal  &  Angelo Cravens
Yerbrier Taking Wing, wh.toy.female, born Mar 28, 2004, Betty Yerington, Phone  623-925-1350  (Arizona, USA)
Youngster's & Sylon Hope N Ur Soul- ,cafe au lait.toy.female, born 1/14/02 Russ Young
Youngster's Bryce Twice As Nice, brown, Toy, male, born 2002 (A-parents)  Angelika Jansen, Germany
Youngster's First Base- Am.Ch. brn.toy.male, born 10/25/96  Russ Young
Youngster`s Heavy Hitter, brn.toy.female, born Mar 2-98 (06-823 VHL 9065) Carmen Köhler, Germany
Youngster's Hollywood Nites, Am.Ch.brn.toy female, born 3/4/97    Russ Young
Youngster’s Only for you PR02996403, brn.toy.male, born August 23, 2003 (04-465), Angelika Jansen, Germany
Youngster's Studlee Dew Rite, PR 00490904, blk.toy.male, born 10/04/02, (A-parents) Rosemarie & Franz Gries, Germany
Youngster's Sunset Blvd- brn.toy.female, born 11/4/98 Russ Young

Updated 271005
Zamora's Black Bandit PP632864/01, blk.toy.male, born 2000,  Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Calamity Jane  PR 004 474-01, wh. toy.female, born 2002,   Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Elegant Spirit  PP 595 952-01, wh. toy.female, born 1999,   Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Got The Action, Am.Ch. PP574226/03, blk.toy.male, born 1998, Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Grand Finale, Am.Ch. PP48929801, wh.toy.female, born June 16, 1996, Gail Zamora,
Zamora's High Flyer, Am.Ch.  PP447520/01, blk.toy.male, born 1995, Gail Zamora,
Zamora's High Spirits PP 484 679-03, wh. toy.female, born 1996, Gail Zamora,
Zamoras Lethal Weapon PP518908/01, wh.toy.male, born 1997, Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Marcus PP40601302, si.toy.male, born ? Carolyn O'rourke  phone:(908)852-3299
Zamora's New Millenium, Am.Ch. PP602867/01, wh.toy.male, born1999,  Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Sheer Style, PP605990/02, si.toy.male, born 1999,  Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Snow Mist PP648181/02, wh.toy.female,   Gail Zamora
Zamora's Tamango Crystal, PP549282/01, toy.female, born 1998,Lucille Perzan & Gail Zamora,
Zamora's Wild Frontier, Am.Ch. PP420706/01, wh.toy.male, Gail Zamora , Phone: 530-268-3201
Zazzin Livenow Pay Later Aust. Ch. V1661715, blk.toy.male, born Jan 28/12/96,(03-3941) Mrs Diane Shackleford, Australia
Zebatha's Omfale S22642/2003, wh.dw.female, born 11 March 2003, Helena Larsson, Lafur's Kennel, Sweden
Zorcon Be Dazzled By Me, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born  6-26-98 breeder/owner: Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Blackberry Jubilee Am.Ch, blk.toy.female, born 1-9-98,  Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Blackberry Magick, blk.toy.female, born 9-9-02 (A-parents), Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Blackberry Rhapsody, blk.toy.female, born 1-13-04, breeder/owner: Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Blackberry Truffles, blk.toy.female, born 1-13-04, breeder/owner: Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Bootie Call, blk.toy.female, born 12-24-02 breeder/owner: Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Take It To The Limit, Am.Ch. blk.toy.male, born 9-9-01, Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon Tiny Dancer In Black, Am.Ch. blk.toy.female, born 4-4-02, Melinda Pedery USA
Zorcon The Charmed One, blk.toy.female, born 12-24-02 breeder/owner: Melinda Pedery USA